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March 04, 2009


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So we got Morris and Antropov....Not a bad day at all after getting Avery...

D Derek Morris for Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha.... sad to see the pru time here end w/out much of a shot with torts or renney... good luck to pru. i would have liked to see gomer get moved... maybe something coming up still.

and we just lost prucha, dawes and kalinin. Not sure how I feel about it but i am excited to get 2 names and not give up much.

Wow we dealt Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin for Morris...Is that a lot?

Dawes and Kalinin for Morris? good trade

adding Prucha? hating Morris for no good reason when he gets here

Hate to see Pru and Dawes go. I've never been impressed with Antropov, but lets just see what he can do. Glad Kalinin is gone, but there will be changes on the backline by next season, that's for sure.

If you look it as: Dawes & Prucha for Avery & Antropov, I think we did better. Kalinin for Morris has to be better and it cost us a second round pick. Not bad.

I dont like that deal.....Wayyyy too much! Antropov, I like, but this deal is not good.

I'm so angry that Pru didn't get a shot this year. To all acounts, he came in an did everything the coaching staff asked of him, and watched most of the season from the press box. The only time he really did something "wrong" was when he refused a conditioning stint to hartford.

Pru is going to come back and haunt us.

Antropov is an interesting pickup, but Morris is a move i'm not too sure about. Jury will be out. I have always been a big Prucha fan, but with Antropov here, bodies needed to be moved I guess. I guess we got bigger like Torts wanted.

Prucha needed a new team! Antropov was a steal, considering it was only for picks. I don't know much about Derek Morris thou, what kind of defensmen is he?

anybody know if this is true?

someone told me that the rangers take the full cap hit for avery even though they only have to pay him the 1.9 mil


Prucha and Dawes is a hefty price to get rid of Kalinin... But room had to be made.

Antropov is another gamble. If he works, great. I have watched him a few games and he can be a force when he's on his game.

Morris can walk in and be a top two on this team... He can go on the PP instead of Redden. He can't do worse than what's here... Besides, somebody has to replace Reitz... ?;)

Christmas indeed.

Slats has been somewhat intelligent lately. I wonder if he switched back from decaf or something... Nice to see him trying anyways.


i guess wel see aves and ant tom

Ok now that I've settled down amidst the two trades the Rangers made, I think we have to look at a few different things here:

1-The Rangers had too many RFA after this year and not enough cap space to sign them all. This one you can chalk up to Sather's overspending.

2-Dawes and Prucha, while both talented, are small players who tend to dissapear during games. Having a 3rd line now of Antropov-Korpo-Avery is bigger, tougher and should score some goals.

3-Having a 6'6 player standing in front of the opposition goalie on every PP with Antropov is going to be big...And finally ridding the 1st PP unit of Rosival for Morris should be an upgrade as well.

All in all, we gave up a lot, but put it in perspective:

Rangers acquire Avery, Antropov, Morris for Dawes, Prucha, Kalinin and a 2nd. I'd take that any day.

This also has a lot of Tortorella on the deal. He was begging for a big time forward and a solid defenseman. Now that I've taken a few deep breaths, I like what they did.

2 unrestricted free agents that will be gone in a few months. nice work.

Morris hits??Or is he Redden with a betta shot?

Joe that is not true...Moron obenhauer from the NY daily news said it in his article today, but thats false. Just like when washington and NYR split jagr's contract, the Rangers only took a 4.4 cap hit as opposed to Jagrs actual 8 mill salary...

Morris 1 PP point.Nice

Morris is a -13 for the season...

Guys Morris and Antropov are on two of the worst teams in the league...Plus\Minus isn't worth looking at. Look at Antropov and his PP points the past two years...It's a gamble, but you have to take chances when your've spent the type of money on Drury\Gomer\Redden\Rosival\Naslund the past 2 years. Plus, I also think it's important to note that the Rangers are probably looking at Anisimov and Grachev to potentially make the team next year and I think they are bigger and stronger versions of Prucha and Dawes...

Posted in last thread

Antropov, Morris, and Avery for

Kalinin, Dawes, and Prucha, second round pick, and a conditional pick (1st round? second round? third? can't imagine toronto getting a fifth round say).

At the end of this year, if people don't resign, it can look like:

Avery for

Kalinin, Dawes, and Prucha, second round pick, and a conditional pick

What's the vision? Build a winner or keep status quo (competitve and never good enough to win cup also ie. keep Sather's job?)

