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March 09, 2009


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What was it about the 2nd Bruins goal that made it a softie? Was it the fact that Henrik was being screened by 6'4" Byron Bitz? Or was it the fact that it was a Zdeno "fastest slap-shot in the NHL" Chara blast from the point? Gimme a break!


Well said Ted

Actually, I thought the first goal was a softie. He committed too soon on the breakaway. But I'm not faulting Lundqvist--he played a terrific game.

One of the problems that the Internet creates on sites like this, of course, is that people can harp on a bad play (such as above) and it sounds like I'm slamming Henrik. Ditto you can point out a few bad plays by Roszival and say he's terrible, but Roszi played terrifically in that third period.

Hockey is a high pressure, think on your feet game, and let's face it what instincts tell a player is right at any given moment may not be. How well they compensate for such mistakes is how we judge a player. Both Henrik and Roszi seem to respond to their errors very well, and that's why I like 'em both.



On the breakaway, it looked like he tried to slide on his right pad going to the right post. The pad seemed to get stuck on the ice and so whether or not it was a result of the crappy garden ice or he didn't get enough of a push from his left leg, I'm not sure. Haven't seen the replay focusing on the left leg.

I'm sure hank didn't excute the way he wanted to so whether that's a softie, people can decide for themselves. Maybe Hank should start lubricating the inside of his pads with oil to decrease the friction lol. Course that would cause an uproar from the NHL about unfair goalie equipment.

Also, if you get a chance to watch hockey on hdtv, what an experience! It's like you're there.

The second goal was a bit soft. It happened right in front of where I sit. He wasn't screened. But having said that I thought he played a tremendous game. He gives them the confidence they need to press in the other teams' zone.

I also thought Rosival had one of his better games. People can knock Redden all they want for not being physical, but many, many times he takes the puck when Rosi starts getting nervous. Being forchecked as hard as they were in the 3rd, it's natural to have some turnovers.
Having said that, I think Girardi is having some trouble with our up-tempo game. He looks woefully slow at center ice when under duress. Hope it just takes some time to get better at it.

Redden made a horrendous unforced turnover at the Rangers blue line in the third period, which resulted in the Bruins pinning the Rangers in the zone for at least that shift. The Rangers were running around a bit as they were headed the other way when Redden coughed up the pill. That brain fart almost resulted in a goal.

For all the poise Redden may be displaying, lapses like this can be extremely costly. Even if there is no goal scored on the play, momentum can shift to the other team, which will eventually lead to a goal (or prevent the Rangers from scoring a goal). Some players make few mistakes, but the ones they do make are often so blatantly visible and damaging that they are hard to ignore. Case in point: Malik.

I was away for the past 2 weeks with no access to Ranger games.

So yesterday was the first time I watched since the new players and coaches...

What a different tempo!! I think I forgot what a defenseman pinching looked like!! So much more fun to watch. I have to say we look like a much, much harder team to play against. And when the defenseman pinched most of the time they kept the puck in or disrupted the Bruins breakout. And it looked like when the defensemen pinched the 3rd forward was rotating back to cover...

We do need more work on adjusting to the system, no doubt... And say what you want to about Manny the goalie playing bad, but when you push the attack good things happen... There are fewer and fewer "pretty" goals being scored. In Renney's system we lose that game 2-1 or 3-1.. no offense to Tom, but I think his system needs a stud like Jagr, who can create offense basically by himself.

Let's see what happens tonight... should be a great game... I am pretty excited about this team...

You were right, Dubi. That "live blog" at WSJ is pretty funny. It's like my mother wrote it.

>>>> The second goal was a bit soft. It happened right in front of where I sit. He wasn't screened. But having said that I thought he played a tremendous game. He gives them the confidence they need to press in the other teams' zone. >>>>

Joe T,

I think that if in you previous posts you had made your point come accross as you did in this post then Ted and others(like myself) probably wouldn't of gone into "must defend Henrik" mode ... I know that we think about things and post them without reading them over first most of the time and the issue that *I* took with a lot of the people getting on Henrik's case for the supposed soft goal wasn't that they were questioning the goal ... it was that in doing so no one was also giving him credit for the outstanding game he otherwise played ... 36 saves, 19 of which came in the third period ... so I thought all the comments about that goal without highlighting the other things he did in that game made it seem, for people who might've not watched the game, like he had a bad game and that the Rangers won in spite of him

What's to defend? Henrik had 99% great game and a 1% soft goal. If your team is scoring consistently, it's OK to lose one. That happens, and it's going to happen sometimes. It's good that the team bails him out as he does them. That's what teams do.

