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September 25, 2009


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Don't forget including Avery in the lineup. Once he comes back there's a chance Torts could put Grachev or Lisin on his wing, and bump Voros off the roster (that would make sense to me, considering Voros is an absolutely useless player, especially if you already have an Avery and a Brashear in the lineup). Or you could be right, and Grachev goes to Hartford and leaves Anisimov stuck between the stone-hands.

The Rangers need to get rid of Dedden and Rosival. Too bad they are eating such a large chunk of the cap.

Tortarella certainly likes to slam the media - on one of the links I read a comment where essentially he says its not just the local media he hates, its all the f-ing media. Funny how that didnt stop him from a taking a high paying job as a talking-head on The NHL on TSN. Talk about a double standard. Maybe he should have stuck by his principles and lived on the money he could have made running a succesful hockey school (of course, few parents would probably want to send their kids there)...

Not to take Tort's side in this, but I feel compelled to point out that Tom Renney was "one of the nicest guys" in the NHL coaching fraternity, but he was run out of town for not winning enough of boring games. I personally am looking forward to the season. It remains to be seen if Torts can win with this group. If nothing else it will be entertaining.

Are you surprised Tortorella hates the media? He has no public releations saavy at all, and he's eaten alive by the media!

Certainly would like to see some of John Tortorella's "abrasiveness" that he has toward the media translated into his teams play this season. The Rangers were a relatively "soft" team to play against in the Renney years in which the opposition knew and used to their advantage. I don't mean stupid fight filled hockey games, but more grit, passion, and physical play. Hey, maybe he can even wake up the team captain to show some more passion and leadership....and oh yea, keep Chris Drury away from the media also, like Torts he doesn't have a good knack for that either.

Tortorella can't live by the same sword he swings. Let's see him get beyond talk with good results, not excuses. Let's see him coach 82 games like he wants his players to play, petal to the metal. This is a make the playoffs sport, not a bluster one. He needs to learn the meanings of respect. But he seems to think he knows everything already. Guess he likes confrontation and controversy, except when the light is shown on him. He lives in a glass house, throwing stones.

Ummm, Torts? Shut up and coach.

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