From CBS Sports

March 1 Morris and the Coyotes have come to a mutual agreement that he will be dealt sooner than later, and Morris will not play until Phoenix trades him reports the Coyotes website.
Recommendation: Morris is due to be a free agent at the end of the season, so Phoenix will likely get draft picks or AHL fodder from whoever needs Morris. He'll likely be the fifth or sixth defenseman on the depth chart wherever he winds up, so his low fantasy value won't see any impact.

Pru deserved a fresh start with all that went on here, I wish him all the best and he should thrive with gretz. That being said I hope I never have to hear about him and voros again, they both played their hearts out more often than not, just in different ways. I hate to lose dawes as well, but we HAD to get bigger.

I'm not overly stoked about either player we got, I hated losing reitz for nothing and can not believe we did not get a nasty d man. If we would have been able to unload rozy or redden (I bet one is gone in the summer) or both I would have been happier.

If avery is avery, we have more grit with some scoring touch. Antropov brings size and some scoring touch up front. Both might just help the PP. Morris (if he is a replacement for rozy or redden, I'm happy, if not an upgrade in talent and salary over kalinin) is more physical than redden, rozy, and kalinin but not the big banger we needed back there. He can carry the puck better than those 3 though.

I wouldn't worry too much about +/-. These are the 'Yotes and the Leafs we're talking about.

The biggest heartbreak is losing Prucha, but on the whole, I've got no problems with these deals. Especially with Korpikoski and Callahan staying.

I think we've upgraded and are no longer going to be an easy team to play against.

wwwc9 thats not a fair analysis

Who is to say Kalinin, Prucha, or Dawes was going to resign? They are ALL free agents, whether it be UFA or RFA.

So by your theory it would be Aves for picks

Derek Morris in his last 3 seasons with the Coyotes (played all 82 games in 06-07 and 07-08) has scored 4 power play goals TOTAL!!!

Improved power play my ass

I love it. I even have hope that the team could do damage in the playoffs. We gave up nothing of consequence. Prucha and Kalinin will be UFAs (Poenix isn't going to tender Petr at $1.6 million after two miserable seasons), so the only loss is Dawes, who underperformed when given a chance this year.

My lines:


Much better than before.

You know Adam S. you are probably right...

I'm just knee jerking about Prucha, since I think he got the shaft and I hope he gets the ice time he has earned.

In the end I think we were looking to shave some cap space, which trading Kalinin, Dawes, and Prucha gives us. Our "up and comming" players down in Hartford will hopefully be able to move in to the line up next year, and cost us a lot less then Antropov and Morris, who are (I hope) place holders for the Wolfpack players.

There may also be a message in these trades. While I liked Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin it is pretty easy to say that sometimes at least two of them didn't always show up to play. Further, there were many times Pru just got pushed off the puck. Maybe the subtle message is...you guys better plan on showing up and playing 60 minutes. Yes, Nasland, Drury, Gomez, Redden and Rozsival were all guilty of the same thing, so I may be overplaying this.

The team got physically stronger, bigger, more experienced and improved it's ability to score goals. Yes, it also got older. But on balance, I think we got better.

wwwc9-You can't look at it like that, if those players dont resign the deal looks as so...What if Antropov and Morris play well? my bet is they'll move naslund and rosival after the year to open up enough room for those two as well as the RFA. Also, we have a lot of young talent close to being ready for the NHL...Dawes and Prucha are small wingers...Anisimov, Grachev amongst others will be up soon and we would've needed the room anyway. The deal was made clearly based on the Rangers liking Dubinsky and Callahan moreso than Pru\Dawes, which is fine and the right move.

I hope Prucha does great in Phoenix if he stays there OR if Phoenix doesn't match him and he comes back to East well then ... Grrrrrrrrr

I understand why they were traded ... I don't really care about Dawes ... and Prucha, I love, but I understand that with his RFA status, his 1.6 mil salary, that he would be included in a trade specially after Antropov was acquired ... the problem is that ALL of that for just Morris? Who the hell is he anyway? What's so special about him? You mean to tell me that Sather couldn't get a draft pick thrown in there too???? Specially for a UFA who might not be re-signed in the off season?


