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February 16, 2009


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There is zero accountability at the Garden. Heck, Isiah did a terrible job as GM, had a sexual harrassment suit decided against him and the Garden and still did not get fired. Anyone that expects accountability with Renney, Drury, Sather, can forget it. This gets fixed when Slats retires or gets canned, and not before. Don't hold your breath.

DUBI welcome to the Renney has to go side. I agree it's the PP and ice time that prove he needs to go. But he's just the first fall guy for a roster that was over-changed by Sather who should also go. And then some of the players have to go. Truly they made a TEAM effort mess.

And speaking of the actual game, some things I noticed which have been lost in the general firestorm:

1. Prucha finally, in the first period, seemed to be showing the "fragility" attributed by Renney. For the first time I can remember, he shied away from hitting people, was tentative on the forecheck and looked as bad as everyone else--for at least a period and a half until he turned back into himself. Presume he either has no idea what's expected of him at this point or was just really afraid to make a mistake. At any rate, I was glad to see him return to form (after the game was clearly lost and he had nothing to lose?)

Re: the discussion between Wicky229 and Matty re: character-- Prucha has shown the most on the team, being treated like garbage, never saying a bad word and always giving 110% when given the chance to play (not to mention, they say, also in practice). He has just kept working as hard as possible without moping. Today was the first time I saw what I perceived to be a little crack in that attitude. Everybody can get worn down once in a while. Maybe keep that in mind when judging HQ.

2. Redden did not start the 5-4 PPs. Mara and Rozy were out there for first shift several times with Redden coming out for the second minute.

3. First and second 5-4 PPs (at least) featured a second unit of Dubi, Z and Prucha (which also was our second --or third -- who knows anymore?--line). Unfortunately playing with Redden at the point. So while Korpi and Cally got no PP time, at least Prucha and Z managed to get out there a little. But they were given two one minute PP shifts and did not score. Presume that is the end of that little "experiment". Tom never gives any new idea any real time to prove itself one way or the other.

4. BTW --that Dubi, Z, Prucha line got pulled apart pretty quickly, maybe because of the Z benching, maybe because Tom can't stick with any new line more than 5 minutes before he changes his mind. At any rate, I saw Sjo out there in place of Prucha several times, Dubi skating on left wing with Gomer, Betts between Z and Prucha in the third period.

For a guy who looks so calm behind the bench, his in game and pre-game decisions make Renney look for all the world like a guy in total panic meltdown who has no idea what to do and cannot make up his mind. A guy who fears he will be canned at any moment. We can only keep hoping.

Extremely disappointed by the performance yesterday. Philadelphia had to be thinking: "Wow, this game is easier than yesterday's (Islanders') game!" The
Flyers have had Lundquist's number in the past. That's why Vally had started (and defeated) them in recent games. The short-handed goal clearly affected Henrik who was downcast and unfocused from that point on. Did they mount a rally as other teams would have done at the mid-point of the second period? No, and that's the most distressing part of all. Let's not waste the high draft picks that seem to be inevitably coming.

Compared to the ineffective,lazy and indifferent Scott Gomez, Chris Drury is Gordy Howe.

With the Penguins firing their coach Michel Therrien yesterday, will Tom Renney be next? Say what you want about the Pens & their organization, but to me it appears that they want to win and losing is in unacceptable....talk about accountability. The guy wins the Eastern Conference and takes them to the finals and gets canned with 20+ games left....how far has Renney taken his teams and does he deserve to be given more chances?
The problem is that Glen Sather is as much to blame for this mess and he is not going to fire himself...Dolan & Co. must step in and take charge..it's gotta be both or none at all. It would be one thing if Sather gave Renney the 'best' players and couldn't win...then you could single out Renney...but giving him this team of overpaid mediocre players....that's on Sathers shoulders and he has to be held accountable. By firing Renney now, will an interim coach (forget about Pearn & Pelino..there is no answer there) be able to lead this team to a successful run into the playoffs?....I guess that's one way to find out if the team has just quit on Renney and they want a new coach to 'play' for.......In any case a new president & general manager should be making the calls when the 2009 draft & free agent signings roll around this summer...that's a must...the organization can't let what happened last summer happen again.

