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February 17, 2009


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I did not get to watch the game by the time I had returned home I was made aware of the outcome to make it not worth the time.

However I can throw something into the equation that has not been mentioned with is: HUNGER.

See today I went up to see Tysen Dowzak and his very talented Kelowna Rockets take on an out manned, out gunned and totally inexperienced Portland Winterhawk team. The Rockets have already clinched a playoff spot, the Winterhawks are 10 points out of the last spot with virtually no chance of catching up.

So course Portland won the game 4-3. Why? In my book the answer is easy and could also be used against the Rangers.

The Winterhawks are hungry, they are sick of losing, they are sick of being the butt of jokes and they know that the hard work they put in today could be the difference next season when they look to go from clowns to contenders.

Look at the Rangers, everyone is citing Korpy for his play and I think it is because Korpy knows that right now his job is never safe, that he has to worry if tomorrow he will be the guy scratched like Dawes or Prucha.

So Korpy busts his butt on every shift so he forces Renney to play him.

Drury, Naslund, Gomez, Redden etc do not have that fear of being benched. They have those nice fat contracts where they lack the incentive to perform up to expectations.

Tysen Dowzak got benched for poor play on Jan 17th, in WHL terms he is in a way like the Ranger vets, he has a contract for next season so he knows where he will be next year.

Since the healthy scratch Dowzak has played his best hockey of the season but more importantly his teammates also got the message. Kelowna since that benching is 9-2-1-1.

The question now to ask is has Tom Renney quit on Tom Renney?

Jess Renney is definitely playing head games with his players and his bosses. He is not this dumb. Not sure what point he's trying to get across except maybe proving to Sather the top players are not top players . There has to be more of a story than anyone is reporting. This looks like spite work. Just go by ice times and who is on the PP , and who was on the ice at the end of the game. Renney seems to be giving everyone The Bird. Guess if you can't beat them, join them. I have the bird for most of them.

I have to say Dubi, there's not much better than waking up and reading your articles. Not that the topic of discussion is well, "awesome", but nevertheless, a good read.

let's keep losing, miss the playoffs, stop showing up to games and get this entire organization cleaned out. I don't have time now but I'm willing to say 90% of sathers free agent signings have been disgraceful in the past 5 years. This guy doesn't know anything.

And yes it does seem like either renney is being given orders to play certain guys, either that or he's doing the worst coaching job in the history of our franchise. I refuse to support this team in person I will not benefit a dollar to these mindless idiots running our franchise into the ground.

This is why Renney needs to go. In the last 3 years, his powerplay has gone south. His decisions are poor in that he continues to reward players who are not playing well and not rewarding those that are playing well and, why on earth did he put drury on the point on the pp when it was drury's poor shot selection and lack of hustle gave richards the breakaway goal on Sunday?

Poor decisions and unwilling to discipline his multimillionaires.

This team needs NYLANDER & JAGR offensively. There's no coinsidence the team's pp took a nose dive after Nylander left. Thanks Glen & James! Let's have 41 banner nights next year and auction off more tickets and squeezing more pockets!!!!

well BBMG bringing back NYLANDER & JAGR you would 1 have to trade with the caps, and then resign the guy who would have to clear waivers first, so thats not a good option.

Memo to everyone,
Sather is not going anywhere. He has the job for as long as he wants it. So does Dolan, because he and Daddy own it. So hoping for losses and empty houses won't do anything except get Renny fired. I don't think that is the best idea because I also feel there is a lot going on behind the scenes. But if, as someone mentioned above, Renney is playing these mutts to spite Sather, one of two things will happen. He'll get fired now, or he'll get fired later.

It's just about the time when some heartbroken fans will try to organize a boycott or something equally as impotent. They have our money guys, and if we turn in our tickets there is a waiting list for them.

I'm going tomorrow hoping a turnaround starts then. I doubt it can because even when they try hard they still suck! If somehow they back into the playoffs, the place will be packed and they'll be out in five, everyone will boo, and we'll all show up again next year on opening night.

Between the salary cap, and Sather's inability to exist within it, I have to say this is the most pessimistic I have ever been about the team., and I sarted watching them in the late 50"s.(no old jokes,please!)

Can anyone project any hope for anything?
Desperate in sect. 129

Renney never was a great coach and now he's coaching with desperation. This team just has no flow to their offensive game. Often when they get a chance they just fire it blindly into the goalie(are you listening Brandon?) when they need to look for open net. Many here like Zherdev. I can't stand this player. He'd be one of the first I'd move at the trading deadline. But it all comes down to the inept GENIUS. He brought in Jagr and the Czech national team and it saved his butt. I knew this was only temporary but it made Ranger fans happy, but strangely I was not as happy as I should have been. That's the paradox of being a Ranger fan the last several years. You people who live in NY and attend games need to organize a loud FIRE SATHER chant in every game to put pressure on Dolan. He did fir Isaah and with pressure he'll fire Sather too.


