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March 01, 2009


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Yes finally! And I couldn't see the game. Not available where I live. DOH!

this game may have been against on of the celler dwellers but it was damn entertaining!

Prucha, Zherdev, Korpikoski...

I'd be most upset if we lost Korpikoski.

I can't wait until the trade deadline passes ... ugh

I agree about being most upset about korpi. Size, speed, and skill, I really would hate to lose him. On the last thread someone had posted that voros was gone if avery returns, maybe, but he isn't playing so you can bet pru or dawes will be traded as well.

I maybe in the minority but I want to kepp all three of these guys Prucha, Zherdev, Korpikoski... Prucha plays with heart and now that he is gewtting a real shot again he's gonna light the lamp, or learn how to fight as a fly weight. Korpi is young and has done really well. Z has so much potential.

Torts doesn't love Avery, I can't imagine he will take the spot of someone who is a skilled player in the lineup. I would think a 4th liner will get a seat in the press box. Maybe Sjostrom and Avery rotating. If Torts will even dress Avery.

Bouwmeester would be an amazing pickup if he could be signed long term, otherwise why bother! As much as you would hate to see players like Korpikoski and Prucha go, I would do this deal in a heartbeat. I just don't think it will happen!!!

Z is really talented, I would love to keep him as well. I love pru as well and it is nice to see him get some time again to show what he can do. I do feel however, that this team is still too small and pru, dawes, cally are all similar size on the wings (avery is about the same size as well if I remember correctly) so a player or two of that group are going to have to go (I don't think it will be cally).

Realistically, I think 2 d positions should be moved (rozy and kalinin) and 2 forward positions (korpi's wing positions). I would love to see higher contracts moved, but I just do not see who would take them (if sather can pull that off, I would have to give him serious credit). I would also move nazzy if I could, but don't see that one either.

Torts said he missed sjo in the line up so I doubt he would bench him, I have a hard time seeing the chernobyl line being broken up, orr skates well enough to forecheck and show enough skill for 4th line duty, but he would probably be the guy to sit on that line if any of them did. Betts and Sjo have carved out a bit of a niche for themselves due to their great pk chemistry, kinda got a couple of roster spots like an NFL long snapper or kick returner.

Lastly, the thing that scares me on d is the physicality factor still. If we got a guy like j bouw or morris (says he'll only move to a western conf team) we need to move another less physical puck moving kind of guy (ie rozy or kalinin) and not a mara or a girardi. We still need a gauthier or a volchenkov or a witt back there in place of a rozy or kalinin.

A question for one of you knowledgable posters out there, why can't/don't NHL players restructure their contracts like NFL guys do to allow more flexibility for the team??

Thanks all!!!

Based on Torts' comments, and his concept of team toughness, if Sean comes I can see Orr on the bench, no question. And if not him, then Dawes.

It was nice to see us score, but not for one second will i believe anything about this game being the one that turns this team around. talk to me after three or four games and let's see if this bunch can be consistent at anything (except losing one goal games). hank was good. ok, let's hold on to him.

Dawes looks kinda lost out there. again. he has great vision that i think doesn't get appreciated because no one can finish off his passes but other times is just not a factor in the play.

Redden's been kind of surprising these last three games, although i don't know what it would take from him to get rid of the stench he caused the rest of the year.

All in all, good game before the trade deadline to present whatever assets we have in their best light.


The CBA prohibits the restructuring of contracts.

"Player contracts will not be renegotiated (upward or downward) during their term. Extensions may be negotiated but only in the final year of the contract and only if such extension is for an amount that can be accommodated in a Club's upper limit for the current year or as computed for future years.


Thanks, that explains it all. Interesting!

i remember 80 million dollar payrolls.redden,rozy,gomez and drury should get a chance to prove their worth to torts.so should the kids.dont trade anyone of the kids so fast.we have made enough mistakes with hurry up and fix it trades.at the end of the season(this team is not close to stanley cup material)evaluate the team.you will probobly find that of the big four mentioned up top,that you have two second line fowards and a number four and five defenceman.adjust their saleries accordingly or send them to hartford to finish their careers.then try to sign some first liners.its only money.the cap alone saves dolan 25 million a year.beside the fact of what the knicks cost dolan the last few years, i dont see the big deal about a few bucks here and there.

