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December 24, 2005


Happy holidays to the terrific staff at the BB and to all NYR fans! Here's hoping Santa leaves us two points to pick up on Monday night :-) Travel safely, eat heartily and enjoy the holiday weekend!

If you people enjoy the on-line BB, you will love the newspaper version. You are only getting a taste on this forum. It will make a great gift or present to yourself. Don't miss out on the action and good Ranger reading.

Count me in for 10 issues -- just sent in the subscription request. Give an assist on my sign-up to Bob Merchant -- how can you resist the advice of someone who cites Eve of Destruction on a Ranger website?

Throwawy, you crack me up.
Seriously, I have known Dubi through the internet since the Ranger's run to the cup. He is relentless in his pursuit of Ranger reporting and I really enjoy both the on-line and paper editions. You're going to like your subscription. I'll give you a Mark Messier game 6 guarantee on that.

I got some people to thank as well:

First of all Dubi for giving me the chance to tell the stories of those kids chasing the dream of one day becoming Rangers.

Second those kids themselves after a decade of putting up with those who signed with the Ranger because of the money these kids make you want to root for them because THEY WANT TO WEAR RANGER BLUE.

Third you folks yourselves for subscribing to the BB as it is you guys (and gals) who's support of the BB force me to work harder each issue to get you the stuff you want to see.

Thank you

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