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June 19, 2005


Couldn't agree more about the trap-generating possibility of the tag-up offsides rule. I think they are sacrificing game flow for fewer whistles. I highly doubt tag-ups will be used for their intended purpose -- namely, to tag up and get back on the forecheck. But do you think elimination of the red line or The Bowman Line would at least provide some means to counteract the dump-and-trap? A botched dump-in could easily mean a breakaway in the other direction. I'm not positive this would work, but it might.

...and i couldnt agree more about the shootouts. I've been wanting *at least* 10 minutes of OT, for as long as there has been 4-on-4 OT. I actually think they could go a full period of 4-on-4. Im sure they would complain about travelling schedules, late night games, etc., but there's no reason that travel could not be factored in ahead of time, and with the condition of todays atheletes, I think they are missing a prime opportunity to bring some "playoff-like" excitement to the regular season.

I think part of the issue with OT is there are no commercials and it makes broadcasts run over sometimes as it is. I agree with you guys in principle, but I don't think there's any way they can sell a longer overtime to networks.

At least there won't be any more ties, though.

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