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September 22, 2009


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Total non-sequiter here but does anyone know if Brashear's suspension from last year was completely served or will he miss any games to start the season? A bit embarrassed to say this but I was kinda looking forward to seeing him drop the gloves vs. the Penguins opening night. You know he'll want to - a division rvial who I assume will have their Stanley Cup banner raised before the game.

If I remember correctly it was 6 games and the Capitals went on to play a 7 game series with the Penguins plus the 7th game in our series so he should've served that suspension already ...

Thanks Matty, guess I should have been able to do the math on that one...
My guess is that while we have all pegged Brashear for the 4th line (and rightly so), we'll see him used at times on one of the the top 3 lines, particularly when those lines need - to use one of Torts favorite expressions - more "jam".

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