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November 24, 2005


I'm convinced Larry just used my unpublished letter to the editor as the basis for his last paragraph - but regardless, I've been saying this all along. Need a blue line point shot, on the PP - obviously previous Ranger ties go without saying...would be a perfect fit.

One can only wonder how good this PP would look with Leetch pulling his magic and dipsy doodles on the left point.

Adding Leetch would be a mistake I am sorry to say. The Rangers need to be looking forward not backwards for help. I know people were angry to see Leetch be traded but it is time to move past that and look towards the future.

If this is truly a rebuilding year then the Rangers should first look to Hartford to see if they can find a player(s) for the PP. If they look outside the system first then rebuilding in my book is nothing but a bunch of words.

Both Pock and Baranka offer strong PP skills from the point and have been playing very well for the Wolfpack. How about giving them a look first before deciding this team needs to trade for more vets.

Resigning Leetch for the PP and his ability to control the play when he is on the ice and his status as one of the best all time rangers is not only the right thing to do but is also the smart thing to do. Craig Z

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