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February 18, 2009


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great we get voros in the lineup for another game...

things would be acceptable from a fan perspective if renny tried something different like, allocating minutes based on effort and performance or sitting vets like he does to prucha and dawes when mistakes or effort is lacking...

why is this so hard to do??AM I missing something?

I guess if we win tonight everything is fine and we wont have to make any moves? Where is Glen Sather through all of this? Shining his Edmonton rings?

I'm not watching tonight, I really have no interest to continue to view this garbage. I'm just happy organizations like Montreal and Pitt at least have a clue and will try anything to win and change things up where the art of losing seems to be acceptable for our organization.

If they can't get up for tonights game I think it's safe to say they can't get up for anything. I'm excited to hear Renney after the game, nothing like losing to the worst teams in hockey and constantly listening to the positives being taken from it. lol, what a joke.

how about trading for Jay Mckee? A good stay at home D man with 1 yr and $4 mill on his deal. He is in the doghouse in Stl.

Trade Kalinan(expiring contract st louis would love), Voros, Purcha(can score if given the chance and expiring deal) and get something in return from St louis or some salary relief also.

I assume McKee is a real pro, he appears to play hard, very responsible on D, and is fairly physical despite him not being a huge player.

Does this mortgage the future??1 yr $4 mill., I don't think so and the players traded are not in the long term plans for the rangers..Mckee plays next year with a young guy from Hartford, they were not going to sign Mara or Kalinan anyway..

they need grit!!!toughness, etc.. McKee is not Komisarek or Witt but he is a good old time player... Hamhuis is supposively available also, why no moves from Sather is puzzling to me...

You got to admire Gainey for the moves he made in MTL. I long for the day for that to happen here.

A lot of comments about the Gainey/Kovalev situation recently and frankly I think we might be giving Gainey a bit more credit than he deserves. Seems to me this situation is more about Kovalev flaking out/quitting on his teammates than about Gainey sending a message to his struggling team. Always a back story to these things and it almost seems like Gainey had no choice (ie. Kovalev wasnt going to go on the trip anyway). As far as Kositisyn going to the AHL, jeez, the kids only 21 so thats more about getting his confidence back (ie. Callahan to AHL last year) than punishing an underachiever. And they can have Scheinder for a 2nd and a 3rd, thats crazy.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not against Renney stratching any of our underacheiving leaders (#23, #19, #91, #6, pick any/all) but I just think the Kovalev situation is a bit different.


Again, what NY Ranger forward over the course of this season has played better than Zherdev?

Maybe it will be easier for you to answer what NY Ranger has played closer to his expectations?

I'm amazed that you picked his (lack of) passing to point out. He's got just one less assist than the Rangers assist leader Gomez with almost 5 (!!!) less minutes of total ice time / game. And that is playing with Dubi and Voros for most of the season - not you definition of goal machines.

If anything, IMHO Zherdev is in this small group of younger Rangers (he's only 24, remember?) like Korpi, Cally & Staal who put forth the effort every game night.

Here's a thought: Everyone is talking about how we're in a new hockey era where the hard cap has changed how teams operate, how it binds short-sighted GM's who overrate free agents and thereby reduce their options when teams don't perform. How about management going to players who fail to play anywhere near their average career performances and asking for givebacks from those players so that more capspace can be freed to get help for their struggling team. What would be the incentive for the player to renegotiate? How about spending time in the minor leagues/riding the pines here/healthy scratches? Seems changing times require changes in treatment of uninjured players who severely underperform.


1. Give backs are not going to count against hard cap.

2. Noone (generally) is going to give up $2 - $3 m / year to NOT play at AHL (especially if they are married). : )

3. Avery is an example of the only possible solution available.

there is very little accountablity in the NYR dis-organization, and that's a major problem.


I do not believe you are allowed to renegotiate contracts and even if you were, the Players Union would make sure no one did.

kovazub94 Good point as usual, but you should ask Bones how many brilliant passes Zerdev made this season which never transfers to goal?


I don't want to go there 'cause it's quite easy to deduct that Dubinsky's and Voros' lack of production is due to Zherdev's inability to set them up.


