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April 20, 2005


I have been reading Stan Fischler's regular column on MSG for a long time.

Stan might portend to have the inside connections
as far as the labor negotiations are concerned, but in my opinion, he has been nothing but a hawkish, outspoken mouthpiece for the owners.

He jabs at the player's association every chance he gets and his unabashed, biased support of Gary Bettman has become routine.....and boring.

He gives the owners, which also happen to be his employers, blind loyalty and distorts or disregards the facts when it comes to what the fans want and what Bettman has done to the league and the game since he became the NHL's Napolean.

Stan has been around a long time but his allegiance has always switched to the organization putting the bread on his table. For a reporter, that is a Cardinal sin. The Islanders, the Devils and now MSG and the Rangers have all been the pie in Stan's sky when he worked for them.

I believe that his employment at MSG is clouding his judgement when it comes to faulting the player's association for all that is wrong with the game. Aligning himself with the likes of Jeremy Jacobs, Peter Karmanos and the rest of the cheapskate owners that Bettman gave the reins to negotiate the new CBA to is ludicrous at best and shameless at worst.

Stan knows the game as well as anybody. I understand that he works for the owners. He should not allow that to distort the facts and instead, give an honest and fair appraisel of the other side's argument.

Sorry Stan, but if it makes you happy to think the players association will be crushed and replacement players will soon be tooling their way around the NHL rinks, then maybe you should find another sport to write about.

I don't know about you, but as a season ticket holder I would rather watch the best hockey players in the world instead of a bunch of minor league hacks skate on NHL ice.

I think the real power brokers of the game have just insisted on that.

What tune will you be whistling today?

Stan Fischler's work in "covering" has been an embarrassment to all of us who cover hockey. He's been nothing more than a shill for the owners , and gives hockey "journalism" a bad name. I'm curious to see if, when this is all over, any players try to exact revenge by not talking to him. I wouldn't blame any of them who did. He's done nothing to help fans understand what's going on; all he's done is parrot the owners' "We have to have a cap or we'll take our pucks and go home" blather.

At least some of the owners got the message that replacements won't fly with enough ticket buyers and media outlets. But in reading Stan's column following Wednesday's meeting, it's great to see that he's still waving his owners' pennant and pom-pons, even though Gary and his buddies blinked.. His efforts at spin control are worthy of the Bush White House.

Kudos to both Ron and DomK for calling the Weasel for what he has always been the biggest kissbutt in the NHL.

When he worked for the Fishies, he ripped the heck out of the Rangers but the moment Junior started to pay his salary the Rangers were the greatest of all franchises to be apart of.

His tune doesn't change just the wording to it depending on who signs his check.

Let him go back to writing about the Subways and watch him spin how great a job the MTA is doing these days.

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