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March 10, 2009


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It is not at all easy to stay positive after last night's performance. Looking at the standings this morning, a move to 9th has been long in the making. We may have to get used to this position for a while. All of the teams around (and now above) the Rangers in the standings are playing well right now. The Rangers just don't have the personnel to make a strong move. Unless Torts can pull a rabbit out of his hat and get the team to overachieve, we are likely looking at the 9th or 10th place finish.

Yes, the game was bad, but let's keep context here: second game in 36 hours, with travel in there, after what had been a grueling game against Boston. I'm disappointed by the loss, but I'm not surprised.


That's all well and good, but where do excuses like that end? Should we cut them a break if they get knocked out of the first round (if we even get that far) because they're tired and bruised?

These were two teams literally fighting for their playoff lives. Yet to me, it didn't look like the Rangers were fighting for it at all. They were relatively solid but not hungry or desperate. That's why I didn't even bother to watch the 3rd. Too disheartening.

First off, Valiquette played a good game. He made some pretty good saves last night and played well in his Torts debut.

The guys just looked a little worn out again. I think this season is going to come down to whether or not they can keep up the pace Tortorella demands. They look pretty good to me when the energy is there. But I'm not entirely sure they can keep their foot on the gas pedal... even if they want to ...when they've been conditioned to keep everything in neutral all season. Naslund looks completey spent out there (Redden too). He's tailing off in the same way Shanny did last season. I'm not sure that skating in a more aggressive, attack system is going to help his game. Definitely not with Gomez and Zherdev. They only highlight Naslund's older legs out there.

IMO, we'll know exactly where we will finish the season by this weekend. Either they will skate with Philly and save the season. Or drop those games and feel the weight of the standings. We're 1-and-1 in this 5-games-in-10-days stretch. A losing streak now and we're finished....


Scott Gomez didn't have three minors in the first. The third was initially called by the Versus guys on Gomez, but it was, in fact, on Staal (the camera did show Staal in the penalty box).

Was Antropov a healthy scratch ??? Are we sure Derek Morris is not really Eric Reitz? They look the same to me ...

Sather has to go ...what he gives up for what he gets is ridiculous ... Pitt gives up a 5th rounder for Guerin, we give up a 2 and another conditional pick for Antropov ... Prucha and Dawes and kalinin who actually could play well in the uptempo game for Morris who is slow ...

Rangers got bigger sure,,, they also got slower, less skilled ordinary.

So we lose 1 game after a really hard game vs NHLs best team and already Niko and Morris are thrown under a bus.If Rangers wouldve got Guerin people here wouldve had heart attacks.So please dont start.

Prucha Dawes and kalinin played well????Really??U mustve watched different games than me.Kalinin was a turnover machine.Prucha huge heart but no stats and dawes never lived up to his potential.All 3 wouldve been gone after this season so why not trade them and see what we can do with different guys who are also free agents.Pruchs and Dawes wouldve not won us the cup.Sather accually did good he got 2 vets who ae FA if they play good they get a contract offer if not then bye bye.Its like a try out.Guerin sucks but hes playing with the bitch Cindy.Anybody can do good pretty good with him and malkin

Yea, Antro has been awful since he got here...stop panicking.


The excuses don't play a role in this at all. You seem to be saying that we should run the table or something close to that. Well, that's not realistic. We need to win 10 of the remaining 15 games to have a shot at the playoffs. I forecasted this team with 98. I'm not sure they have it within them to get there, but 95 is possible.

The big test comes at season end. The last 7 games are killers! We play the Pens, Devils, Carolina, Boston, the Habs and the final 2 games are against Philly. So, the next 8 games will determine if those last 7 are important or not. We need to come out of this 8 game stretch with at least 13 points. We can't go into overtime with 3 teams; 2 games against the Flyers, the Sabers and the Canadians. Win all four and we improve our playoff potential. Then comes the last 7 and that will be an exciting time. Again, the last 2 games are against the Flyers.

If we win those 4 in the first 8 remaining, then we will need an addition 4 points. That puts us at 88 going into the last 7 games. Wins against the Pens, Canes and Habs should get us in. Just can't give up points to those teams behind us.

Off topic but has the most recent issue of blueshirt bulletin (the one with graves on the cover) gone out and been recieved yet? I haven't seen it yet... not sure if I'm off and it hasn't been a month yet or maybe it got lost in the mail.

It amazes me how people jump ship after one loss. They pl
ayed a little better than us and we lost.

Koffy, I didn't hear you killing Sather over the weekend when we reached three in a row over one of the best teams in the league. Did Andropov look slow to you on Sunday?