We never seem to play a good game in the afternoon. The Pens fired Therian, not that I want him...just a observation. Why the veteren players will not play is beyond me. This team should never have a game like that and, so far, I think we have had 4 this season. The only guys who work are the youngsters. Time for Gomez to go to FLA for Bouwmeester and Drury, Rozsival and Zherdev to ATL for Kovalchuk...just waive Redden because nobody wants him anyway. Oh, and pick up Ted Nolan.

So I wonder if this is the tipping point for Renney to be fired. Maybe Therien's is the start of things to come.

The fact that he benched Z shows either he has no consciousness or is a wuss becuase Z isn't the one that has to be benched. It's almost like Renney is too afraid to bench the millionaires and picks on the youngins ala a bully; too afraid to confront the REAL issue).

Akayama, bcause of our position now, we get no better than say a 12th, 13th, pick. Sather tried for years to accomplish two goals, restock and be competitive, neither IMHO, were achieved very well, although the farm seems to be better though it's debatable about how much better off (minus last years draft with Gordie Clark who may have picked some real keepers).

So if we can't achieve two goals, let's narrow down and have one goal; build a winner.
Give Gordie a great opportunity to draft high for a few years.

Heck, Gordie Clark should be the GM. Messier the coach. Why not? They couldn't be any worse. Is there anyone out there who thinks that the Rangers would be worse off with Corey Potter on D instead of Wade Redden?

If you consider dollar for value and minus development at the pro level, I can't imagine you wouldn't break even for Potter.

the F___ing diving birds fired the coach the season after going to the finals how hell is renney not fired, I have been a strong supporter of Renney but my god enough is enough, I really think he needs to go!!! thank you for getting us back to the playoffs but I just don't see him taking us any further to the promise land. the only time I have ever seen 5 on three short handed goal was when my cousing first got NHL for playstation the first one and he really didn't know how to play all that well. that is just pathetic. I was hoping for a win today but honestly if it will get rid of renney i would rather them LOSE!!!!!

At least the Rangers scored a goal in yesterdays game. They had been shut out of the 4 other afternoon games this year.

If Renney goes who is the coach ?
Perry Pearn !????

pathetic...as said above if a coach who takes his team to the finals the previous season loses his job then how in gods name does renney still have a job?

A few years back phily missed the playoffs and blew their team up. That's what needs to happen here. Dump gomez, drury, naslund, redden and about 25 mill is available and we can retool. I like our team other than the bum vets. More responsibility should go to Dawes, callahan, zherdev, korpo, staal. We bring in a big time goalscorer and just getting rid of renney and changing the atmosphere and well be fine.

Btw all these writers who say it's not toms fault and he should say shouldn't have a job. Of course it's the coach when your team stops responding, these morons need to get a clue.


So what are you saying? You have been calling for Renney's dismissal, as you said, for months and yet you are criticizing people who want the same? I understand what you are saying, that firing Renney is no guarantee that things will improve because Sather is the one who will be calling the shots ... so in essense nothing will change because he will still be the one pulling the strings ...

But what is there to be done then? Nothing? Continue to pretend that Renney is just handcuffed by Sather and has NO BLAME in what is going on? The PP is not his fault? The benching of young players vs vets is not his fault either? He's just doing what Sather would want him to do? That the same vets he continues to show unwavering loyalty to have stopped playing hard for him and that's on Sather too because he got them?

Sather is the MAIN culprit in all of this but you are fully aware that Dolan isn't firing him any time soon ... unfortunately ... in the mean time our team continues to go backwards instead of forward ... The PP situation is the most damming evidence against Renney ... it is HIS PP strategy is it not? The players are failing to execute it and he is failing to adjust his approach ... the team plays with energy on the PK, they don't on the PP ... in fact they play tentative and non-agressive whenever they are in the offensive zone PP or EV ... So something has got to give and it will be Renney unless he can turn things around ... then if whomever Sather replaces him with utterly fails then does Sather get more pressure and finally steps down? Because I just don't see Dolan firing him ... he didn't pre-lockout when every move Sather made failed so why would he fire him now? You yourself have said that Dolan has NO CLUE about hockey and trusts Sather's input without question ...

BTW unless they were being dishonest then the TSN analysts and even Dallas Stars/Calgary Flames insiders have said that they did offer Redden 6 million per year contract and that Calagary also offered him 6.5 million but those teams offered 5 yr deals not 6 so he took the Rangers offer ... now probably those people misreported what they heard ... doesn't matter now ... we gave him the bad contract and unless Sather is willing to accept his mistake and waive him then we are stuck with him since no one will trade for him ...

