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March 07, 2009


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I think you guys are all "overthinking it" as Torts is saying. I think it's all to get the attention off of the players and onto himself. Remember what he said whe he got here, "You have to be with the players at a time like this." And he went on to mention that the plasyers were beat up.

Well, now it seems to be working. No one is really talking about how awful Gomez and Drury are. Or how "flawed" the roster is. Or how horrible Redden is playing. You're talking about Tortorella and his quick retort to a question. And if you think about it, what does he care about the afternoon record of a team that had a completely different roster and he did not coach?

This is all new for everyone....including the media. I'm not sure the news guys are used to a NYR coach that does not give long-winded answers and go out of his way to put a nicer spin on things yet. But Torts has said he wants the guys to relax and play to get their confidence back. If he has to play with the media to shift the focus, he has no problem doing that. I do not think it is a distraction for the players or the coach...it is a distraction for the media. And it is working.



I'm a big fan of yours and read everything that comes out about my beloved blueshirts. I extended to 3 years when you asked for help last year, because I appreciate how hard you work and the high level of work you produce. That being said, 2 thoughts about torts relationship with the press:

1) As Chris points outs, we have spent the entire year complaining about this player and that (including the press) which could have been a factor in how uptight all the players were becoming. How many times did we hear someone describe how tightly the sticks were being held, etc. Maybe Torts believes that making himself the lightening rod will take the focus/pressure off the players (to a point) and allow them to start enjoying the game again. I know that this Ranger fan has found the last few games a hell of a lot more fun to watch.

2) If the team goes on a run, and/or finds success over the next couple of years under Torts, again, just speaking as a fan, I don't really give a damn about his relationship with the press. Renney had a great relationship, but he eventually produced boring, ineffective hockey, so what advantage did his good relationship with the press do for me?

Keep up the great work Dubi, it's much appreciated.

Fishstick 3
Debis 0
After 1st.
Not because Debis bad, but Fishstick excellent!

Tortorella is who he is, just as Renney is who he is. One of my complaints with the NY media covering the Rangers is that they liked Renney too much. Frankly the reporters who cover the team gave him a pass for far too long. Can you imagine how quickly they would have called for his head if he had bristled at some of the questions during the passed two seasons? Look I get it, Renney is just a nice likable guy. He's almost always respectful. Renney and Tortorella are quite contrasting styles which IMO makes Tortorella seem even more antagonistic. What I see in Tortorella is a guy who wants to win. He doesn't care whether you like him or not. He doesn't care what name is sewn onto the back of the sweater. If you don't play hard, you get to sit in the pressbox. Kind of sounds like Bill Parcells doesn't it?

ZGG -- Like I said yesterday, this media thing isn't affecting me right now, so I have nothing invested in the debate other than worrying about whether it becomes a distraction to the team. I don't have deadlines that are being threatened, I don't have an editor telling me I absolutely have to do an article on a particular player that I now cannot get access to, or any of that kind of stuff.

If all you guys are interested in are the final scores and the standings, then the coach's relationship with the press will be the irrelevant sideshow I mentioned. But if you want to know what the players and coaches are thinking, saying, and doing, why they think things are happening the way are, good or bad, you have to rely on the reporters to do that for you. If Torts had his way, you would not get that anymore, not at all. But the league has rules mandating media access, so he can't have his way. He's going to have to at least listen to the questions, even if he doesn't want to answer them.

None of this will matter if Torts can get the team on a roll. But if they continue to have problems and he starts facing tough questions, it's gonna get interesting, to say the least.

Dubi-I'm almost sorry I brought that topic up. How about if we all focus on the team, and how they play, not the coach's relationship, good or bad, with the press.

I wonder how the press spins this afternoon's devil v nyi game. After our game the other night, it was we beat an ahl team. And I was as guilty as anyone in saying and thinking that. Now the allmighty devils, the darlings of the nhl, and fatso himself, are getting the crap kicked out of them. Glad we don't face the isles anymore this year. just hope they continue to beat up on all the teams around and behind us.

I love NY!

