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December 29, 2005


Good point re. the faceoffs -- Mike York toyed with our centers all night. May be time to bring in some outside coaching help in this area, since it's getting worse, not better.
Glad you mentioned Hollweg sitting, while an undisciplined guy like Niemenan plays. Seriously, it's time someone confronts Renney on this -- his non-use of Hollweg, w/o any explanation, is pissing off a lot of us.
Blair Betts was good last night -- worked hard, and was involved in several scoring chances. If only he had the ability to finish...
Jagr had a couple of bad turnovers to go with his terrific offensive output -- a description i'm coming to think of as "typical Jagr."
Interesting that Renney thinks his between-periods talk got the team playing tougher -- as i posted on the previous thread, i still think it was Orr's neutralizing presence in the 1st period that helped slow down the physical beating we were taking, until our regular players started hitting themselves, which is how it should be.

Dubi you are one of the most astute observers of the sport I have ever read. No one hits the main points as consistently as you do. My only disagreement with you is over Colton Ott. While you think he is a waste and has no value, I saw things just like throaway in that when he came on the ice it led to Sterling not engaging in rough stuff and sitting Goddard which then led to a much less physical [hard hits] game by the Isles. The Rangers are not a physicasl team so anything that mitgates our opponents physical domination only helps tje Rangers more skilled players play their game and gives us a better chance to win. Dubi you are great guy but put on a Ranger uniform and tell me if you want to go up against McGratton, Goddard, Brashier etc. all by yourself or would you not feel you could play your game if Orr[or someone like him] was there to handle the big brutes so you could concentrate on playing your skilled game? Throaway you get it and keep up the good work.

Toni, thanks for the kind words. Keep in mind exactly what I wrote about Colton Orr -- "Colton Orr is useless if he doesn't get any ice time because the coach is afraid of his lack of skill, which was the case last night." In other words, if you dress him but keep him pinned to the bench because you're afraid to give him ice time, you haven't addressed the toughness issue. That was my point.

On the other hand, I can't see where he had any impact that one time he was out there with Godard in the first period. Godard was just out of the box after being penalized for an illegal hit, the whistle blew three seconds later. The Rangers had recenty scored to make it 2-1, so neither player was willing to risk a penalty, so nothing really happened.

The Isles outhit the Rangers 28-14 the rest of the way, so you can't really say they were at all deterred. Over the next three minutes of play, the Isles continued to outhit the Rangers 4-1, at which point Nieminen took his back to back minors, and the period ran itself out without much else happening.

The Rangers were challenged to play tougher during intermission, but they were still outhit 9-4 over the first third of the period (with two of those Ranger hits by Prucha!) and 13-7 overall.

The guy who really took Godard out of the game was his coach -- he only had two shifts after taking that penalty, less ice time than Orr!

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