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March 12, 2009


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Just a thought here... Does having Tortorella here now change the organization's approach to younger players? By that I mean, would youngsters like Sanguinetti, Grachev, DelZotto, Potter, etc have more (or less) of a chance of getting a good look with Torts here now or will the NYR still hold to the program of letting these guys dominate a lower level before making the jump?

I'm just curious if Dubi/Jess have any thoughts or info on that...

As far as "that your best players need to be your best players" goes, first Tortorella needs to find our who his best players are! I think you named 4, but that doesn't include Drury, Gomez, Nasland, Rozsival or Redden. Maybe they can get their game back, but right now it looks to me that the "best" needs to include Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Mara, and Korpikoski along with Hank, Morris, both Nik's and Sjo.

Huge game obviously tonight. I love him putting Avery to top line. Big game.

Chris - I would love to see the kids too, but as long as we're in it, so to speak, I think this is the roster that will play. If they lose two of three this week, you may get your wish eventually. As much as I'd like to see them in the playoffs, I would also like to see the kids if we fall out. It's been that kind of year.

It would be quite ironic if we lost the 8th spot on a tie breaker on wins and that Dubi / Drury quote against Washington came back to rear it ugliness.

Gross and Zipay have quotes up from Torts ... interesting quotes in which he is praising Staal and Girardi a lot, giving credit to Morris for his play so far, and saying that Roszival needs to play more consistently ... or at least that's how I read it ...

http://njmg.typepad.com/rangersblog/ <<<

Roszival needs to be traded or put on waivers at season's end.

Let's see if Torts benches Naslund... Disappointing period. This team can be had. The should win this game.


My experience with the prospects suggests that Tortorella will have little say in the prospect development this season. Renney had more of a say because he was originally hired to handle prospect development for the Rangers.

I think Tortorella is going to wait until he gets to see what the kids can do with his own eyes first.

I do believe that we will see perhaps a change in the kinds of players the Rangers target in the draft.

Just my own opinion but I think Derek Stepan, Tomas Kundratek and Del Zotto are ready made for Tortorella's idea of a system.

Grachev will need to get better with his skating but I do not think that is as big a deal as most may think it is.

The others will need to make adjustments but the harder they work the longer a look Torts will give them.

So it's Z who hits the bench. Not 1 minute.

Refreshing to see a coach who has a feel for the game. Ride the horses.

Avery is playing one hell of a game! He might wind up with over 20 minutes played. Very happy for him and that he's back where he belonged all along.

All teams above us lost or are losing. Let's finish these bums off.

You know ... Z made a stupid play and some stupid decisions in the first so I understand why he was benched for the rest of the game ... ... and I am not upset about it because Torts seemed to also punish Naslund, although not as severely ... he had the least amount of ice time out of all forwards except for Orr and the benched Z ...

Our third line was not dynamic at all tonight ... that was all the first line with Avery Gomez and Cally ... Drury wasn't much involved ... Anthropov hit another goalpost ...

Henrik was really great ... specially in the 2nd and third periods when the Preds had some break-ins on him ... seemed to me that he was probably upset about the 2nd goal and he has said he plays better when he's angry

Very good win after an uneven and slow and sloppy first ... we needed this to keep up to the rest of the East

BTW who was the silly reporter who asked this gem of a question

"can you confirm that Zherdev didn't play the 2nd and 3rd?"

??? Seriously now? Why even ask that? It was obvious he didn't play in those periods!

What's up with MSG not broadcasting the game... Had to watch on the Preds network...Horrible...Avery was the best player on the ice tonight...Z

Would someone please answer Matty's question, that was one silly question by someone!


Those announcers made me wish for a versus or nbc broadcast!! That is how terrible they were!!

WOw. was that the rangers tonight?

good 2nd and 3rd period. Torts knows who the best D man is, it is staal and he is starting to give him big minutes..

Sjustrom with a missle I almost passed out in amazement..

OK, it was Steve Zipay who asked the question, but you're taking it out of context. He asked if Zherdev was benched for the second and third periods and Torts said, "That's just the way it worked out" -- a totally bogus answer. Zip wanted the coach to admit that it didn't just happen, that he actually didn't play, so he asked "Can you confirm that he didn't play?" Sometimes you go through contortions to ask the coach a question, so this one came out tortured, but I understand what he was getting at, and so did Torts, who at that point, after saying that you obviously saw that Zherdev didn't play or you wouldn't be asking, said that the reason will remain private, that he didn't want to talk about it.

Hey, when did the Rangers get Shanahan back? I was getting the Nashville feed of the game and, at one point, the announcer said that Shanahan had the puck! Actually, I believe he meant to say Callahan, but my wife and I got a chuckle out of it anyway. Very boring announcers, but at least they paid attention to the game going on and they weren't obnoxious.

And so it begins.

I don't think there's any more doubt as to whether the real Tortorella will wait for next year or not.

I hope Z responds to this and plays. If he ever manages to get through the funk between his ears... What a show he could put on.

I feel bad for Mara. At least he didn't get Redden. Although I think he might do better with him than Morris. He's a better imitation of Chara than Morris is, might help Redden find something.

Finally a serious, solid first line. Gomez played well, Cally was Cally and Avery was moving. Silly stuff aside and gravity not withstanding I have always liked Avery's skating. With Gomez being Sneaky, Cally being Crunch Time and Avery being Mr. Abrasive... I'd watch the rest of the season just for them and Lundquist's headers...