There was a great shot from NBC during the game right after a tv time out that showed all of these "veterans" listening to renney trying to rally the troops and Redden yawning and looking away from the coach. Lots of respect there from Redden to Renney. Yet he is still on the ice... Sorry Tom its time to start benching the veterans when they won't listen to you. You have plenty of players in the minors ready to play.

Oh and about Henrik ...

If it weren't for him we would be fighting for a lottery pick not a playoff spot at this point in time so yeah, he gets a pass from me ...

I thought the 1 2 punch of gomez and drury would be great man I was sadly mistaken. redden was a mistake i was never happy about. Naslund aint great but he's not the worst contract.

if pern is to coach us as well as he has done the powerplay god help us eash, just eash. what about sheonfeld (spelling is probably wrong) or genager, messier, toterella the 2nd time around, hell i'd take Nolan at this point. we just need someone who will light a fir under our over paid vets asses

Well Paul R, the problem is that for a coach to be successful here with the team that we have then that coach has to be unafraid to drop the hammer on players who aren't performing ... no matter their contract size and length ... if that isn't going to happen then it doesn't matter ... Although for the life of me I do not understand WHY Renney just doesn't say "screw it" because if he's going to be fired anyway as some people are suggesting then he shouldn't care about keeping Sather happy ... but whatever ...

quick side bar, matty I read your comment but i don't see where Jess posted anything.

I was looking at Dubi's title to the article the "Straw" which i thought breaks the camels back and Renney got fired so I check tsn, foxsports found out about the pens but nothing regarding the Rangers.

MATTY Renney doesn't have a set. He acts like he's too nice, but it's an act. He's a sneak & a coward with a double standard.IMO.....

Paul R,

Jess posted near the end of the previous thread ... that's what I was responding to ...

Carp has a pretty good article on the situation >> http://lohud.com/article/20090216/COLUMNIST01/902160360/-1/SPORTS

He goes on to say that it is Sather who has handicapped this team, but that it won't be Sather who gets the ax ... and then this:

"Then you have to wonder if Sather - who hired Ron Low and Bryan Trottier, then coached himself, instead of hiring successful and interested coaches such as John Tortorella or Mike Keenan, Pat Burns, Ken Hitchcock or Dave Tippett (among others) - is capable of getting somebody better than Renney. Or nearly as good. You'd think Renney, who brought them back to the playoffs three times after the team missed for seven straight seasons, might have some equity built up. He doesn't. And if something's gotta give, it probably will be him."

All true ... so things aren't looking up in any scenario if Sather stays ...


I don't think matty and I were judging anyone, just making some obsevations, but I do agree with you on prucha's character 100%

I really like Pucha and if maybe hecould get into more then 16 games a frigin season then maybe just maybe he would pot some goals and maybe just maybe we would win but no he has been chosen as Renney's wipping boy and that sucks, where gomez has led to the opposition scoring several goals never misses a shift just SAD

I'm ambivalent on firing Renney. On the one hand, I don't believe mid-to-late season coaching changes are all that helpful. Teams may get a short-term boost, but they soon revert back to the form that got the first coach fired (Please do not bring up the Caps from last year b/c the situations are completely different). On the other hand, this team seems to have given up on Renney. Since the team refuses to motivate each other to perform on a nightly basis, firing the coach may be the only way (a last resort even?) to wake up the players.

Just about a week ago ALL these players witnessed what it means to be a Ranger through the Heart of a Ranger, a real Ranger. It seems to have taken hold in the younger players, but to the "veterans" it seems to be "Ho, Ho; boy that was nice."

All the bad-mouthing of the Rangers by NBC was deserved, but it also was in response to the "revalry" billing that NBC/NHL Network played continuously. Any new fans would be hard pressed to find a rival anywhere on that ice yesterday!

With Mara out I hope we see more of Potter and Reitz. In fact, I'd like to see Kalinin instead of Redden. Well, maybe I got carried away, maybe it would be better to just dress 5 D'men!

