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August 29, 2005


Not really related to this-- aside from the Rangers' salary cap situation-- a couple European sites (eurohockey.net, hokej.cz) are reporting that the Rangers have signed ex-Penguins defenseman Michal Rozsival.

With or without him, going by tsn.ca's salary cap tracker (admittedly, not the best source) it looks like the Rangers have fewer players signed than Atlanta, and have less cap room-- making Brooks' idea a bit more far-fetched.

As a resident of Atlanta, I can say I have observed my fair share of Ilya Kovalchuk. He just may be the most exciting player in the NHL. He has the same type of awe that a young Mario or Jagr had in their hay-day.
Signing him would have the same impact that Brian Leetch brought to the club in 1988. Somehow I am convinced the Rangers would be in the post season this year if Ilya was in the line-up. This deal probably won't happen but it sure is a nice thought.

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