Wow - I didn't even hear that Carcillo was traded to the Flyers. I always wanted him. Perfect fit for the BS Bullies - damn. That town will love him.

I hope for a good effort tomorrow. Fernandez will likely be in goal. If we can win tomorrow, then some momentum will obviously be building.


I am so very happy you brought up this point ... All I read about our win vs the Islanders from the media and a lot of fans was as you said "So what, they beat an AHL and they didn't play well for the first two periods" yet the Devils with mighty Brodiva(who gave up 6 goals) lost to that same AHL team ... a team that tends to play horrible right after they play us ... I am very sure you won't read much negative stuff ... you will read that this was just a bad game and that didn't matter and didn't mean a thing because the Devils are the best thing since slice bread!!!! *sarcasm*

Larry Brooks asked Henrik Lundqvist which player out of himself, Roszival and Betts will be the last to leave the Rangers since they are the sole remaining members since the lockout ...

Of course Henrik gave a classy answer saying that he hoped they all were around for many many years ... but seriously, if that isn't a stupid question what is? Henrik will probably finish his career as a Ranger(I hope) but why even ask him that? Ridiculous

Here is what Tortorella is distracting the attention from

1. * Boston 66 95
2. * New Jersey 65 87
3. * Washington 66 85
4. Philadelphia 64 80
5. Florida 66 76
6. Montreal 65 75
7. Carolina 67 75
8. NY Rangers 65 74
9. Pittsburgh 66 74
10. Buffalo 66 73

Rangers only hold the 8th spot because of their game in hand over the Pens. Pens hold first tiebreaker which is wins.

Nobody is focusing on the schedule or the standings, just how evil Dubi, Zipay, Gross and Brooks are.

Next 5: Boston, Carolina, Nashville and home and home with the Flyers.

So for those who are upset with Zipay about his 0-5 question, 3 of those games are afternoon ones (fair question to ask then)

3 are road games so asking Tortorella about getting the players to mesh on the road is again a fair question for Gross to ask.

Or asking Lundqvist about being the last 3 Rangers is a fair question when you are dealing with a GM that exiled Adam Graves to San Jose or prevented Brian Leetch from rightfully retiring as a Ranger.

No offense Matty but I doubt you were even born when The Cat waived Eddie Giacomin so asking what Brooks did is based upon Ranger's history not being a jerk.
People are so giddy about Tortorella that they are not realizing that the media is doing their job asking those questions that Ranger fans want answers for.

If you look at the bigger picture then what questions being asked are not geared to piss off Tortorella. They are just addressing the issues

I think everyone is looking too deep into the media thing. The fact is, the reason people aren't focusing on how bad the Rangers WERE is because for the past 4 games, they've played well, and the last two they have 10 goals and 2 wins. Generally, and I know it's the media's job to speak with Torts, I really don't care if he's short or he ignores the media. I care about getting this losing philosophy with the Rangers out the door and a new, disciplined team playing hard night in and night out. People can focus on Torts possibly blowing up at the media at some point, I'll choose to focus on the fact that this team is playing much better hockey, playing hard, winning and scoring. Torts can be the biggest dick ever to the media, I genuinely couldn't care less. The last time we had a hard-ass here coaching the Rangers we ended the year with the Cup. I'll take the trade off.

Also, people still as scared of Boston and NJ as they were a week ago? No matter what anyone says, this is a very weak Eastern Conference and if the Rangers keep playing well and getting points, they have a shot. The Rangers are the team that could be starting to groove at the right time. Let's get the win at MSG today and keep it going. Big, big game.


Sorry to disagree once again. No matter how young I am that was a poor question, how was Henrik supposed to answer that question?

All the points you bring up about the standings and the schedule are 100% valid and if the team was still playing like they were under Renney I would have nothing to be optimistic about ... but the bottom line is that they are playing better ... But as I cannot look into the future I guess we'll just have to let things play out ...

Perhaps you will get your wish Jess and the no matter the coach or how they are playing now they'll miss the playoffs anyway

BTW isn't that Torts Job? To deflect heat away from his players so that they only focus of what's ahead of them not what happened before he got here? Didn't know he wasn't allowed

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