It's all about youth and upside. It's dawes 2nd year in the league, prucha is 3rd or 4th.neither of them are 6 or 7 year underachievers. dawes is 23 or 24 years old !!!! if he's 28 with the production he has then by all means trade away. you put both of them with the right guys on a line and they'll produce. this morris dude is 30, makes $4 million, doesn't have huge point production, and a ufa. so we now have $15.5 million on 3 defensemen that don't do much. what a waste! sather proves again he's a moron. why am i even a fan...he's ruined this franchise.

Add this morris to the poti, rachuneks, backmans and ozalinches. the "offensive defenseman" with 12 points and a -13. WHAT A JOKE

I don't think we want to re-sign Morris... He's a loan while Sanguinetti and Potter mature.

Same goes for Antropov.

Wonder how Antropov will do under Torts. Can he handle the expectations or high tail it out of town?

While Antro and Morris will both be FA so will Kalinin, Dawes and Prucha. No way Kalinin was back, we actually have depth on D in the system. I have loved Prucha but I can't see why he would have resigned here and to make ANY trade at this deadline he had to be moved. He was making 1.6M and sitting on the bench most nights it was the most logical guy to move. Dawes wasn't a long term fit either with Dubinsky and Staal both needing to be resigned. You can't keep them all unfortunately and if these guys had performed better this wouldn't have happened.

I've got to say, considering all the holes in our lineup and system a week ago, this has to be one of Sather's best weeks, if not his best week, as GM of the Rangers.

Our biggest problem before these trades was that we were a team with skilled players, but of all the exact type. Duby, Cally, Korpi, Pru, Dawes, and even Gomez are all very similar in their style. They're good players but you can't fill a lineup with them. You need other things to piece together a winning puzzle, like size, grit, big shots, etc.

-Antropov gives us size up front, more finishing touch, and a PP threat
-Morris gives us a better presence on D, both on the PP and for size.
-Avery gives us grit and toughness, and annoys the hell out of the opponent. He makes us no long easy to play against, which was perhaps our biggest problem before.
-Torts now has us on an aggressive system which will hold players accountable, something lacking on our team all season.

Dawes and Prucha, as much as I like them, were skilled players but small and more of the same. They were exactly the players we should have given up to balance out our team, and we did.

my only complaint is Dawes is 24. maybe he dissapears on occasions the guy is 24 and has scored his whole non NHL career. He was cheap also.

the salary for morris and antropov is irrelevant they are UFA's and Morris will be taking a paycut next year for sure....kept; lori, cally, girardi, stall, dubi etc.. could have been worse if Psycho traded one of them....

I still think dumping the 4th line and playing 12 guys who can hit the net makes more sense but we will see.. To bad Prucha got screwed by Renny, I always thought he helped the team when he played..

Gartner - If you wait for Daes and Prucha to underperform until they are definitely busts, then they are worthless. Prucha was basically worthless thanks to Renney. They kid has barely played since March of last year. And Dawes could nto really stay in the lineup.

Prucha just doesn't have the physical strength to be an effective NHL player over the long haul. He spends far too much time on the ice. Over the course of a game or series, having bigger, stronger and faster players does make a difference.

Dawes could be a decent player, but he also is saddled by his size. I had hopes he would blossom this year, but he disappointed. he won't score enough to make up for his deficiencies in size and defense. He can be an OK third-liner, but no big loss.



Nylander, Jagr, Straka, Avery (the 1st time), Shanny, Prucha and Dawes.

it's okay though we have Redden, Morris and Naslund we're set! start engraving the cup now.

New 3rd line Antropov has 21 G and 26 A... Quick, how many Ranger TOP line guys have those numbers... How many 2nd, 3rd or 4th line guys do? On a deficient Leafs squad he's managed to score. Something the whole Rangers squad forgot how to do for 4 months.

Morris was clearly not happy in Phoenix, and one of Sather's 'assistant' something or others was with the Yotes... I'm sure there was whispering involved.

Come the end of the year, Prucha was only getting better, meaning someone would throw an offer sheet at him. I think it's great he goes somewhere he can play every night and not worry about the coach having it in for him. Dawes was disappearing before our eyes. For whatever reason, he just was. As an RFA, with the year he's having, there's a very good possibility of a contract issue. Being able to trade him early and get something other than an arbitration hearing was a good move.

Kalinin... sorry boss. Don't even know why you were here to begin with. At least you went out looking like a hockey player instead of that crackhead you started the year as.

