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July 22, 2005


If it can't be the Rangers, Pittsburgh ain't too bad. Helluva lot better than Anaheim! Mario can pass the torch.

Some of the rules changes are good, some stink. We had the goalie leash in the AHL last season...dumbest rule. No goalie ever was penalized, but it just made them play awkward. It also creates an interesting situation when a team on PK dumbs the puck into the corner...and it stays there. Goalie can't get it so it becomes a footrace. Wonder if NHLers will try doing this intentionally.
Shootout will appeal to everyone at first, but I found it got old after 5 years with the UHL.
Bringing back the tagup was a big improvement in the AHL. Probably my favorite change. The others I'll wait and see.
One you left off was the enforcement of diving fines. I liked this when Colin Campbell started it, but then enforcement dropped off. The fines should be stiffer though.
I think they should do the same enforcement on refs if they start slacking on the penalty calls.
Regardless of the changes, I was THRILLED to have some hockey news to read today!! Game on!

At least the Rangers weren't Florida...

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