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September 19, 2009


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Watching the game last night, I had the same thought about Redden. And Semenov. I'd rather see them see them use the kids, especially after the great showing that Sangs had and how Hekkinen stepped it up as the game went on.

"Oh yeah, I forgot -- the priority is not the team...".....too bad this is fairly true. And until that changes, this TEAM won't get close to the finals. The first step is for the president to stop being the GM. It's a conflict of goals and interests. Deaden will kill this team. Malik is better than him. The GM has egg on his face, but his ego is as usual in denial of mistakes or correcting them. Instead he and Dubinsky play respect games.

Totally agree Dubi! With the message going out loud and clear to all of the team, I am shocked that Roszival and Redden played so nonchalantly the other night...is this simply the game is passing them by or an attitude of entitlement?

Redden particularly should be put on waivers. When no one takes him send to Hartford and then re-entry where a team may pick him up for 1/2 price as the Rangers did with Avery. My feeling is to cut our losses with him and I would prefer half price rather than the full hit.

On another note...Kessel to Leafs for 2 first round picks (which should be good placements given their team) and a 2nd round pick. Hefty price and I am not sure I would have liked to see the Rangers make that deal. Kessel certainly has an upside but his injuries (the latest keeping out until November) and still young status I am not certain deserved $5 million+/year for 5 years. Quite a gamble by Brian Burke and could be make or break in his tenure in Toronto. If Kessel does not become a superstar (and with that price they had to pay in terms of draft picks and money, he had better) anything less could be considered a bust. Plus, up here in Canada (much to my chagrin) the media focus is always on the Leafs so he better be ready for the spotlight in an unforgiving town. In addition, he is going from a team on the rise to one who has many years to build.

craig not reason to recall Deaden, just waive him. Let him quit or rot in the AHL or lower. He is not woth 1/4 of his salary, and is taking up a spot a real D man PPQB should have.

I could see the fourth line:
Brian Boyle, Donald Brashear, Aaron Voros
But have no clue what is the rest of team should looks like.

Please, don't any attention to the PK or PP. We have iced less then half an NHL team in each game and not real system practice to boot. I'll begin to pay attention in the last 3 games of the pre-season.

That also goes for Redden and Roszival. Yes, they should be settting an example of the youngsters, but some vets just can't get into these "mixed squad" games. Now after the last 3 games if this nonchalant play continues I'd send Redden down and trade Rozi! But what Torts does will be the only thing that will count.

Exactly what I expected so far, a depleted PK due to the roster change and of course the lack of scoring which is a carry over from last year. 3 games and no wins, not a shocker to me. Sure it is "ONLY" preseason and the best players are "NOT" on the ice but the same holds true for their opponents.

I don't have any answers except to let them play, we got what we got. It is what it is.

Awesome post, completly agree. Dump Redden, Rosival and play the kids. Keep them all Gilroy, Del Zotto, Hekenin, Sanguinetti, Lisen, Grachev and Artie. Sure there might be some growing pains but is it any worse than watching Redden hit like a girl and Rosi out of position or getting the secondary assist for the other team. ONE MORE IDEA Maloney in Phoenix likes the Ranger guys he drafted so why not package Dubi, Sauer and sombody else to take a run at either Hanzel or Mueller. We say we need a first line center both of those guys have more upside than Dubi.

Bob M

RELAX!!! Do you see Torts getting upset? If he isn't, why are you? You are only reacting to the sorting out pains of a 51 man roster. Do you think for a minute that all these guys playing ACTUALLY had a shot at making the team. Torts said before the pre-season that the last 3 games are the only games he will really be interested in. He already knows what his roster should look like. It will be up to the players to play themselves out of a job.

We'll get some serious things to write about next week.

Torts has already singled out his veteren D saying that he was impressed with the Young D but not happy with his vets .. he's said that he needs them this season and needs them to be better .. I guess they didn't pay attention to him ... Also when the team fields the roster that will most likely play during the season then I'll pay attention to the PP and PK #'s, it is unfair to single those numbers out when by Torts own admission they have yet to get down to work on those two areas since he doesn't have the full roster that he will work with yet ...

As far as Redden, he does need to go but I highly doubt it will be by being waived to Hartford ... I had read last year, I believe it was a THN publication or an article by TSN, that while waiving these players would make cap sense specially if they aren't earning their big salaries that it would have a negative effect on the club that does it trying to attract future UFA's ... that might be a blessing in disguise for our club but one that I'm not sure that they are willing to risk ... It's more likely that he gets traded(if some fool gm takes him) or bought out ... the only issues with a buy out is that he has 4 yrs left on his ridiculous contract which would mean an 8 yr cap hit, albeit at a fraction of the cost but still ... it isn't like the Rangers will free up the full 6.5 million ... it would be less than that

How can you NOT pay attention to the bad special teams !???

