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December 31, 2005


Was actually looking forward to this one -- nasty weather outside, settled in with the kids to watch an afternoon game. So much for high hopes. Awful game. Felt the refs played too big a part in it. Didn't like the Ranger line combo's. Felt like there was no flow to the offense. Glad to get out with the point. Ugh.

Three 5 on 3[ for the penguins,1 for the Rangers] then unsportsmanlike penalty after the whistle blew ending the 3rd period. Too much domination by the refs.Players should be decicding games not the refs.

Hmm where have you heard this one before?

A team that has supposedly all the talent in the world assembled but does not live up to it's potential.

Sounds like the Rangers right?

Not this time as this is the way one has to look at Team USA's entry in the WJC.

By loading up on college players (just a couple on the roster from the CHL) this team lacks heart and fire unlike the team from the North of us.

So is it any wonder why that tonight Team USA LOST to Team Canada 3-2? Nope not to me it isn't. The team that everybody was just about giving the gold medal to has not lived up to expectations and now faces almost impossible odds to just reach the gold medal game.

First up will be the Zdenek Bahensky and his Czech Republic on Monday. IF they win then on Tues they get to play Pen first round draft pick Evgeni Malkin and Team Russia. The winner of that game plays in the gold medal.

No Team USA did not need a heart and soul player like a Brandon Dubinsky (5th leading scorer in the WHL). No Team USA didn't need a solid 2 way defender like a Mike Sauer (yea another 3rd star for him tonight) who can dominate a game.

Walt Kyle and the USA braintrust forget that those pretty college players are nice but you need grit players to do the dirty work for you.

BTW this will be the 2nd straight failure on NA soil for Team USA.

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