You shift to shift guys kill me. You give the Garden fans a bad name. If we won every faceoff and every puck in the corner, or if our goalies stopped every shot you'd be bitching about the temperature of the beer at the concession stands.

If we won every faceoff and every puck in the corner, or if our goalies stopped every shot you'd be bitching about the temperature of the beer at the concession stands.


I agree with Joe T, We got out played....Period. We will not win 82 in a season, we were NOT going to win our last 18 games no matter what. Can we afford to lose 9 of the last 16, NO. Let's just relax a bit until at least after these next 3 games (as RB and Chris Q said) before we all start pressing the big red button on the wall.

Could we please quit bringing up reitz, it kills me. Huge mistake letting that guy go without bringing in another open ice hitter on D.

Sorry 9 out of the last 18, not 9 of the last 16.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Rozy reverted, Redden remained... well... Redden.

The team was lethargic. From the first shift with the sticks trying to hold the Canes up... It was going to be one of those games.

Yes, your heroes did look bad.

But there is hope.

The change in defense in the 3rd was more than Renny did all year. Torts may not make it permanent, but he actually did it.

Naslunds ice time got cut too, giving it to someone who was at least moving, trying. Again, more than Mr. Renny did all year.

Antropov actually skated at times last night, Especially when it looked like he knew where he was going. When he didn't, he stopped moving. I swear I could see the hamster running in his head as he tried to figure out where he was supposed to go. He needs time, unfortunately the Rangers don't have it.

One thing I mightily disagree with Torts: The 4th line. The few shifts I saw were good ones. If the players that play get the ice time, they should have played 1/2 the 3rd period. After 2, you could clearly see nobody else had it going on. It's one thing to want your best players to produce... Quite another to will them to do it.

Playing the stars into the ice won't work until the conditioning reaches the plan. Playing the twins on D won't work because you don't have time for Forrest Gump. (...you never know what yer gunna get...)

Valley had a good game. I feel for him today. He got hung out to dry last night for giving it his best. Is it more than I can say for many on the ice last night? Probably.

The 4th line should play. They earn it, they earn the chance to play more with solid forecheck in the offensive zone that wears other teams out. They give your 'star' players the rest they need, and puts them out against an opponent that's had to chase the 4th around. Makes the other team choose, gives you more options for deployment to create match ups you want.

If it helps, stop calling them the 4th line and call them 'yous guys' or something. Call them the WIND line after the sound you hear on the bench while they're on the ice... It's the sound of all your stars sucking wind trying not to pass out.

At least until the stars conditioning can actually handle the load. It'll come too, with the time the team doesn't have. Eventually the 3 lines will be able to sustain, but right now they can't. They need the win more than they need the stamina.

Please call up a defensemen. Please?

Let Redden sit. Next game let Rozy sit. If they don't improve and play with consistency, call up another defensemen. They can't be any worse than these two are now. What better way to see what you've got than to bring them up in a pressure situation and let them try.

All criticism aside, deep down I don't think Torts is near done. In fact I'd say he's been a real compassionate, tender kind of guy.

Somehow, I just don't see that lasting too much longer...


can we please re-sign valiquette ASAP?

Joe T --- Antropov looked slow Sunday, he looked slow as a Leaf because he is slow ... He can roof the puck, that is a plus that not many in Rangerland can do but he is slow and looks lost in the defensive zone ... I rather have Guerin, size grit and scoring ...

Rangers are done ... I pretty much predicted this when they let Jagr go ... not sure if we can find that in the archives ... I predicted Renney would lose his job because his best attribute was handling superstars - Shanny, Jagr ... when they leave Renney would be exposed ... and the Rangers would maybe get the 8th seed ... Their future looks sadder than I thought with Dawes and Prucha let go and Chrepanov's death ... and the cap maxed out thanks to Redden, Gomez and Drury's astronomical salaries.

I thought Morris had a pretty good game.

Eric Staal is a monster.

I'll rant about the team depending on where they are after Sunday ...

They must take the game in Nashville and if they can manage to get 3 points of more out of the Flyers home @ home then it would be good ... I think Vally should play one of those ...

ant (the other one) - I think Torts' gentler tone is going to completely disappear as soon as the season is over...be it April 12th or beyond. I think he's going to stick with them and try some little things here and there. But I think the hammer drops as soon as he begins doing off-season wrap-up meetings with the players. He's gonna set his tone going into the off-season. No doubt he will demand a higher level of conditioning from just about everyone and I'm sure he will tell a few players right to their face (Redden) that they better come prepared to give it everything next season or they will not be NHL players.

I think you'll see glimpses this season. But I am expecting the full Tortorella Day 1 at training camp next season.

