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March 08, 2009


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what has Tortorella done differently to prepare this TEAM for an early afternoon game that actually staring at 11:30 am est? Leave it to the NHL & NBC to be soooooo smart.

I just have to laugh at the Post and other media who are always speculating or given credence to rumors without looking at the big picture.

#1 Jagr to Edmonton. Jagr already said if he does comeback into the NHL he's only interested in playing for the Penguins, if Mario asks him, or the Rangers... but I guess his word means nada

#2 They repeatedly wondered if he would sign with the Oilers this season completely ignoring that he'd had to go through re-entry waivers if that were to happen or that Jagr had told his home press that he is wanting to play for the Czech Republic in the World Championships this Spring ...

Oh well whatev ... I guess Jagr's strong love for Renney and the way Renney has his teams play the game will make him go to Edmonton if Renney is hired there

I hope they play well today, cuz I am already dreading the NBC coverage.

"Hey folks, if you're just joining us here in the 3rd period, let's catch you up on the 'Sean Avery is an a-hole' coverage we're providing today. Let's get you down to Pierre McGuire for his powerpoint presentation."

LET'S GO RANGERS!! Win this one and shut up the critics....

Up 3-1 ... gotta love Cally, I voted for him for the Extra Effort Award Here's hoping good things continue *clap clap*

Drury extends his point streak and steps up to block two Chara blasts in a row.
Pierre and Milbury are idiots. Keep up the intensity and keep cally-korpi-avery line on the ice bringing intensity.

They have to kill that 4 minute Girardi penalty! Might be the most important penalty kill of the season!

Just that quick its 3-3! Lundqvist should have had at least the 1st goal!

Huge win!!! I think I'm going to have a stroke!!!

Great game, great win, incredible effort by the team. GO RANGERS!!!

But could someone wake up Redden and show him the standings? His lacka-freakin'-daisical attempt to clear the zone with about 2:00 left had me screaming at the TV.

Awesome win ... they totally allowed the Bruins to get back into the game in the third but instead of folding like they would've done under Renney they gutted it out and won!!!

Of course this probably doesn't mean anything ... the Bruins are struggling and Fernandez didn't play that well ... at least that's what the people who seem to not be giving the team any credit for how they are currently playing will note ... after rambling about how we couldn't win in the afternoon and we had 3 more afternoon games left and doom and gloom ...

Again this win will be that much more important if we go out and win tomorrow against a team who is directly challenging us for the final few playoff spots but I can see it now, our team getting no credit for this win ...

Good for them .. again to dismiss how Torts has them playing, even if in the third they still seem a little gassed, just isn't fair to Torts or the majority of the team ...

Today's win will continue to help their

#1 Afternoon game confidence
#2 Goal scoring confidence
#3 resiliency
#4 confidence against top teams
#5 continue to give Torts a look at how even though he's been marginally better at times that Redden continues to bring on the suck ...

BTW Girardi needs to snap out of it ... he's no longer paired with Redden and he is just not playing well ...

I agree Cutter, Redden has been awful after playing two good games. Get rid of the 2 R's and the D will be stable IMHO...

bs penalty on Avery at the end (particularly considering that a similar play happened against Gomez with no call), but the Rangers responded with aplomb. Good game, overall, though the mid-third raised my pulse rate a bit too high for my tastes...

Laser, I agreed, Lundqvist should have had that first goal, but he weathered the third period barrage wonderully!

I agree Godot! He seemed to get himself under control after the tying goal...

I think part of the reason the Rangers seemed gassed in the third is Torts system ... it's been 5 games but they are still getting used to it ... as they play more games I expect them to be better conditioned for that type of game

I thought Torts was all about accountability. Redden's ass should have been pasted to the bench after the first of his 5 turnovers in the third. Pathetic. It takes him at least 10 seconds to process the play and make an outlet which usually ends up on the oppositions stick. I guess under Tortorella salary dictates playing time as well. Other than the 6.5 million man, they played pretty well. Tomorrow is another huge game. I don't think the blood pressure will go down until Wednesday

There was every excuse available for them to mail this one in. Sunday matinee, best team in the conference, and on and on. But that isn't the way they played. 4 goals including a PP goal. Confidence is growing. A regulation win. And this turns the pressure up on the teams close to us.