And I'll add to the Renney stuff. We had 3 centers out on the 5 on 3 PP and only one, Nasland, could be considered a sniper. Only one forward is considered fast, Gomez. That alone should be ground for dismissal. Zherdev, Dawes and even Prucha are far more snipers than any of the guys on that PP. At some point you have to begin to believe that the veterans are NOT GOING TO BREAK OUT of their slumps. Just sit them and go with the energy guys. Heck, the Betts line would have put more pressure on the goalie then our "superstars".


I say keep Renney and allow this team to implode as they are on the path to do so. IF you replace Renney NOW and his replacement gets them to the playoffs then what?

Nothing changes, the message becomes that the roster was not the problem the coach was and all of us here know that on the grand scale Renney is just blip of a problem.

No grasshopper if you want to force change then leave things alone, let the franchise embarrass itself because what you saw yesterday is just a hint of what lies ahead.

This team can not win the big game against the playoff bound teams. Go look at the schedule and see that of the last 18 games of the season, 12 are against teams in playoff spots with 3 more against Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Let this franchise self destruct instead of another 6th place finish with a 1st or 2nd round exit.

That is the best solution for all of our problems because we have to see Dolan lose that playoff revenue to get his attention

Dubi, give your head a shake because it's in La-La land. Zherdev flat out sucks and trading him at the deadline would be no great loss. Who cares about all those skills when the guy has no concept of TEAM. As for Drury, did he steal your pencil or something? Like Milbury and McGuire said yesterday, Gomez and Drury have been great players in other venues. Why not now? Because they have to work with the second coming of Bryan Trottier! And Redden is a prince out there compared to Rosy who is the guy who really screwed up on that 5 on 3 not shooting when he should have and not backing up Drury when he should have. The young guys all look afraid out there or confused, like Dawes trying to cover for somebody else and leaving his post, resulting in the first goal. The best thing that could happen now would be if both Slats and Renney were fired. But even fioring Renney would be progress. The Pens have the right idea...DO SOMETHING!!!--not like Slats who fiddles while Rome burns all the time. Bring in MESSIER!!! DAMN IT!! Shake it up!!! Oh, I know, the illuminati will tell me that he has no experience and should start with the Charlotte Checkers. Hell, right here, right now we have the man who has all the earmarks to be a successful coach and we sit on it. Like I said before, it will be a very happy day for this old Ranger fan when THE GENIUS is terminated. Where is Arnold Schwartzenneger when you need him? :)


If that would be all it would take ... Under Sather did the Rangers not miss that playoff revenue for his first 4 seasons and yet Dolan never even hinted at firing him ... I don't believe a coaching change at this stage in the season will help because not one player on this roster can will the team to score and win like Jagr did ... I believe if you are to make a coaching change then it needs to start off fresh for next season ...

However just because I say that doesn't mean I will stop criticizing Renney's on-ice choices ... whether Sather is pulling his strings or not ...

BTW everyone's at fault here ...

From the owner to management, from management to the coaches, and from the coaches to the players ... but it starts at the very top ... This isn't an owner that cares about respectability and winning ... he just cares about the bottom line ... but even then with both the Knicks and Rangers missing the playoffs every spring before the NHL lockout he did nothing

I know everyone is justifiably angry. We all want accountability - heck even in our society. Pitt just did it - and they had many injuries to deal with. They have an owner who cares.

But the question is - what do we really want? A firing just for the sake of changing things up and getting accountability? Do we really have any hope of doing anything this year? I think we all know that answer. The way things are going now, we won't make the playoffs. Right the ship or blow it up?

I, like many, would like to see the team blown up and start all over and bring up kids. But how? Sather isn't going anywhere. If Renney is fired, whoever comes in is not going to tank it for youth development and a higher draft pick.

All these vets are untradeable! Maybe someone would take Roszival or Naslund. Drury has a no trade clause. No one is going to bail out the hated Rangers and the aloof and egomaniac Sather. In other words, we're screwed.

Question - If they put a Redden on waivers, is it the same as Avery - where whoever picks him up - we are then responsible for half of his contract?

If that's the case, it may be our only option. But once again, do you think the ego of Sather will allow him to make such a move? Can anyone say "worst signing in Ranger history?" Seriously, who was worse? Will he admit it? Does he have a boss that will hold HIM accountable? Dolan? Again - we're screwed.

If we had solid management, JD would have been running the Rangers for the last few years. Tonight we'll see JD and what could have been. As for Messier, I think he would be on board for starting over. That's kind of like a Mattingly thing though - not sure I would want to see his legacy tarnished. Tortarella would want to win ASAP.