No matter how many times I crunch the forwards, I see no way to hold on to both Prucha and Dawes if Avery returns. I like both a great deal. But if I had to select one to keep over the other, it'd probably be Prucha...especially in the aggressive forechecking system Torts is preaching.

dawes is 2 or 3 younger then Prucha and $1 mill cheaper then Prucha...

if they trade 3 guys for Bouwmeester and have no contract in place for him they are insane...

I don't know if it showed up on t.v., but Zherdev was the most impressive player on the ice last night. He was flying on every shift, and his passing continues to be more impressive than his scoring.
It's a crime he wasn't one of the stars of the game.

A lot of contracts come due at the end of this year, both ufa and rfa, so we are going to have to lose some people. Another large contract (Bowmeester) would really cost us. Go to TSN and check out the contract situation and you'll see what I mean...Z

Three talented young players is way too much to give up for J-bou for any team, let alone one that has seen its fair share of large contracts play them into a two month slide.

So far, so good. Moving Renney out of there gives us a shot at the playoffs. Roszival, Prucha, Zherdev, Sanguinetti for Boumeester, Horton & Booth.

If Bouwmeester is coming to Manhattan then another large salary has to be headed somewhere else and not to the Panthers I might add. Otherwise why would they even do the deal?

The worst thing to happen for the Rangers was winning last night as it has given too many Rangers fans a false sense of confidence. That was the Avs not the Bruins or Devils.

It is very possible that by the time the Rangers play the Islanders that they will be in 9th place. The Rangers have way too many problems that will be solved with a couple of trades.

It is sad that too many "fans" allow their tunnel vision message of hate to blind them to what is really wrong.

Even if you fire Sather today, fixing the Rangers will need time as the solutions are not quick fixes.

If you were an NHL GM would you want some of the Ranger contracts?

Also, if you figure in that some of the Ranger FA (Dubinsky, Zherdev, Callahan, and Mara to start) are probably going to demand raises, then the Rangers have absolutely no room to absorb another big contract. Go look at the situation next off-season. Here's the link. It is not pretty.


Jess - I'm with you on this one. This is still the same team that has been awful for the past two plus months. They still have the same players. While I was all for Avery coming back to NY with Tom Renney as the coach, I think it would be a mistake to add him to the roster now that John Tortorella is the coach. Tom Renney needed a guy like Avery in the locker room to light a fire under the butts of some of his players because he couldn't or wouldn't do so. John Tortorella will take care of that himself.

My comment earlier about Bouwmeester was based on the fact that it would be foolish, make that stupid, to trade for him if you weren't prepared to sign him to a long term deal and that deal will cost lots of $$$$ of cap space that the team simply does not have. So the only way you can take on that salary is to trade some high priced player to someone else who thinks that they need just one more piece to make a run at the Cup.

Frankly I'd rather the team were sellers at this point because they aren't going to win anything this year whether they make the playoff round or not. I'd rather that they kept as many of their young assets as possible and set themselves up for next season. So one each of either Drury or Gomez and Redden or Rozi would go and get something worthwhile in return whether it is draft picks and/or players makes no difference to me. That my friends would open up some much needed cap space to sign those RFA of ours who are worth keeping. So let the selling begin.

all this talk of raises for the RFA's I don't see it..

what will Dubi get? A raise of $500k!!!

Mara and kalinan will not be back and there spots will be taken by under $1 mill players so the rangers will save at least $2 mill right there..

Mara is a nice player, very good trade, with a fair contract, that is it.. he is a 3rd line d man on a very good team....

Zherdev will score 60 points this yr. what will he get on the open market?? He has Kovalev written all over him and that i9s not a great thing.. Teams are not going to give him insane money..

Yeah the cap situation is not great but they can make some moves..

On the present situation how about pick up avery;; trade sju, voros(if possible or waive), see if Betts or Prucha can fetch you omething good and go from there... If they wind up only with Avery then they sit Orr or SJu and add another decent forward and go from there... Is this a cup team? absolutely not but they should make the playoffs with the new style and stay the course.. they actually are very young, will add anisimov and others and continue to grow and maybe they can eliminate a boat anchor in the offseason.....

say callahan scores 20 goals this year, he is a good player and that is it.. He is not getting $3 mill a yr. anywhere... He is a lower cost player, he hits and plays good D and plays at 190 pounds....

he is not a difference maker but a nice hard working player...

these RFA's are not getting huge raises they do not deserve them....

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