Agree with your post:

"things would be acceptable from a fan perspective if renny tried something different like, allocating minutes based on effort and performance or sitting vets like he does to prucha and dawes when mistakes or effort is lacking...

why is this so hard to do??AM I missing something?"

Either Renney is the dumbest coach ever or there is something else going on behind the scenes - whatever it is Renney needs the balls to bench these guys and start making changes.

They absolutely MUST get the first goal tonight. And the earlier, the better. I do not think the players will be able to handle the Isles fans cheering in the crowd while their fans boooooo them like crazy.

I'd be willing to bet one thing though. If they do lose, there will be more emotion (and aggression) in the stands than there will be on the ice. And that is pretty sad...

Hey kovazub, I'm not going to argue statistics with you because I'm sure you watch many more games than I do. I didn't say Zherdev can't pass the puck, I said often he doesn't pass it when he should and I just see this as selfishness. Hell, he's young and talented for sure(I think he was a 4th overall pick, right?) but I like team players who bring it every night. When Callahan was drafted I posted here that Ranger fans were going to love him because he was a gritty, in your face player who worked tirelessly. So I'm not surprised he's doing well. But who is going to modify Z's game? Tom Renney? I think not. Mike Keenan made Kovalev a better player in 94, but he isn't the Rangers coach anymore. Frankly, I have my doubts anyone is going to stop Zherdev from showboating when its detrimental to the team. Now, Roszival is another guy who doesn't pass it when he should either, which drives me nuts. But Renney doesn't do anything about that either.

Sorry but Zherdev is a tremendous passer. Re-signing him should be a no-brainer...Z

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result, is watching that process over and over the definition of being a Rangers fan?

It's academic because I'll be watching as always. Now show me somethin', Rangers!!

Y'know what? Haven't seen it in a while, so here goes...


CUtter KNow what I haven't seen in a while, the rangers show up

I know...it's true...it would be nice to have a team tonight and not just a bunch of empty jerseys.

But I gotta be optimistic! Otherwise why even turn on the game? ;)

That's why Petr Prucha deserves to be in the lineup every night. Heart and desire.

JDAVE that's what this coach is missing among many other attributes

Lets see if the Rangers pull their 'Renney system' and sit back the entire 3rd period and let the Isles control it.

Glad to see most of the team showed up tonight for once. Still would like to see a better effort against the cellar dwelling fishsticks though, but a win is a win!

Tonight I will go to sleep with happy thoughts even though that was not an impressive win at all ... but with our team it seems that baby steps are the way to go ... Let's see if they can improve on tonight on Saturday or they have a meltdown of major proportions like they did after our last win ...

heave ho 1 in a row!

Well, I guess Harry Howell and Andy Bathgate will sleep a bit better tonight.

Didnt catch the whole game so not sure if the refs evened things up but the missed calls on Prucha (stick to the hands/stomach) and Drury (stick to the skate blade) were brutal. Dont mean to jump to the usual complaining about the officiating but both were clear scoring chances taken away.

Hard to believe I find myself in the position of having to root for the Devils (vs. FLA) last night and the Flyers (vs. BUF) tomorrow. Oh well, guess thats all part of the Ranger pre-spring swoon program.

Good game guys, except Rozy who stunk again, but 2 important points. Interesting note about coyote scouts and maloney there tonight. Derek morris? Carcillo? Jovo? I still can not believe Reitz only had 11 shifts, that is just criminal compared to what rozy and redden get (yes i know they play powerplay, which they shouldn't), but a regulation win!!! Let's start a streak now!!!

Well Petr "Punisher" Prucha at least will have a future in the WWE if the Rangers are not smart enough to keep playing him

the Pruchster is a BEAST other NHL players beware, he'll lay the smackdown!!!


struggle like hell to be an AHL team like the isles and that's supposed to be a start? Sorry to kill the mood but yesterday proved nothing but we need to get very lucky to beat an awful team at this point. True test will be to watch them bounce back with a 60 minute game and win on sat, which I'd have to sahy is highly unlikely.

