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October 05, 2009


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Where is everybody? Getting updates on Facebook that Blue Shirt Bulletin and BB+ is up & running......where?..how?...what am I missing here? Somebody point me in the right direction here...Thanks!

I spoke yesterday with Daniel Akeson and was informed that the passwords and login instructions will be send to subscribers via E-mail by today.
This is all what I know.
Let’s wait a little beat.

Yeah, just waiting for log-in information to get started over there. But how 'bout that MDZ???

Andrea, I can’t believe we got him!

So far so good but this versus problem really is a pain

Hey, is anybody alive out there in BB+ land? No updates, no passwords, but a new site we can't get to. Great!

Should be interesting tonight. Grachev is in. He'll get to see Ovie up close and personal. Could be very good for the kid.

Thought it was just me having problems with the new site. Rosie looks terrible

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