I don't know if the Rangers will make the playoffs or not -- at the present time I'm more in the not camp. I think Bos, NJ, Wash, Philly are locks for the playoffs. I think Pitt will make it as well. Of the remaining teams (Buff, Mon, Car, Rangers, Florida), it's a toss-up. It's easy to make a case why each team could or could not make the playoffs. Nothing is set in stone, but I think the Rangers are going to have an uphill battle since they play more road games and have been horrible on the road lately.

Anyway, I was looking over the stats for this Ranger team and something really jumped out at me. Scott Gomez leads the team in Shots on Goal; he's actually 20th in the league. To me, this goes to the heart of the problems on offense. If you look at the NHL leaders in shots, you generally see the teams best goal scorer. If the Rangers game plan for this season (or any other) involves Gomez being the shot leader, then that game plan is flawed since Gomez is not a goal scorer. Drury and Zherdev are right behind Gomez in shots (20+ shots behind)--I'm not sure either one of them could be considered a sniper, but I like to see Zherdev shooting the puck more.

Wow, lot of overeactions...It's 1 game...They can bounce back and win Thursday. It's still too early to look at the standings, we have to focus on ourselves. As long as we can take 3 out of every 4 we'll make the playoffs. Normally I would get crazy with a loss like that, yet I remained calm after the game because there is still 30 points out there, which means teams will fall out and if we can play a little better than .500 we'll make the playoffs. Let's see what happends Thursday, but no matter how much I like Torts, the stink of Sather is still there with Rosival and Redden. I agree Rosival should be scratched next game, I'd call up Potter and slot him right in. These two are horrendous and I truly hope they are leading the wolfpack together at the start of next year. Pretty much 25% of our cap is in our two worst defensemen. Just pathetic.


You're a friggin genius!

20 minutes of ice time for Prucha tonight. Yotes lost to the Red Wings 3-2 in OT.

I can't see anything wrong with Morris, and Antropov has always needed a bit of a kick to motivate, but can put up goals in bunches. I said he was streaky the day we got him. His size will get others goals as well. For the money, and the RFA's we would have lost anyway, I say we did pretty good. The big problem was letting Renney run the team down for so long. Keep Torts, and fire Sather, then hire Mark Messier as he could not possibly be as brain dead as Sather...

great job koffy!

Joe T:

Beer at MSG is around 9 bucks. That in itself is enough to complain about.

I wasn't making excuses for the team, I was making a point. Carolina made the Rangers work knowing it was the second in 36 for the blueshirts. At the end, the Rangers just aren't conditioned enough.

Yes Roszival had a bad game. I hate to tell you, much of the team had a bad game. You can pick your favorite whipping boy and whip away. Roszival having a better game doesn't change the outcome. Ditto Redden. Ditto Antropov. Sorry.

And on the Antropov front: he's got 2 points in four games--not bad for someone learning the system, considering in one of those games he had just arrived on the team, and in one of those games the team got shut upt, that's not bad. Morris has looked pretty good. And Avery has been Avery: helpful when helpful, and taking stupid penalties when not.


Kill me now.

I actually don't care whether we make the playoffs. I'd rather have higher draft picks although with our drafting history, maybe that's a stupid wish.

Glad Torts is here. Games are much better to watch. How could they have been more boring? This was the first year of the 54 I've been a Rangers fan I can ever remember being really bored oftentimes.

Tend to agree with whoever said that Torts will cut some slack this year and the REAL new regime will begin next year. But until or unless Glen figures out how to extricate himself from his unholy mess of bad signings and decisions, this team is short on talent and heart and cap space.

Will enjoy seeing ice time adjusted as Torts starts to see which of his silk purses are really sows ears. Guess that makes me a real fan. I'll enjoy the subtlties of watching the little coaching tweaks while writing off the season.

And look forward to seeing whether Glen awakes from his coma and how Torts goes about trying to make some of these imposters play up to potential.

from the post this morning:

NHL general managers have given their approval to the Rangers' request for a compensatory pick in June's Entry Draft in the wake of the death of 2007 first-round selection Alexei Cherepanov, sources have told The Post.

Though it is unclear whether Article 8.3 (b) of the CBA must be amended to accommodate this specific circumstance, the Blueshirts now stand to receive the 17th pick of this year's second round following Glen Sather's presentation yesterday at the NHL GMs meetings in Naples, Fla.

Sather's fabulous powers of persuasion. I have to say, I'm amazed he roused himself to make the aruegment and truly amazed he won.

Won't bring back the kid but will be interesting to see if anything comes of the pick -- down the road. Will it be Jeesiman, Montoya, Cherry, or Staal -like?

I hope Jessiman doesn't have a younger brother!!!

not much to say at this point except they need to get at least 18 points out of the last 15 games. Either way , Sather needs to stop being the GM before the draft.

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