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August 23, 2005


I would not touch any UFA. Rangers may be a lottery pick in 2006!
Stupid stupid stupid!

I see this as a positive move. Rucchin gives them NHL experience and has played with high flying scorers in the past. Rangers may put him with some of the guns they'll have this season.
Getting Rucchin also means (I hope) no chance of Messier coming back.
I also think he could be a good player to move before the trading deadline. $2mil is a little steep, but the Rangers could eat some of that salary (assuming this is allowed in the new CBA). Rangers trade him to a contender for a prospect, pays half his salary, calls up another prospect that earns less then $1mil a season, get some picks or other minor leaguers in return. More growth for the Rangers, veteran centerman for a contender.
Hey, the Rucchin deal was not great, but it was far from bad.

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