Very good win. Tortorella seems to have their attention.

Thank You Manny Fernandez! Team played great for two periods and then ran out of gas again. Torts must be right-these guys are not well conditioned. The Redden-Rozsival pair was bad out there. These top should not be together. Rozsival is the one who takes too long to make a play Vio not Redden. Redden's strength is how quickly he moves the puck up, but he seems to lose awareness in his own zone and needs to attack the puck which he doesn't do. Staal played very well today and c'mon folks is Hank supposed to be perfect?

Love it...Antropov looking good, great to see Avery going, Drury and Gomez are alive..But after looking better for a few games with Torts, Redden was awful today. He turned the puck over multiple times, and that terrible giveaway in his own end with 2 min left had me going crazy. I like what I'm seeing for this team, I thought if we could've gone into the 3rd period without taking that 4 min PP we were going to blow them out. Girardi has to be careful, that really let them back in the game, but as Rangerbill said, they could've mailed it in but instead weathered the storm and won the game. How can you not like what you are seeing here? 14 goals in past 3 games, PP goal in 3 straight, those have to be a record! Say goodbye to the days of Tom Renney hockey. They still have some work to do tightening up defensively, but I think the players were so excited to finally not be held back that they've made the adjustment look easy when it really isn't.

Tomorrow must win again, but this was very encouraging today. The team looks REAL confident.

>>>> c'mon folks is Hank supposed to be perfect? >>>>


Apparently when you make 19 saves on 21 shots in the third period the only thing people will speak about is the one questionable goal that you should've stopped not the other 19 saves you made in the period or the 36 saves you made, overall, in the game ...

beating a team like boston is just so fulfilling. Redden was pretty terrible but i am loving the aggressive forecheck. Especially in the first two periods the NBC guys weren't really mentioning it much but Rangers were forcing turnovers in the offensive zone left and right!

Good game overall, avery and antro and even morris are lookin pretty good. Still hoping dubinsky gets off the schnide soon. Lookin forward to tomorrow's game against the hurricanes, cuz they have been scoring at will lately. Should be a fun matchup.


I agree, redden and rozy are just horrible (redden was the worst today), the sooner they are both gone, the quicker our blue line is that much better.

I missed the game, listened to some very happy about the result. I turned on the islander game and I feel like I am watching a ranger game, Prucka to dawes back to kalinin. thought that was a little funny.

I meant prucha

Anyone know who the three stars were from today???

Sorry folks, but as much as I love Hank, a soft goal is a soft goal. Lundqvist more than made up for it when it really counted, and I still think he is still among the top goaltenders in the world, but I'm sure he himself would have liked that 2nd goal back...

Wicky 1)Antropov 2) Chara 3)Dubinsky :)


It is not about that ... it is about harping on that while not even acknowledging all the other great saves he made to keep the Bruins from getting that 4th goal ... that's what irks me at least, I don't know about anyone else ... not even disputing that he would've wanted to get that goal back because it was obvious by his body language ... but the people who called him on it didn't mention the 21 shots and 19 saves he had to make in the third just the bad goal ... That's annoying for me because he made 36 saves today while facing 39 shots and most people are just harping on that goal ... and when it comes to the team most people are already making excuses as to why the Bruins lost instead of looking as to why the Rangers won ... the Rangers, a team that would've lost this very kind of game 3 weeks ago


1 - Antropov
2 - Chara
3 - Dubinsky

Were the three stars ...

Matty and Laserman

Thanks guys!!!!

Yeah, Lundqvist should have made the save on the Bruins 2nd goal, but Fernandez was far worse especially on Callahan's goal. Even so, I don't know what McGuire wanted from him on Zherdev's game winner. Fernandez came out to cut down the angle, Staals shot went wide and Zherdev put home the rebound off the boards. Frankly Claude Julien should be PO'ed at his back-checkers (or the weak side d-man)for not picking up Zherdev.

Again, not exactly a masterpiece but a win is a win. As for Redden, he was awful in his own end again today. Rozival actually saved Redden's bacon a couple of times.

