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August 19, 2005


Right on, Dubi. I was going to write a similar piece regarding Bettman's supposed "magic act" with this TV deal but you've already got it well in hand. Besides, the fact OLN is owned by Comcast, who owns the Philadelphia Flyers, is no work of genius on Bettman's part. It was practically gift-wrapped for him! I do give him credit for getting a new TV deal in place, but this isn't a work of genius, nor is it magic.

sorry to disappoint you, but the sweaters that Team Canada tried out on Thursday have nothing to do with Gary Bettman or the NHL. These were an experiment by Team Canada and Nike. They'll make some modifications (a little less, uh... tight) and go to beta version 1.2 a little later. I don't think the final version that they wear in the Olympics will be nearly as bad as what they wore on Thursday.
The sweaters in the NHL will be manufactured by Reebok and will be only "a little" less roomy than in the past (mostly in the arm pit area). The sweater that Crosby wore at the draft was one of the new ones. Hardly noticable. Not like the form-fitting Nike sweaters that look more like cycling jerseys.

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