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February 21, 2009


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Thanks. These stories are great. Just got the newest issue as well -- looks good.

Looks like another no-show night!

Two periods of absolutely clueless hockey.
Not made even one first pass to open player

Shocking, the team comes out after a fluke win and loses again! I guess those hard fought games versus the tough Islander team really took something out of them...

It's at a point where it's a joke already. Sather continues to do nothing and we continue to fall further and further behind in the playoffs, and within the week should be the 9th seed. The team continues to show that each time they squeek out a win that it's a fluke. I don't know what has to happen for something to change, but this team once again proved they are incapable of doing anything but losing. I can't believe Sather has let it get to this point. After this week with two vs Toronto and one vs Florida, we should be on the outside looking in. Just a terrible, terrible team.

Damn, this is bad. Something has to give.

I guess those hard fought games versus the tough Islander team really took something out of them...

Those tough islanders just beat Devs 4-0.

As far as the game goes horrible thats all i gotta say

Yes the Isles played a good game, but my point was to those who took pretty much a 1 goal game vs a non playoff team as a 'starting point' needed to realize this is the Rangers we are talking about, and following along the road they've been on all season, it's fitting they'd get their rears kicked in after a win vs the Isles. Until Renney is dumped or we alter this roster, we can kiss the season goodbye. Unfortunately, myself amongst others have been saying this for well over a month, but typical Sather, he's letting it fall apart around him.

WOW! Bad, very bad. If there has been a ranger that has played worse than Rozy the last few games, I have no idea who it is! They should hang him in the rafters with the #3.

I think we are the only NHL team that cannot defend the odd-man rush. What is with these guys? This has been going on since the days of Poit/Ozolinsh. What the hell were both Rozsival and Girardi doing on those goals? These guys just abandon the slot and go after the puck carrier.

Maybe they will show some urgency and passion when they're in 10th...

We've talked a lot here about the Rangers effort level this year, ie. inconsistent, total lack thereof, etc. But I'd suggest what we're seeing now is a whole other kettle of fish. This team has now moved into the mode of a team expecting a change. Collectively and individually they are deers in the headlights. Every shift is literally the same shift over and over again. And too many of the shifts are finishing with Hank standing with his palms up, staring at the roof after a 35 foot wrist shot has sailed over his shoulder. What the GM is going to do (or not do) is anybody's guess..

Wow. Caught 1/2 of the game... Where did everybody go? (on the Rangers...)

If I go look up inconsistency in the dictionary, is the club picture going to be in there?

Did Pearn actually say 'try to get one on the power play' after the 1st period? I realize they did get a fluke one, which was good... But that's alot of faith in a PP that's been like it has. I don't think I'd want to be placing my hopes in the PP just yet.

I have to believe inconsistency like this is on the coach. There was no game plan tonight, at least on the Ranger's side. Buffalo had an actual strategy for the game... Keep away from Gomez so he couldn't lug to the zone, aggressive forecheck, pinching the D to make you make a play to get out of your zone. They didn't need it though, NYR was sleepwalking.

And if it's 'expecting' something, I'd be working my arse off to make sure it wasn't me, not skating like a deer in the headlights. My worst fear is Sather makes a deal based on Renny staying, instead of Renny going and then looking at what the new coach thinks. Unfortunately, I don't believe there's enough time for that...

Am I the only one who really wants to say good things, but really can't unless we have one of 'those' games, where everybody actually shows up?

I hope they don't embarrass the banners again.

Off the wall trade: Drury and Prucha for ??? They have some chemistry together and would fit on many a floundering squad. I'd wager against it in Vegas, but in NY, 'Hey, you never know. All you need is a dollar and a dream...'


>>What the GM is going to do (or not do) is anybody's guess.<<

Marty, first the GM has to notice that something is wrong. Has anyone seen the Ranger GM, or is he out fishing with his good buddy Harry Sinden?

bad effort. 8 in a row on the road. really what does Orr do out there. the team cannot score but suits up Orr. Peters sat tonight. can this team afford to have guys that cannot skate out there???

nothing effort, no pressure at all to the 3rd period.

what the hell can they do to this mess????

i had this wonderful dream last night that the Rangers traded Gomez and his absurd contract to the Islanders. They got an expensive useless guy whose contract was expiring in only two years. I woke up and got online to BB+ to see if it was even remotely possible. Please tell me this wasn't just a dream

Sell! Sell! Sell!

way past time for a change to bring improvement, all are responsible for this situation.

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