Only two more lines to sort out. Course, could always move the fourth up and call it the third. That would also conveniently leave two open spots for future 'sit ins'...

Getting the comeback win was huge. Early on, comebacks were the norm. Nice to see that element come back into the collective psyche. It's extremely important to really believe you're never out of it.

If the only way we can go from here is up... the rest of the season should be something special.


finally a coach who has a backbone. A new GM, and maybe they'll get to the finals soon. Even if Schonefeld and Barnett share the job, it will be better than the cap & roster mess Sather has made. I assume Tortorella will have his former assistant next season.

While I agree with Torts benching of Zherdev, he has the luxury of 12 forwards. I know there are some on this sight who dislike Sjostrom, but I've seen that shot before from him. He is a real asset and got more ice time because he could fill in for Zherdev.

When will Tortrealize that he needs a 7th defenseman? He can nail somebody's butt to the pine and send another message to his defense. Looking for Potter to make an appearance?

Might be interesting to see how Zherdev responds tomorrow! The skills are there, he needs to think a little more instead of trying fancy plays.


1. Is Naslund slowly being pushed towards the end of the pier?

2. Will Zherdev respond positively to the benching? It had a very negative effect on him in Columbus, eventually leading to his trade.

3. Did anyone think the first Nashville goal was soft? (waiting to hear from you Matty.)

I think that Torts deserves last night's victory just as much as any player on the ice, if not more.

1. Girardi and Staal have really picked up their games. Staal was always a beast but now I dont know if I can name 5 other d-men id rather have on the team
2. You can tell Torts and Dubinsy really enjoy what each other brings to the table
3. Rosi played horribly last night. I have been pretty content with his play but last night was dreadful
4. Is mara still hurt - he looks t o have taken a step backwards since the injury to his shoulder
5. Would love a chance to see anisimov again this season and potter/sangs giving the boys a break on the blue line
6. Morris so far has been a great pickup but i am not sold on Antropov
7. I underestimated Ave's value to this team - couldnt be happier with his value added since his return

In actuality, he is likely at least as responsible for win than any of the players.

Great game last night!

Man... Callahan, Gomez, and Avery had me on the edge of my seat almost every shift they played. It is soooooooo refreshing to see them take the game to the Preds and pull out a good, solid, hard-working win. And all on a night when teams near them lost. Keep it up boys! BIG weekend ahead!

It also looks to me that Korpikoski and Naslund are struggling a bit under the new system. Korpedo looks like he is squeezing his stick (or at least last night he seemed to be). Naslund has been really struggling lately and took 2 horrendous penalties last night. I'm thinking Korpikoski could probably work his way out of this. He has speed and some decent size to him... he should fit nicely in Torts' system. Naslund looks like he is skating in sand out there.

Would not be surprised if Zherdev has a big weekend....

Naslung....2 lazy penalties and he should be given 4th line status...Didn't even notice 13 wasn't playing the 2-3 period...Redden still doesn't get it...Where oh where has my MSG gone????? Z

I think the reason for the benching of Zherdev was not the turnover. It was his exit out of the offensive zone. Drury got on his horse and busted his butt to get back. Zherdev started out fast but as he got to the blueline he just stopped skating. Can't quit on any play if Torts is you coach. How Z responds will be interesting, however, I think he lost his spot on the first line. We'll see the CAG line in Philly.

Well I said the first guy in Torts doghouse would be Zherdev. I know most of you people love him, and I don't dislike him, but sometimes he has his head up his butt, shooting when he should pass and vice versa. It's plain to me why past coaches have been frustrated by him. It will be interesting to see if he responds or mopes. Next guy in the doghouse? Rosy.

Did something happen to MSG? I'm reading on here that there were some other announcers or something?

My MSG feed was fine the entire game. I only listened to Sam and Joe from beginning to end.

So was my feed, maybe the issue was limited to people outside the tristate area

I believe people upstate where getting Sabre feeds on MSG, or MSG was showing the Sabres, something like that.

Upstate NY gets blacked out. I live in Horseheads (near Elmira). When the Saboors are home no Rangers. When they both are on the road, you never know. I always check, sometimes they are on .... sometimes not. And I can't watch or listen to the Saboors because of their announcers...worst in the league as far as being homers...

My centerice feed was the Nashville broadcast, not the worst by far; Terry Crisp is a good hockey man.

I only saw the 3rd period, so I can't really comment on the game. It was a good win. A little surprised by the Zherdev benching since he's not the only Rangers to commit turnovers. I'm not surprised by Naslund, the guy is at the tail end of a great career--he's lost many steps. If we had signed Shanahan, he'd be in the same boat.

I like how Torts said well Seans line i mean Gomers line lol i really think Torts deep inside loves avery becasue they so alike

Torts may not have loved Avery like we do before but I think he does now, seeing as how he acts like a catalyst for our team!

This may have been answered already but I need to ask, is Avery's cap hit the full amount of his contract or just half?


1.9m a season

I too have centerice so had the Nashville feed. Between 2nd and 3rd when they interviewed the Nashville asst coach, I was amazed that he kept saying that Nashville had to turn it on to keep up with us! What a difference a few weeks makes: an opponent actually getting out skated, our forchecked and out worked by the Rangers. Guess this goes to show that you dont need to overly physical to be a tough team to play against.

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