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February 24, 2005


Welcome to the glamorous world of publishing, Dubi! We in print feel your pain, but at least with a fan-based paper, you KNOW you're giving the readers what they want. Keep up the good work!

Yea Dubi you have done a great job :)

Ah Dubi is doing an OK job, it is his writers who are doing all the good stuff ;-P

Seriously while people are drooling all over the Crosby kid, I for one have my own doubts about how much hype he has gotten is making this kid an almost sure bet to become a bust if the hype doesn't meet expectations.

As for me I would rather see the Rangers let others sign Crosby and instead focus on the player who I believe will become a better PRO than Crosby in Gilbert Broule of the WHL Van Giants.

We don't see stories about Crosby having an all around game but Brule (AKA The Bruiser) does have one and unlike Crosby makes his teammates that much better.

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