Telling play with Redden "guarding" the front of the net vs. the Red Wings: Puck gets through him for an easy redirection and, hey, it's just a preseason loss. Well, enough is enough! The final goal from the Caps series has haunted me all summer (when Redden screened Lundqvist for the final, winning goal). ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Get his sorry keister outta here, willya! It's your pride, Sather, get over it and admit your mistake. We will respect you more.

Mike Hock

The answer is simple. They haven't played ANY special teams yet! Can't you see "pond hockey" when it's right there in front of you? There are no systems being played. That may begin to change tonight, but I expect to see a different team next week.


I didn't get to see last nights game, but if what has been reported is close to what actually happened, I'm with you. The Redden contract IS THE PROBLEM. And it's Sathers fault, that you are dead on about. Seems that when Sather has all the chips on his side of the table, he can play mean and dirty (re;Dubinsky). But when a player has the chips on his side of the table, all of a sudden Sather coughs up the bucks. Poor excuse for management, if you ask me.

Glen, do the right thing, both for the Rangers and for Redden. Waive his butt to Hartford and force him to work his way back to the bigs. That was the message Torts gave at the end of last season and it will be up to you to REINFORCE that message from YOUR HANDPICKED coach. Don't worry, nobody will claim him off recall waivers, even at half his price!

RB94 - I did watch the game last night and trust me when I say that Redden brought the exact same level of effort to his performance in Detroit as he did to most games last year. He was visibly the worst of the six NYR defensemen on the ice. Other players made mistakes in their coverage, and scrambled in an attempt to recover, including Rozival, but Wade "Cool as a Cucumber" Redden just stood there. It gave one the impression that he could have cared less.

I for one would rather see the Rangers flounder with three young defensemen in the lineup this season, than see another season of Redden or heaven forbid adding the likes of Semenov. At least the young guys will have something to prove. At least the young guys will improve as time goes on. Wade Redden is never going to be better than he is right now and that my friends is just awful.

They lost yesterday because of Zaba.

From Steve Zipay's blog:
“Don't know today lines, but the d-pairs will be Staal-Gilroy, Girardi-Del Zotto, Semenov-Sanguinetti. Guessing: Avery-Prospal-Kotalik, Parenteau-Anisimov-Lisin, Voros-Boyle-Brashear, Byers-Locke-Owens. Tortorella said all of the last three would be going back to Hartford."

Where is Grachev?

Grachev is getting the day off because he has played in 2 out of the 3 pre-season games we've had so far ... I'm not surprised that Lisin is playing since Torts says that he's pleasantly surprised by his play so far and after this game the team will make more cuts and get down to 23

OMG it's finally OVER! Dubinsky has signed a 2 year contract ... at least that's what Andrew Gross is reporting, let's hope he is right ... I'm so glad not to have to listen people complain about this anymore

Here are the numbers by Andrew Gross,

"UPDATE: Dubinsky's contract will pay him $1.7 million this season and $2.0 million next season. The Rangers, in the end, moved up to what Dubinsky was seeking. In the end, a big gamble on Dubinsky's part, holding out and risking being traded, works out for him.

Today marked the eighth day of Dubinsky's holdout. He is expected to skate later tonight at the Rangers' practice facility."

At least with this contract we also should avoid people saying that Dubinsky is being cheated and not being paid fairly ... good deal

Here's what Dubinsky had to say about the holdout ... per Andew Gross

Dubinsky on holdout: "The only part that made me nervous was the thought that they might possibly trade me. I wanted to be here."

"RELAX!!! Do you see Torts getting upset? If he isn't, why are you?"


Oh, that is just it, I am not upset. I used to get upset when I thought we should win games and did not. I did not expect them to win against Boston, Detroit and NJ.

Tell ya what, I will take it all back after we win our first 3 real games against Pit/Sens/NJ..........heehee.

Say what? Steve Zipay is reporting on his blog that originally Dubinsky was asking for

"Dubinsky originally was seeking $16 million for four years"

16 million? 4 mil per season? if that's really the case then I can understand why Sather was holding steadfast on his offers

eat that Sather. Watching this game makes it a pleasure to see morris on another team. What a waste he was. Got caught pinching on Avery's goal. Nice knee jerk trade by Sather, trading 2 young kids and 1 of his mistakes for a worthless rental. I wish we got to see what Dawes and Prucha would've done with (or at least 1 of them). Might've worked out, might not have. But I'd rather see them try and fail than watch Voros fail.

Higgins- Drury- Callahan
Prospal-Anisimov- Kotalik
Lisin- Boyle- Bradshear

Rozival- Redden (sadly)
Staal- Gilroy
Girardi- Del Zotto


Voros will make the roster as a spare, (sadly too).

MDZ is more ready for NHL than Girardi 3 year’s ego.
This kid really impressed me.

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