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April 21, 2005


In reading what the HF called their report card on the Ranger prospects, I have to seriously question their credibility on this supposed report card of theirs.

I wonder exactly how often they took the time to scout these players themselves, whether they took the time to factor in the kind of situation a player was facing from his current team and whether or not they simply pulled the names out of a hat.

Take Dubinsky for example, most of what they said about him was stuff that has been written about him in the media repeatedly. They offered nothing about how his play in the second half of the WHL season was the major factor in how come his Winterhawks were able to overtake Everett for second place in the US division of the WHL.

They don't mention his offense as showing signs of blossoming out as he became more creative as the season progressed. Why not mention how well he does on faceoffs like we here at the BB have pointed out on several occasion.

In my book he is one of the better center prospects the Rangers have given how he is playing in the WHL which more resembles the NHL style of play than either of the other CHL leagues.

As for Baranka being just a defensive defensemen, well boy are they really missing the boat here. Hello HF, Baranka was playing for Kevin Constantine who lives and dies with defense and offense is an afterthought.

Did they bother to note that of Baranka's 7 goals 6 came on the power play? Baranka is a smooth skater who once he escapes from Constantine's system will show his offense.

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