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September 24, 2009


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John Tortorella really does have some big decisions to make...not only for the upcoming season but for the immediate direction and future of the team. While upper management can't seem to dictate a clear direction with yearly near total make-overs, reclaimation projects, crazy contracts, etc., maybe it's time for Torts to pave the road toward actually winning something in the not so distant future. At this point, maybe taking some chances on some of the younger players can amount to something....if not 100% this season, but for seasons to come. Why not give him a chance and hope his decisions are correct and take it form there.

Just remember one thing; it isn't Torts that puts any players on waivers, it's Sather.

My logic on the last one or two cuts is this:

1) I have Schoeny coaching my defense, so I can have younger players because he is so good with youngsters. Waive Semenov.

2) While I think Grachev is "NHL ready", I'm not so sure that some time in Hartford would not be of great value to him. If he isn't being considered for a spot on any of the first 3 lines, then low ice time will work against his development. Waive Grachev.

3) As things work themselves out over the next 20 games or so; If I don't need the 7 defensemen, then send Sags down and recall Grachev if he is doing well. I may end up trading NHL stints with both of them over the course of the season, just to be sure either could be ready come the playoffs.

4) If the cap can't handle a 23 man roster, then send Sags down, go with 6 defensemen with either of those guys ready to step up in case of injuries.

That leaves Boyle and Voros in NY.

Sanguinetti to Hartford....according to Andrew Gross.

So that's it for now, right? Grachev and Del Zotto made the team?

Youth or not, for Hank's sake, it would be a crime to have both redden and rozy in our top six and to not have semenov in our top six would also be a crime, he has earned it!!

I trust Torts to do what's best for the team, although he might have to bow down to the team's salary cap restrictions ... as such I disagree with the negative comments about Kotalik and Prospal .. While I want Anisimov and Lisin to be given every opportunity to succeed at the NHL level and get important playing minutes, I also have to acknowledge that so far Prospal has played very well in the role of #1 center and have no problem with him starting there ... Also Kotalik has played well throughout the pre-season and as such I, so far, have no issue with him being on the team ... If both Anisimov and Lisin make the team, as they should, I think their offensive skill sets are such that they are far more valueable to this team than anything Boyle and/or Voros can bring ... I have very little problem with a rookie starting on the 4th line as long as Torts deploys him on the 2nd PP unit and uses him in other line combinations so that he doesn't just play 4-5 minutes per night ...

I think Gilroy has made the team, how he cannot after the training camp that he's had is beyond me ... I think that Semenov would be the 7th D and if MDZ is kept then he will be the 6th D ... otherwise MDZ will be sent to junior before his 10th game and perhaps Sangs will be re-called ...

Whatever the case may be I'm willing to give Torts the benefit of the doubt specially given the cap issues this team has, with some of the player decisions perhaps driven by said cap and not by what's fair, and then judge if Torts really does reward/punish players based on ice performance when the team has actually played 20-30 games ...


I don't think so, remember that it's down to 23 now but Torts said that the roster would need to go down to 22 probably due to cap constraints ... so I'm thinking that one more will go .. Who knows ... as constructed they are over the cap right now by 300K I think

You have to admit, the future sure looks bright! A lot of quality prospects to look at this year and down the road. Hopefully the vets will also smell what is coming up behind them. The secret for rookies is to maintain that desire. Larry Robinson once said about a promising prospect, John needs to understand that getting an NHL contract is half the battle....the rest is keeping it.

Back in the original 6 days vets would play through anything because they knew as soon as they stepped out of the lineup there was someone who could take his place.

Agree with Craig. Future does seem bright for Ranger fans. Considerable depth of high end talent on the defensive side. Oustanding goaltending and finally some young depth. Offensively, the young Russians are all very high end talent. Gaby is only 27. Dubi and Callahan both add relentless work effort with combination of grit and skill. Let go Rangers!

Look at tonight, Torts gave Dubinsky some shifts with Gaborik ... I think people forget that he's still evaluating and he will put with Gaborik the players that work best ... heck Anisimov and Lisin played with Gaborik tonight as well ...

Anisimov played 14:40
Lisin 14:46
Grachev 10:13
Gilroy 19:22
Del Zotto 19:29
Dubinsky 17:43

good deal

Gaborik played excellent tonight ... wonderful vision, and that pass to Dubinsky which then Dubinsky turned around and made a great pass to Higgins for the winning goal was awesome ...

I've missed having a player like Gaborik since Jagr wasn't resigned, it's great to have him on the team and watch him play ...

Just got in. Can't wait for Rangers in 60 and checking out the Blueshirts. Is anybody counting down the days? Eight, by my estimation. At Pittsburgh. Great! Perfect bookends. They'll be raising their banner on the first day and we'll be earning our next banner on the last day. Sure is good to be fired up in September! Gabby Dabby Doo! (Sorry. I get like this sometimes.) And, hey, saw the '72 Rangers-BlackHawks on MSG. Great stuff! Can't get enough of watching Brad Park and Rod Gilbert play.

I thought last night's game was very close to an NHL regular season game. The rosters were very close to being the real lineups and the pace looked great. I thought the kids handled themselves pretty well.

I especially liked watching DZ direct traffic on the PP, switch sides with Kotalik, and feed him a one-touch pass for a perfect low one-timer on net. Nice stuff...
I'm thinking Sanguinetti could be dealt if DZ can keep this up and becomes comfortable at the NHL level.

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