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September 28, 2005


While I agree that rebuilding with youth is likely another Sather sham, Ward is only 25 and will be 26 in January, 3 years older than Murray, He isn't the typical has-never-been 30+ year old that Sather seems to prefer. My biggest concern is on defense where older never-beens like Purinton are taking away spots from players like Pock who are young enough to take advantage of playing at higher level. The younger player must play against better competition; this is how he will improve. Wallowing in Hartford does nothing other than keep in you in shape.

We all knew that Al Montoya was headed to Hartford. The one that surprises me the most is Bryce Lampman. I thought he had a legitimate shot at making this team. I guess if we are going to have a realistic shot at drafting Phil Kessel we're going to need to really suck on a consistent basis so for that reason I can understand keeping the fire hydrant on skates in Poti and Purinton who I would trade for an empty bottle of water. I'd like to start a pool here as to when the first "Fire Sather" chants start. My guess is by the second period of the first game when we're down 5-0 to Philly. Murray, Weller and Grenier I always felt were headed back to Hartford. I like Murray personally but I ust don't see him as an NHL guy. I think Lampman needs to get a bit tougher and put on some weight so he can compete at that level but as I've been saying all along this team is comprised of washed-up never was guys and third and fouth line nobodies. My guess is that we will win 20-25 games tops all season. Let's just hope that's enough to get the first pick because Kessel is amazing...

Harvey, I'm afraid Ward's age is not much consolation to me -- he's been outplayed by every forward, but he's still around, and it's only because he has a one-way contract. Management may be sincerely trying to make the team younger. But with guys like Ward, Poti, Rozsival, Purinton, and I'd add a couple of others but not right now -- we can't complain that they're over 30 and over the hill, but these are guys who are never going to get to the top of the hill, and still they're blocking young guys just because someone chose to acquire them as NHL players.

This is the first time I've ever included Purinton in this group. I'd never have argued that he's a top D, but he was always the type of player you needed anyway, both on and off the ice. But having seen him last night, I don't think there is much place for him in the new NHL. His assets have been legislated out of the league for the most part. Still, unless the Rangers sign another enforcer, he'll fill that role -- one of the newspaper articles reported today that he or Strudwick could dress as a swing guy and see some time on the fourth line wing, as many fans have suggested.

Anyway you look at it, we're boned for this season... here comes the NHL lottery, but we'll probably end up picking 16th again beucase everybody hates the New York Rangers

I live in south central Pennsylvania by way of Bayside Qns. I'm getting old. All my friends are flyer fans. I dont think I will be able to last the whole season. That sobbing you hear late at night when its real quiet is me, all alone in Pa. with flyer fans laughing at me. If you dont hear from me for awhile my tears probably shorted out my keyboard. Maybe the Giants will put a smile on my face cause the Knicks won't. Till another day Z

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