I agree with everyone who gets on Renney for benching Z - really wuss move. Grow some already - stop picking on the kids and... what's the use.

Hopefully the next post we see from Dubi is that Sanguinetti has been brought up and stays, because Mara may be out for year which is a shame. AA next, and so on.

Time will tell how this unfolds. Really ugly - and it starts with Dolan, then Sather, then Renney. Renney deserves a lot of blame, but he's not the core of our problems - it's Dolan, because he won't push the eject button we all know needs to be pushed.

I think Jess may have a point, Matty.

The first four years were a long time ago (unfortunately). Things may be different now--after all the economy is going into the tank and the Rangers are maxxed out on spending. If revenues drop, it might catch Dolan's attention--OK, his accountant's attention, since he has no attention span to speak of.

And here's what I want to know: If we continue to drop like a rock, how high is our highest possible draft choice? Lottery pick? Do people think Gordie Clark is good enough to make something good out of a pick like that? Jess? How good is he and what does the field of first rounders look like this coming draft year?

Rather have that scenario than squeaking into the playoff with this bunch of losers. That would be counterproductive to all our long term dreams, now wouldn't it?

Ovechkin with another hat trick... What a marvelous player.

I was daydreaming moments ago of having a player like #8 playing for us. These Rangers are so boring to watch. I remember watching them pre-lockout. Those non-playoff teams had more passion and were more entertaining than these clueless bozos (Redden, Kalinin, Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Rozsival, Dawes, Voros...)

I'd offer the Capitals Drury, Dubinsky, Callahan, our next 10 first round picks and my wife. She's a beautiful brazilian girl.

I miss Jaromir.


I can only hope that Jess is right and that if the team misses the playoffs that the good that will come out of it is CHANGE ... and I mean SIGNIFICANT change ...

I was even thinking about the Garden fans ... 3 yrs ago remember that we got Sandis Ozolinsh and he was so bad that he was viciously booed by the Garden fans? So much so that Renney was forced to scratch him from out final playoff game at MSG because the crowd had been so horrible to Ozo the game before and Renney said that it wasn't fair to the player to put him out there in that situation or something to that effect ... in fact the fact that the Garden fans hated him so much led to Glen waiving him the following season after it was clear that the fans were still going to viciously boo him ...

I think part of the reason Malik fell out of favor with Rangers was due to how vicious the fans were to him, justified or not ...

Yet Wade Redden was stunk up the place ALL season long and while he's called out in the media the fans at MSG seem not to care ... I certainly do not hear the fans giving it to him when he has the puck ... supposedly he was booed yesterday but I only found out because I read about it this morning, I certainly didn't hear it ...

I think the Garden getting on this player's case game in and out as they did with Ozo and Malik might be the only way Sather is forced to swallow his pride and waive him because he ain't getting traded

Obviously yesterdays game was not the straw that broke the camels back as far as Tom Renney goes. With a 7:00pm game tonight in St. Louis I think it's safe to say that the team including Renney and his 'cracker jack' assistant coaches have already arrived in St. Louis and are preparing for tonights game...business as usual for a team without any direction right now. Since nothing has changed in the last 24 hours (or for the last three months for that matter) what should we expect tonight....more of the same...business as usual. So, even if the Rangers can chalk up a win tonight do we sweep everything under the carpet and everything is good again...I don't think so...there are too many issues here.

I'm lost with the comments about how it wont help the Rangers if we fire Renney. Can someone please explain this to me? In every other sport, when a team is spiraling out of the playoffs, a coaching change has to happen. Bringing up the past doesn't mean anything for now. People are really saying that if we dump Renney and his joke of a staff, get a coach with fire who wants to play offensive hockey, will hold players accountable and give the young guys a chance since the vets can't do it, nothing will change? Come on Ranger faithful...Most of us know what has to happen, but anyone here thinks things will change if we KEEP Renney? Like I said about, if Therrien gets fired from Pittthe following year after a cup run, how can Renney still have a job? I hope they lose tonight, and keep losing until Sather gets off his fat ass and does something before they miss the playoffs.

