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September 26, 2009


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I dont understand Voros being on this team whatsoever. He doesn't add anything, plain and simple. All he's got is a ridiculous contract paying him 1 million which should be in Hartford and never recalled.

It's time the kids played. They will bring more, and may make mistakes, but I'm hopeful every Ranger fan feels like I do and is sick and tired of watching VETERANS make the same mistakes the kids "supposedly" will make, sometimes even worse. Semenov is Malik reincarnated, if he gets a job ahead of DZ I'm going to be pissed.

How about a 4th line of Lisin\Brasher\Anisimov? So it's not so useless and can chip in goals. A Boyle\Brashear\Voros line will just take dumb penalties, that's a promise!!

I'm happy that Torts is giving players an opportunity, so let's see what happends.

Why would you want Lisin and AA to play 6 mins a game?That will kill their progress.They have to play in top 3 or to go Hartfort

Torts used AA more than just a 4th line center in the last game ... he's a rookie, who isn't going to be force-fed the NHL while skating with wingers who aren't near his same talent level would seem like something that would hold him back in the last game Torts actually skated him a bit with Gaborik on a couple of shifs, on the 2nd PP unit, and on the PK ... So I think all this doom and gloom about AA being buried on the 4th line to only get 4-6 minutes a night is jumping the gun WAY too early .... if when the regular season starts Torts is doing this then I would understand it, but I think Torts is aware of the talent that AA has and what he can provide on the ice and for the team so I highly doubt he will "bury" him on the 4th line even if that's the spot he starts on if Torts keeps Prospal at Center, which he might not even do ...

I agree that Voros is most likely the odd man out. However, as Adam posted, why is he here anyway? We have plenty of role player forwards now. How 'bout a trade? Say Voros and either Sauer or Potter for a draft pick.

That lets us keep DZ for 9 games to get a better look and if that doesn't seem to be working, call up Sags. Boyle just may have some future value and we can always send Grachev back and forth to fill in any injuries.

Oh, just to finish my thought: I think we just make it under the cap if Semenov is replaced with either Sauer ot Potter. Frankly, I'd rather see either one of them instead of Semenov, but WTH!

I can clear $6.5 million of cap space in 3.5 seconds and makes the team better all in 1 move.

Agree with Matty. Even if AA is "relegated" to the fourth line, he'll get looks up and down the lineup and on the PK. If they can give him 8-10 minutes a night, it's worth keeping him.

A few things on some of the points we've been discussing the last few days....
1. Dubi, Jess and others who hate Brashear--he's a Ranger now, and I for one think he brings a heck of a lot more upside than Orr. It was business. The team is infinitely harder to take liberties against. I'm okay with it. (and on the at note--why no link to the Staple article in Newsday about not booing Brashear?)
2. Torts' outburst at the media about Brashear--that's Torts: protecting a player, creating an us-vs-them sensibility. We may not like it, but we like Tortorella hockey. We liked Tom Renney, but hated Tom Renney hockey. Go figure.
3. Ansimov should be on the big team, Grachev and DelZotto too.

So many questions to me. One, why sign Prospal in the first place? Wouldn't it have been much better to have Anisimov as third line center and Drury as second, or even vice versa? For that matter, Drury is not worth near his salary, so maybe we should have tried to jettison him like we did with Gomez.

I want the kids as much, if not more than, everyone else, but Anisimov on the fourth line is not good for his development. Same for Grachev. He has to go down. Same for Del Zotto... keeping him as a seventh defenseman is a waste. I just wish we bit the bullet and deep sixed Redden (could then keep Del Zotto), Prospal/Drury (keep Anisimov as more than a fourth liner) and maybe Kotalik never was signed (keep Grachev).

Only saw 3rd period... Looked pretty good to me.. Showed adversity

Sometimes just practicing with better players makes you better. AA will learn more at the nhl level getting 4-6 minutes a game learning from practicing with the big team then he will watching out for the goons in the ahl. This will also keep him progressing in his mind versus being in the minors for another season and maybe think about jumping ship back to russia.

DRURY HAS NO MOVEMENT IN HIS CONTRACT.Can we please stop with those shouldve traded Drury comments.HE CANT BE TRADED UNLESS HE WANTS TO BE TRADED

Sorry Ant. Some of us are not as up on details as you are. Or should I say, SORRY ANT. SOME OF US ARE NOT AS UP ON DETAILS AS YOU ARE. Geez. The main point I was trying to make is that he is another $7MM waste, and he is clogging up a spot better utilized by Anisimov. Similar to Heatley, maybe we could have found a trade to a team that he would have agreed to. He certainly is not winning a Cup here anytime soon.

Couldn't care less if Drury is here or not - then don't sign Prospal, and we can achieve the same effect. Is that logic OK with you?

I'm ok with Prospal being here because he's had a very good camp and has played very well with whomever he's been paired with ... be it rookies, or veterans like Gaborik and/or others ... I don't see any issue with this signing ...

Matty, I'm with you on the Prospal signing. Besides it's only for 1 year. What I am worried about is Tort's statement today about wanting Semenov. He is not what the Rangers need, another big guy who doesn't hit.

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