Like I said yesterday: if I'm going to assume they lose every game from here on out, I might as well shut 'em off until October.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not impressed by who we beat. I was just happy to see the team show a little pride for a change (even just a little, even if Pru had to show them how). I'm happy they chalked up a W.

Still got a looong way to go.

I'll take the 2 points.

But no one better be patting themselves on the back. It was against a largely AHL roster with a 3rd string goalie. If Danis did not completely flub a 35-foot wrist shot, that game was heading to OT. Henrik also had to make a few great saves to keep the lead. So, the NYR gave them enough to win it had they converted.

I know, I know....baby steps.

But in the same way that the PPG they scored did nothing to convince anyone they're getting better at the powerplay, the win did nothing to convince me they're out of the woods here. I thought they played better against WASH, and they still dropped the next 3. So, I have to wait and see....

I love Prucha we need the other players to have his will and desire, and a coach with brains to play him!

Sorry to be the wet blanket, but my focus has turned from whether we can beat the last-place-in-every-department Isles on home ice to the future...

As in, how soon can we be sellers? Slats--please read the hand writing on the wall and sell at the trade deadline. What does this year's draft class look like? Which picks will we have? How are Jess' kids doing and how is it going in Hartford?

Do I watch the games? Yep. TIVO and watch every minute. Win or lose. Often replay and replay to make sure I saw exactly what happened.

But I am not exactly rooting for our team right now. I am watching to see who plays how. Who is making effort; who is making bonehead plays. Who is being unfairly maligned based on old grievances but us actually starting to play better.

What mistakes is Prucha making--exactly? Is Redden really getting more aggressive and stepping up more? (A: yes.) Is it helping? (A: absolutely not. He pinches, misses and gets caught of position mostly, but clearly Tom has encouraged him to play like he gives a damn and this is his version.) Is Dawes really a better passer than Prucha?

Who is out on the PP (last night Dawes got a full, regular shift, but the PP goal was a Denis flub and should not count for anything at all in my book).

Is anyone hitting at all or has Tom mesmerized them all into thinking that a hit only takes you out of defensive position and therefore, try not to touch anyone so you can stay on the "right" side of the puck at all times. How many times do we have one D behind the our net fighting off two opposing F while three of our players stand at the goal line watching and paying no attention whatsoever to anyone behind them on the ice? (A: amazingly often actually.)

It's quite a litle tutorial for someone like me who never played the game.

So I'm looking forward to the trade deadline cause maybe semething vaguely interesing will happen. And I admit an emotional pull toward a fire sale, just because...it's gotten awfully disheartening and boring to be Rangers fan this year.

I have been rooting for this team since there were 6 in the league and we battled every year with Boston to see who would finish dead last. Never felt like this until now. [/self-indulgent rant]


Think this might apply to Ranger players? I wonder

I like our 3rd line of Dubinsky, a punching bag and a figure skater.

Bones - Green would be in street clothes in Renney's system. Or at the very least, he would have his minutes cut (the way Zherdev does).

Offense = Risk. There is no risk (or offense) allowed in Renney's system....

From today's Brooks article, the quote of the season:

"I call Gomer, 'Mr. Muffin,'" Lundqvist said. "Because let's just say he doesn't have the hardest shot."

ChrisQCT---Agreed. You know Messier would make some horrible mistakes from time to time on the ice but his response was that he couldn't play hockey and have fun if he was afraid of that high risk-high reward play. I mean we can get that microscope out and analyze every goal and name the player at fault but that article on Green demonstates ably the effect a coach can have on a team in the bigger picture, which Dubi does think I look at but I beg to differ. It might sound paradoxical since I come down so hard on Zherdev, who likes to play high risk hockey. The coaches job is to give his players parameters to follow, not to eliminate the high risk play but when and how to take that calculated risk. That's why puck support(which I often accuse this team of lacking) is so important because with good puck support the risk can be mitigated. That's my theory on why the Rangers give up so many shorthanded goals. Shots get blocked or maybe shouldn't be taken, but lack of puck support is why so many shorthanders are scored. It's risk without puck support. Sorry, it's the coach in me coming out!

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