Also, if chanting fire renney and sather doesn't work, how about we stop filling up the garden and hurt the one guy who could actually do something in Dolan...He cares about playoff money and filling the garden...Well if the garden is half full and we miss the playoffs, maybe take a long look at Sather's 9 years here and realize we've done nothing..And the "youth movement" has stopped as the young guys dont even get the chance anymore. I'd much rather lose with Dubinsky, Dawes, Cally, Zherdev, Staal getting major minutes than lose with older players who can't get it done continuously out there in big spots, giving up shorthanded goals and not scoring on the PP.

And yes, Sather has RUINED whatever credentials he had with Edmonton, he really has not done a damn thing with this organization but make us a 1 or 2 and done franchise in the playoffs.

At the very least, Renney and Schoenfeld should swap jobs. Renney was an importnat part in helping to rebuild the organizational depth. Schoenfeld, as the Wolf Pack's GM, might be more onclined to see if an Anisimov and/or sanguinetti and/or Potter could give the Rangers a much-needed shot in the arm. With Slats having to clear cap space for Avery, I can't see him being active as the trade deadline nears.


I saw the Redden 'yawn' also ... not even paying attention to what Renney was saying ... ship him to the minors ... let him play the next 5 years down there ...

Also, as I have been saying the past 4 weeks - Fire Renney !! - the team has stagnated ..

Anthony M, Of all the ideas put forth here today, yours might be the best of all. The fact is, Sather isn't going anywhere. You guys remember the years before the lockout? But putting Renney somewhere where his skills could be put to good use makes a lot of sense to me.

Matty, If you didn't hear the boos for Redden, you just were not listening. But don't worry, they will be much louder on Wed. night.

when the home croud boos the players pretend its for the opposition maybe change it to Redden Sucks

I have not invested the time to read the comment string so if I am redundant, I apologize.

I am a Renney fan and have been for all of the years he was receiving criticism. Unfortunately, it is time for him to be fired. The message is lost. The system is malfunctioning. Sather needs to be fired and I have stated that in the past. Its almost as if he is trying to set the Rangers back another 54 years with the Redden signing alone.

Redden to the minors. Gomez, Naslund and Drury need to be moved. I know there is a limited no-trade on Gomez, but my understanding is that it is realy limited. I know Drury has a no-trade clause that is very tight - but offer him a landing spot and then cough him up for nothing. Redden is going to be a Wolfpack member for many years. Naslund is tradeable and Vancuver may take him back as they make their run.

Just get them as far away from NYR as possible. A disgrace is a poor choice of words. But this is only the start. Voros, Prucha, Dawes, Sjostrom, Betts have all played their last seasons for this team. Some have value for a deadline day move that will yield a serviceable player.

We are left with Dubi, Cally, Korpedo, Zherdev and Orr. Bring up the kids can they be any worse. Would any of the ranger nation be so upset to see the kids struggle to succeed as opposed to the vets fail to care enough to succeed.

The defense is the same thing. Redden gets yet another repreive with Mara's injury. He will never sit at this rate. Enough. Girardi, Mara, and Staal. All others need new addresses. Reitz is a servicable 6th guy. could it be any worse with Sanguinetti or Potter. Please let me watch them and not the loafers currently wearing the sweater. any five guys from the stands could have played better 5 on 3 powerplay time and at least would not have given up a goal.

I could rant all day. but even i know when enough is enough.

Hockey buzz has a little blurp on the rangers, saying Avery will be back soon and Dallas might be taking a high priced D-man in exchange for him. I am hoping its Redden.

Eklund also said last week that Prucha and a pick could be headed to Pitt for Whitney.

after the disgrace yesterday i tried watching the captain drivin thing on the NHL network. it was about as much of a joke as yesterdays game was. hopefully some kind of change happens soon. hell why not have AA and Parentneau up giving them a real shot at playing. the #3&4 leading scorers in the Ahl should be able to do something compared to some of these deadbeats

At this point, if Mara is out for a while, it's a perfect time to get Potter or Sags in. Again, they may not be an improvement on what is there (even though they are) but it's a good time to incorporate a youngster in. Also, Paul G said, this gives Renney another reason to play Redden. Staal should be getting 23-25 minutes per night and anchor the PP. WHY NOT? Staal has a booming shot, I like what he brings and he's itching to become a stud two-way defenseman.

I read that article from Eklund and laughed when they talk about Redden like he's having problems settling down. Redden is done, Sather is past his prime, clearly unable to judge players ability anymore without the help of his trusty pal, NHL 04 on XBOX. I would rather have, gulp, Marek Malik or Tom Poti instead.

