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October 28, 2005


Nice write up, except you failed to take into account actual ice time. Moore had a full three minutes more ice time than Federov and six minutes more time that Nieminan (who had the lowest on the team). So it appears that Renney is fully aware of who is giving the required effort and delivering when called upon.

I was going to make the same comment as JD about ice time. I think Moore is better suited as a third-line center and penalty killer than second-line winger, who didn't get much ice time anyway because his linemates killed a lot of penalties ... On Kondratiev, he has been a high-wire act all year, mixing nice plays with brutal ones, often on the same shift. I think Renney really wanted to win this game and get the team's confidence back, and decided Poti had a better chance of making fewer mistakes.

Thanks for your comments, folks. I did in fact take into account ice time, which is why I carefully wrote that Fedorov had more "second line ice time at even strength and on the power play" -- 6:54 and 1:21 respectively, compared to Moore with no PP time and 5:18 even strength (the rest was PK). Were it not for all the penalties, Fedorov would've logged more overall ice time. The comparison for Nieminen was Prucha (zero ice time) rather than Moore.

When Moore and Prucha won their NHL spots in training camp, Renney cautiously and wisely said that he didn't want to place undue burden on them by playing them too high on the depth chart, which is why he started them out on the third and fourth lines -- putting them in a position to succeed rather than, as in the past, a position to fail. Why not start out similarly with Fedorov, and give one of the guys who has earned it a chance?

I agree on Max, but isn't that what we're supposed to have patience with during this phase, rather than stunt his growth to win a game? Last night Renney was asked (in another context) whether he does things for the long term or to win a game. He said something like, "I know you want a straight answer but the truth is I try to do both." In this case, "both" would have been better served by letting Max work on his game -- despite having played a generally good game, Poti nevertheless has a few more misadventures on D that we can overlook today because Lundqvist bailed him out (the same is true for others too of course).

Personally, I wouldn't dress Poti until he went to the press and said, "I understand why I'm being treated this way," instead of complaining, and I'd let Max work through his inconsistency the same way I let Rozsival, Malik, Tyutin, and yes Poti work through it too.

i understand what you're saying about poti, but i also feel as though this is a guy who we do need in order toj succeed...if we can get a good poti playing then i have no problem with that, and if you keep benching the guy i think it can be almost counterproductive...i think had we not played him after the 4 days of practice that it would've been a terrible decision b/c the guy can't be used as the whipping boy all the time. from what i've read on other boards it seems as though the rangers wanted to go with size this game, and thats why they benched prucha instead of nieminan, to me it seems kinda pointless b/c prucha will play that game in the corners and has offensive capabilities whereas villie's always in the damn box.

as per henke, i love everything i'm seeing from the kid, but i hope benoit allaire is really working with him on his rebounds...he seemed to control them a bit better in this game but it's still a cause for concern with him...but then again, that's just my opinion

Well as a swedish ranger since 79...when Nilsson and hedberg made my youth fun...i say tha bargain och Lundqvist is the best rangers ever made...

I will be very disapointed if hes not dominating the NHL as Roy, Hasek and so on. hes that good. Already i rank him number one of all swedish keeper ever. 23 y old and has dominating the elite league for two years and already impact inNHL makes me belive in rangers again. And the games i seen on tele here has been great effort by almost everybody.
Richter replacement is at hand. trade montoya. For some draft en prospects.
its hard to get information about subscribing to sweden.

Just wondering Dubi, but where has Sather been? From my section, the view to his box is obstructed. Has he been avoiding the press or is he out of town?

Your point on rebounds is well taken -- look at the wins vs. the losses, and one of the tell-tale signs is whether the defense are clearing the rebounds. We wrote about that a week or so ago, and asked Renney about it -- given the way the rules are these days, getting the puck clear is of tantamount importance.

The other aspect that we have to keep in mind -- you as a spectator can see the rebounds, so the opposition scouts can see them too. The second time round the league is what sets goalies (like pitchers in baseball) apart -- the Patrick Lalimes of the world disappear into mediocrity after their phenomenal starts. The coaches have to be careful with Henrik, his popularity notwithstanding, and not let him get "solved". That's where having a guy like Weekes will help.

Andrea, I haven't caught more than a glimpse of Sather here and there, sometimes not at all. He seems to have delegated a lot of responsibility onto Renney and Maloney. At this point, I wouldn't say he's avoiding the press, since this could be a time to revel in the results. This is mainly Renney's show right now, and I think that's a big reason why it's working out so well so far.

Dubi: There was no even-strength last night, I thought it was a rule that we had to have a man in the box ... Any rare even-strength time had to go to Jagr's line ... I agree about Prucha, he should play no matter what ... Had no problem with the way Fedorov was used, Moore is a very good player, he hustles and has nice moves, but he's not a finisher whose play demands PP time. He's doing great, no reason to promote him to something to which he may not be suited ...

And I also have no problem with sitting Drats from time to time. We've lost 3 in a row, the team has a great aura that comes from its surprisingly good record, I think Renney wants to keep that aura as much as possible. It is easier to promote hustle when the hustle is producing results. Drats is an enigma, he can be developed without playing 80 games.

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