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February 24, 2009


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All I'm looking for is hard work and excitement to start with. This team had become completely unwatchable.

Welcome Torts. Bring it. The fans (at least) are ready!

Anyone else pumped? :-) Just the fact that Voros is out, dicipline and accountability have arrived, we are a better team today then we were after the Leafs game.

I'm not saying Torts is god or that we are winning the cup..WHat I am saying is that it's going to be fun and passionate to watch them play hockey.

Oh and how amazing is it that he's not a 4 line coach...Finally our best players can have the responsisbility of being on the ice with less than a minute to go in the 3rd period and OT instead of Betts\Orr\Sjo.

A lot of good and refreshing comments. It brings back interest in watching the games. How much does that say to where this team was, and still may be. They were simply unwatchable. And if they continue to flounder, just seeing what changes and accountability he instills will still be worth the interest as well.

Seems Voros is the 1st casualty to the bench. 1st good move. What I would like to see is a totally new PP line-up. He'll probably give the same guys a chance at first, but I would love to see a Prucha-Callahan-Dawes line get chunks of time to start on the PP - and to the crowds roaring approval.

This move definitely makes the rest of the year more interesting, even if they are still not contenders.

Judging from the comments of the former TB players, I bet Prucha shows up 1/2 early to meetings. St. Petersburg Times if interested. Great comments.

Question is - who will be the 1st in the (JD's) Chateau Bow Bow?


tampa had 3 star offensive players I still think we need to roll 4 lines and the 4th line needs to be much better then it is...

they need to score by committee and they need a bigger committee.

Torts is a move worth making but I also am thankful for what Renny brought and do not think he should be treated like trottier, low, or others..

“…and the usual fourth line, one that would survive nuclear war intact”
Dubi,you are the Clifford Simak!!!

the 4th line will not get as much ice time or play in many situations Renney had them in.

Interesting to see who stays, who gets ice time cut in the next few weeks. Does orr play every game? How will Redden fair with his lax play? Watching his interview on the TSN clip made you want to say you're full of hot air! Status quo may be over for a few players.

Agree with Jess's blog about the snake oil salesman. He's trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by distancing himself from his decisions over the years. Things will (hopefully) catch up to him

I, like mostly everyone else here, am pumped! This is the 1st coach that we've had in some time who will hold players accountable for their play (or lack of it). While I'm not holding my breath about this season (alot of points thrown away already) I do look forward to Torts weeding out the slackers and somehow finding a way to ice a decent hockey team that everyone will respect. That being said, I wish Tom Renney and Perry Pearn good luck in their future endeavors...

I, too, wish Renney an Co. a fond farewell, thanking them in the process for restoring "playoff mentality" to the Rangers. Wow, it had been ten long years before Renney finally got the Blueshirts turned around. That said, it is time to ratchet things up a notch or two and press the team to exert the kind of effort of which they are capable.

Like many others, I sense a renewed energy already and am looking forward to seeing how the players respond. With changes afoot, I am fully expecting new lines, new attitudes, and new results.

As for Sather, I am worn out from having to surmise the moves he has made. Watching Leetch the other night stand behind Harry Howell while the all-time stats were read was tough to take. Leetch was that close to playing in the most games and to being the all-time Rangers scorer, but Sather sent him adrift and then later wouldn't bring him back. Sorry. I'm sentimental and that wasn't right. Leetch should have been given a chance to finish his career as a Ranger.

As for the current Rangers, well, I can't see Gomez or Redden, at the very least, being around much longer. They both have wanted playoff experience and their records in year's past are good, so even though they have a lack of production and their salaries are high, they should still be as valuable in the next week as they are ever going to be.

Thanks for the all the great coverage, Dubi. And don't step on the logo. By the way, my wife has just washed my Rangers sweater and I have hung it up neatly in the closet. Respect the logo!

"There's no question [we want to be an attack team]. We're not gonna trap. I've always liked the pressure game."

I think I am going to cry....lol. I am so pumped up for the rest of the season. I have no problem with him giving the same guys another chance to lead ths team. Because you know what, Torts is not going to sit on his hands while these guys glide through the neutral zone and then make excuses for them in the post-game.

This is the perfect guy to be coaching a New York team.

Well, have to say, but right now it is do or die. Make the playoffs, then the real season begins. I will miss Renney, he helped bring the pride back to MSG. I have always been a Rangers fan, and the slump after 94 was rough. But if we don't make the playoffs this year... can we say Jagr was the reason for the extra season?

no farewell speech?

I am curious, not excited. Why? I remember the excitment I had with the hiring of other Coaches & GM's in the past. All promising change, hard work, accountability, etc. only to ignore those promises once behind the bench.

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