What are the odds Khalinen is back in the lineup?

>>> Eklund also said last week that Prucha and a pick could be headed to Pitt for Whitney. >>>

I am sorry but that's far-fetched ... why would PIT trade Ryan Whitney for Petr Prucha and a draft pick???? It makes no sense ... Also why would Dallas want Redden now? They tried getting him in the summer but with what he's shown they would be CRAZY to want him in a trade now ...

This team isn't as bad as everybody makes them out to be. Our problem is on the back line. A good offense establishes an attack presence by engaging the defense, especially in the attacking zone. The reason Renney should go is because he fails to understand WHERE the teams problem really is. Playing Redden for big minutes just increases the probability of a big mistake. Playing Kalinin, hoping he would "find his game" was not the issue. His game doesn't fit the NHL very well. If he did, Lindy ruff would never have let he go. Using these guys on the PP; all are the very reasons the team has trouble scoring goals. One D'man that may be weak in his zone (Rozsival) could be acceptable, but 3 are a disaster. So everybody in the organization shares some blame. The defense was flawed from the begining of the season. The team fought thru the shortfalls, but now the albatross is just to big. Everything is falling in under it's own weight.

Fix the defense and a lot of the problems will go away. As I've said many times, this is not a cup team. It is still in a rebuilding phase. There are a few prospects out there that will help. We need to find a replacement for AC. But right now, Renney seems to have lost this team and the next two games will tell the tale.

Bones -- Drury didn't steal my pencil. But he did try to convince me that the point he won in blowing a 4-0 lead to the Caps could make a difference at the end of the season, and said he was not going to let that game ruin his holidays, not to mention all the other nonsense he has spouted all season until finally speaking some truth last night. After all that he said about himself, that's not the best time to start questioning my analysis of his play. At least I don't have to question him in hindsight -- I had him pegged all along. Drury and Gomez are career second line centers who did well in those roles elsewhere. Here, they and we are vicitims of a classic Ranger error, of believing they can be more than they ever were or are capable of being.

As for Zherdev, he did not deserve to be benched after that third Philly goal -- he skated hard on the backcheck and then defended the nearest point, both team plays. Dawes abandoned his point to go after a guy Staal was already covering. Gomez was just skating around aimlessly. If you're so quick to blame Renney for all of this, ask yourself, who was following his intructions, his system, Gomez wandering aimlessly without even attempting to skate, or Zherdev backchecking hard? He benched the wrong guys -- look at Drury on the three goals he was on for, he was simply awful and not even trying on all three, yet he kept going out shift after shift after shift.

I guess we watched different games. I would just wonder which one of us was watching from La-La land. How the heck is Rozsival supposed to go back on defense after being knocked down by Richards while he was trying to drive to the net at the exact moment Drury shot? And whatever shot he may have turned down earlier in the sequence was the problem? Not Drury's shot into a blocked shooting lane with Mara wide open set up for the one-timer? And then drifting to the right away from the play as Richards went up the middle to receive the pass? Looks to me you're looking to blame the guy you hate and absolve the guy you like.

And as for the young guys looking confused -- excuse me? They've been the best players through this ordeal. Korpikoski kept skating on that fourth goal on the backcheck even after Drury quit. Callahan took a monster hit to set up Korpi's goal with the score 5-0. Even Dawes's error on the third goal was one of over-aggression, not confusion -- Gomez was the one who was confused as to what to do. The young guys have just kept working hard through all this, even with less ice time and little power play time compared to the underachieving team leaders.

Paul G,
I understand at times like these it seems attractive to purge the entire team. But how can you include Betts as a guy who has "played his last game as a Ranger?" He is arguably the best penalty killer in the league. He hustles no matter what the score, and forchecks dilligently. He is one of the few guys on this team who is in the right spot. Fourth line center, whose line brings energy, and because of their work ethic and go to the net philosophy, they do much more than give a rest to the slackers playing on the first lines.
There is a reason why the best part of our game is the penalty kill. Actually, there are two reasons, Betts and Freddy.

Kalinin back in...

all feelings aside -if they lose tonight SOMETHING has to be done... too much work to replace a roster so that something will be Renney. Should be redden to the minors which would shake up dru and gomer etc but the coach will pay for his players sins

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