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March 11, 2009


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Dubi - certainly a timely topic for an article.

I thought the officiating was particularly odd in the first period. The Rangers had the run of play and while they didnt create a lot of dangerous chances, I thought they were clearly the team in control of the flow for most of the period. As such, that type of play is normally rewarded (if thats the right word) with the calls. On the Gomez high sticking penalty, it looked liked Ruutu came fjumping in with his elbow up(although I dont recall Versus showing a replay of the infraction). And there was way too much zeal on the ref's part in calling the slash on Staal - the way the ref emphatically pointed at the penalty box, he looked like a roller derby ref! Oh well, all part of the game, I guess...

Lets hope the Blackhawks can break out of their funk. Huet has not looked good and the Hawks giving up 10 goals in their last 2 games does not bode well for facing Carolina. We'll see...

Am I alone in noticing that Larry Brooks is in love with Sean Avery? Are they BFF or what?

Agreed on the weird calls, I just think it's impossible not to be biased as a fan when you're watching your team. Case in point, when I'm watching a game with no emotional involvement I usually think the officiating is pretty much o.k.

My biggest problem usually occurs not about WHAT they are calling, but WHEN they are calling it. Example being, calling Avery for a marginal interference call with 1:38 left really gets me wondering what is going through a ref's mind. Good officiating should not affect the outcome of the game. When that guy put his hand up, he had to know that he was calling something at a critical time that he had been mostly ignoring the whole afternoon.

Bill, I'm with you. Brooks really goes out of his way when it comes to Avery. But isn't it nice to know someone is on the guy's side other than the fans?

Joe T - you're probably right about that. Wouldnt hurt if Versus would show some replays. Instead you got the announcres yaking away about this and that.
Will be interesting to see if the boys can put together a complete 60 minutes under Tortorella's system in Nashville. I realize they are still learning the system and its a real up-tempo pace but we're running out of games. They need to start putting together 60 minute efforts.

Well, it's almost the middle of March already and here we are again....have to playing real hard to get at least a point per game, some scoreboard watching and the anxiety of trying to make the playoffs. We all should be very familar with this act...this is life after the lockout for the Rangers and their fans. Wouldn't it be nice to be sitting in a comfortable playoff position, not worrying about the scoreboard and looking over your shoulder...no, that wouldn't be any fun would it? This year is no different than the last three...Glen Sather keeps making sure that he keeps us on our toes....how does it all change?...I think we all know what needs to be done to change this yearly event....until then, it's business as usual for the Rangers.

The things about the officiating that are driving ME nuts, are the hooking calls where the player's progress is not being impeded, but the stick of the offending player is parallel to the ice, barely touching the opposing player. IMO, it's just a way to let the player know you're behind him so that maybe he'll rush a little more and make a bad play. Same thing with the holding calls where the offending player has one hand on his stick, and barely touches the other player with his other hand. Again, if he's not impeding the player's progress- that's not holding. These calls do nothing but ruin the flow of the game.

Kick some butt tonight, Rangers!

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