Antropov has some upside. The biggest complaint is his work ethic. 1st: Hard to believe that will be an issue with Tortorella as your new coach, and 2nd: It's Toronto, where they wanted 50 goals out of a 25 goal scorer. If he plays AT his current level he's as useful as Drury or Gomer. I have no problem with that.


With the echoes of the Rangers' December win over the Isles and "Prucha, Prucha" raining down from the Garden faithful in my ears, it is with regret to hear that Peter Prucha is gone. I loved his work ethic and his willing to place himself in harm's way. Best of luck to Prucha, and all the others: Dawes, Kalinin, et al.

As for the the acquisitions, the Rangers appear to have received the types of players they were looking for and they should add some jump to the lineup. Add Tortorella to the mix and it is clear that Sather has done a decent job getting the team lined up for a Cup run (yes, I said it). And if Torts can get Redden to play, then all miracles are possible.

And I give Sather credit on this one for not dealing Dubi, Callahan, or Staal. Those guys should be Rangers for a long time.

So let's get on the bus and start cranking out some wins. Go Rangers!


Why can't we consider long term implications of the deal? We've given up two potential picks (one fairly high). Are we happy to exchange a couple of weeks of Antropov's services for a second rounder?

If they play well, make the playoffs, is that good enough? If the last few years is a successful year for the rangers, then fine. Only problem is, they're expected to do better. IMHO, this is as far as they can go with how they Sather build's the team.

The trades don't address the fundamental issues. Sather has saddled the organization with the three knuckleheads (and now maybe more) AND the organizatoin doesn't believe that fans won't stand to rebuild. With that mental model entrenched, we will continue to have Sather or any other GM doing what they think they have to do in NY. 2 cups since 1940 is an absymal record.

On the bright side, at least they're playing more entertaining hockey. LOL.


That was the order of importance as far as resigning players this off season. They could have done it a different way, by letting some of the players get hit by an offer sheet, but that is a gamble in this economy. This way, I think, they were trying to double their chances of getting into the playoffs and past the first round, say from 25% of getting to the second round before and 50% of getting to the second round now. Antropov is now our leading goal scorer, which says a great deal about the Rangers ability to score goals. Morris is an upgrade on Kalinin, that we had to pay for with Dawes and Prucha, who we couldn't pay for anyway. My major concern would be depth, but with the way the coach plays his top forwards so much, I one of the third liners will step up if we have a player miss some time.

All in all, I wish the economy was better and the cap would be going up.

Ted & some others

Don't just look at the past 3 years for Morris. Compare his time with the COL and PHX.

2 years w/COL and 4 years w/PHX:

Games: 144 & 288
Goals: 17 & 25
Assists: 59 & 68
PPG: 11 & 8
PPA: 27 & 33

In half the games he put up almost the same numbers. Seems to me it's more the team he played with than it was a lack of performance by him.

TSN room doesn’t give the Rangers a chance to make a playoff.
They are Geniuses or dummies?

I posted this on the last thread but who besides me see prucha regain his scoring touch next season and potting upwards of 30 goals.

From hockeynews tradeline central

"Morris is a player who could thrive in New York. He’s a good puck moving defenseman who will move into their top four. But he’s an unrestricted free agent after this season and this is a deal we could look back on years from now as one that was another blunder by Sather"

We'll wait and see.


I don't see him getting 30 goals next season. In fact, in a hard hitting and fight filled Western Conference, I don't see Prucha making it through the season. If he scores 30 goals with PHX, he will be the team leader! At this point Doan has 23 goals and as much as I liked him, he's no Shane Doan.

I think everyone here needs to ease up with the numbers of Morris and Antropov from poor teams. You never know how certain guys are when they are miserable and losing all the time in a different system. Hell, Wade Redden is a totally different hockey player since Torts came in here for Renney...I think you need to see how Morris and Antropov slot into this team, and frankly these are players we needed without sacrificing much.

wwc9-If you consider a 2nd, Dawes and Prucha a lot of our youth\system, I dont agree. While these two are talented, like many have said, keeping the other guys was more important (Cally, Dubi, Z)

We can always look ahead to the future, and I think these deals are a hold over to next year. If Antropov leaves, we bring up Grachev\Anisimov, if Morris doesn't work, we have Sags or Potter. In each case we have two youngsters that should be ready by next year. Also, Morris put up some very good years when he was on Calgary and Colorado. And with how bad Toronto has been the past two years, antropov's numbers are impressive...

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