Matty--- Ya, I cut Hank total slack because without him where would we be? Ted- ya Dubi is struggling although he looked good at times today. That boy needs to do some weight training and build his leg strength. Ever notice how often he goes down. Gotta give him A for effort though.

Penguins won in a Shootout ... so we are in a 3 way tie for 5th, officially 6th with 1 game in hand ... which will be tomorrow ... we will do ourselves a great service if we can get two points in Carolina tomorrow

Wicky -
First star was Antropov
Second star was Chara
Third star was Dubinsky

Will somebody please lure Redden out into the street when a bus is coming? I don't want him dead or anything, just not able to skate for, oh... 15 games or so...

Seriously though, what has to happen for him to make a play? Two goals off his gaffes today. We'd have been better off with Kalinin... There's no way Tortorella looks at the tape of this game without noticing it.

Girardi's penalty looked like someone lifted his stick, but the Nothing But Commercials network didn't replay it enough to see for sure. I didn't see any motion by G with his stick, and I've seen more blood while trimming my fingernails. Combined with the non call on Gomez being interfered with and the call on Avery, It was clear the NHL wanted a Boston win. Nice to see something is consistent in the NHL. Oh great hockey God, can we PLEASE have a new 'commissioner'...

Don't know if it was swollen heads or tired legs at the start of the 3rd that almost cost the game. I still can't believe these guys haven't learned going to sleep during the game does not equal win. They were just standing around, watching the game again. If they're going to do that, they should have to buy tickets.

Cally, Avery and Korpi were very good, with Gomers line a close second. I especially like that Gomez has been freed to do what he does best, skate with the puck and be sneaky in the zone. Dubinski had a decent game, and Antropov showed a bit of the brilliance he's supposed to possess. I liked Shoe and Betts too. The 4th line should play a few shifts more, especially in a game where everybody else is standing around.

They all still need to learn to stay on their skates. All of them seem to enjoy falling and laying on the ice too much.

Drury showed he has emotions... And a sore knee, and he's been much more effective as of late.

Henke needs to get out of the soft goal funk. He's let quite a few in lately. Time for a little one on one with Benoit... He looks like he's dropping too soon on some plays, and not elevating or extending his stick hand/blocker enough on others.

A good 2 points, but not good enough yet. If the B's had some goaltending, I'd wager those two points aren't ours. Until these guys can go 60 minutes, they aren't going past the 2nd round. I don't think it's all conditioning either. There's a definite 'we got this one' attitude that permeates this team. I don't know how they got it, as they clearly disproved the validity of that theory for 4 months, but they need to get rid of it quick. No game is over till you're skating for the locker room.


I forgot Z. Shame on me. He had a good game too, although he looked tired and lackadaisical in the 3rd. But then again, who didn't?


Roszival made some great plays in the defensive end--particularly in the third. Get of his case already.

You know what's funny? If the team would've lost they would've been blasted for not taking advantage of a struggling Bruins team and specially their goalie ... but since they won, people can just dismiss the win and say that Fernandez handed it to the Rangers. Oh well

What was it about the 2nd Bruins goal that made it a softie? Was it the fact that Henrik was being screened by 6'4" Byron Bitz? Or was it the fact that it was a Zdeno "fastest slap-shot in the NHL" Chara blast from the point? Gimme a break!


You're absolutely right. If this were the "old" Rangers, they would have made a weak Fernandez look like a candidate for the Vezina trophy. Give the guys a break folks!

It might have looked worse on t.v., but Redden wasn't that bad. Remember, Boston was coming in waves after their second goal. (Yes, Lundquist has to stop that one. Again, he was tremendous all day and then lets in a soft one.) Redden is under the gun alot because Rosival just does not want the puck under duress. But I will tell you, there were a couple of sequences where both he and Redden made tremendous plays to ease the pressure. It's harder than it looks folks.
I hate to say this, but I think Girardi is starting to be exposed by this up tempo game. If he has to turn quickly when attacked at center ice he looks woefully slow.
Other than some breakdowns under pressure, the thing that bothered me the most was that Boston was way more physical than we were. Maybe it's because they are in a downward spiral, or maybe they are just so much bigger than us.

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