For whatever reason this season Henrik has started to let these softies in a little more than he used to. Last few years, when he was shutting teams out, those goals didn't go in. I personally feel the pressure got to him a little. He was frustrated. Now, as the team has been better, he's coming out of it. I figure once they pull a couple more wins out like the Boston game, he'll relax and get back into that zone because he doesn't have to worry about carrying the team any more, or making that huge gaffe that costs them a game because they couldn't score their way out of a paper bag. He can relax and play the game and focus on playing it instead of trying to carry it.

As for Redden, it's more than just the one mistake here or there. It's like he's allergic to physical play. Get him angry enough and he mixes it up a bit, but for the most part he's backing off, avoiding contact. By doing this he allows offensive players too much time and space, and he's getting burned by it. On plays where he's aggressive and goes in after the opponent, he usually ends up with a good play... But he's terribly inconsistent about it. The fact that he chooses to go soft at the worst possible time doesn't help either...

Redden has an offensive upside. When he's on his game he can be an effective player, as we've all seen. He can even play defense when he wants to. The times I see him fired up and into a game are too few and there's no consistency to it. Until he brings it every night and plays smart all night he's exploitable...

You can see teams on rushes targeting him and Rozy. They overload the side, put them under duress and wait for the cough up or the dumb pass. On scoring chances they wait until they start backing up, avoid the stick check and run around them like pylons or pass to the open man neither of them saw coming.

Compare that to Mara and Staal who step up and take the body. Unless the opposing player is very good, the play ends there.

Rozy and Redden don't need to become wrecking balls out there, they just need to step up and initiate contact enough to break up the play. Enough for help to come from the back check. Enough to make it hard for the opposition to make the pass or the shot. I believe that's where Tortorella is pushing them, and I think Rozy is getting it down more than Redden at this point. They both have to get soon. In the playoffs, every team will be good and have lines that can burn you and they won't be able to back off like that.


Henrik won't play tonight ... he is sick with the Flu so Vally is getting the start according to Steve Zipay's blog

Hmmm, no Hank tonight? That's an intersting twist on things.

Great to Antropov recognizing the Garden crowd. Interesting how the Europeans often speak of the importance of crowd support. Probably due to the fact that most Euro's grow up follwing soccer and the fan support is such a big part of that.

So how does this work tonight: since we played yesterday, we'll be fresh in the 1st 2 periods and then the fatigue sets in? Or is it the other way around? Guess under Tortorella's plan, all that is out the window anyway. Wont be long before the "Safe is Death" t-shirts start popping up at the Garden....

I assume NC Steve will be there tonight, provided some traveling support for the boys!

Nothing to add, but:


Nice to see the NHL Network advertise a free preview of their channel (an advertisement I hadn't seen until tonight) for March 2nd through March 7th. Can't wait to check it out!

Stick a fork in 'em.

Between our road record, and the 'Canes' record when leading after 2...it's over.

Bed time!

yup write them off game is over. How can they ever come back from this huge defecit


It's easy, we have plenty of games remaining. Torts is still evaluating. We lost the flow in the first because of penalties. We can skate with these guys, so we can skate with anybody.

The next 5 games may just be the telling tale. PP still needs some work. Just can't seem to get the puck on net when we have an opportunity. If Avery and Antropov are going in the "dirty areas", then the puck needs to get there also.

Can't comment since I missed the entire game traveling to Winnipeg, and I'll be here till Friday. Sucks that we lost, but if you are looking for shots on goal from the point on the PP, then IMHO you need to move someone there that can get the puck on goal. I don't know if I'm seeing things, but the short amount of time that Morris has seen on the PP(tonight not included), I can't remember him missing the net. The team was due for a rough night though, and Hank got some valuable rest. Hopefully Torts will get them where they need to be...


It was sarcasm lol :)

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