Just curious, why you "can't stand this player"? What part of Zherdev's game is so appalling to you, especially given his age, production, skill level and hastle compared to ANY other NY Rangers currently on the roster? Oh, maybe it's his salary? Why does he deserve to be the "the first.. to move at the trading deadline?"
Please try to at least to be partially fair instead of pulling Renney...

And Dubi, in responding to your previous post to me, just because you didn't like what Drury said to you, you have made a habit here of picking on him, rather unjustly I think. And I don't know what game YOU are watching but Z should be sent to the showers because he's a totally selfish player out there, who plays like he cares more about the highlight reel than the team he plays for. If you need to single out a player then Gomez would be more worthy than Drury, because Gomez tries to do too much out there on offence and goes to sleep on defence. As for that shorthanded goal you answered your own criticism. Why in hell would Rosy be driving to the net when Drury is shooting. It's a 5 on 3, only a moron would drive to the net and leave the other point guy without backup in a situation like that. As for Renney and the young players, you really think they are progressing under him? Really? Dubinsky has regressed big time since the start of the season. Dawes has been shuffled from line to line or benched. That's really good for his confidence. C.mon put the blame where it belongs Dubi---on Renney and THE GENIUS, neither one of whom knows what they are doing, and it shows. Chris Drury is NOT the problem!

I was waiting when somebody like Bones come here and start pointing toward Zerdev.
So now we know what is biggest Rangers problem.

Please. Chris Drury is a monumentally overpaid, underproducing, sad excuse for a captain.

Hey benneyb did you ask Bones how many times Drury missed the net yesterday?


Sather and Renney have their fair share of the blame for the cast they assembled and the constant line juggling.

And Drury is the captain. It's on him to lead and inspire his team mates especially when the going gets tough. I think the last time Drury seemed pumped in my mind (and I forget a lot these days) was when he scored in Prague. Do we hear from folks Drury had a great game? Maybe Dru needs to drop the gloves (heck if Gomer can find someone to fight). Whatever he's doing as a captain, it doesn't seem to be rallying or inspiring the troops.

Now to be fair, he's not alone in underperforming. And when the coaching staff puts an A on Gomez, Naslaund, Redden, it says a lot in that statement. Your leaders need to step up; Only one can't bother to stay with his check and the other one is yawning on the bench (anyone have a pic of that? That's classic). Also, by saying things like teams would be happy to be where we are makes it seem like you’re out of touch when your team is in the middle of sinking.

Drury's the captain and is making the big bucks. All of these things put him in the spotlight. He isn't THE problem, and in my mind, is part of the problem. He (and the other A’s) is/ are the wrong symbol and identity for the team.

Zherdev backchecked hard just to make the highlight reel? I think it says a lot about how you evaluate players if you read my comments as not liking what Drury said -- it's what it reveals about his attitude toward the game, about why he's playing so poorly. And it hardly absolves Drury that Gomez is playing poorly too -- Gomez has taken his share of heat in this space, he was benched once by Renney, and his ice time has been cut by about 15% in recent weeks. Drury has seen his ice time go up even while going goalless and -7 in his last twelve games, -5 in his last six with a 42% face-off rate -- 33% in the defensive zone, 41% in the offensive zone. So yeah, you're right, it's because he stole my pencil and said something I didn't like.

I'm also going to cry uncle and agree with you that the young guys have not progressed under Renney. Staal sucks, Korpikoski can't hit the ocean from an open boat with his shots, Girardi would be nothing without Redden backing him up, and that Callahan, why the heck won't he ever make an effort to skate? You have a habit of picking out one detail that supports your argument while completely ignoring the big picture, like picking out Dubinsky to support your case on the young guys (and I'd even disagree with you there too). That's a waste of time for me, to be frank.

Case in point: Rozsival on that shorthanded goal. You blame him for not getting back to pick up Richards while continuing to completely ignore Drury's multiple errors that led directly to that goal. So I point out to you that he could not have gotten back because he was flattened by Richards (no penalty for interference). So you pick up on a detail that you had no recollection of before I brought it up, that Rozsival was driving to the net -- and now you blame him for that!

Like I said before, go check the replay. With Drury swinging out to his point and Mara on the opposite point, what, was Rozsival supposed to stay out at the blue line to make it three players high? You'd roast him for that if he did that on a five on three. Rozsival was cycling properly on the play, reading off Drury, and even after he was hit, he got up and cycled properly back out to the point (but Richards had taken off by then). Blaming one player because you don't like him and absolving another because you like him is not a credible argument in my book.

I like Z... Yeah, I have seen him do some stupid "young kid" stuff, but I don't get the "Sidney Crosby - I'm untouchable" vibe from him. He needs a coach & a mentor, which I think he's getting here in N.Y. and I'm willing to forgive him because he tries.

My rub against Drury, Gomez and Redden is exactly the opposite. The are supposed to be the mature leaders of this team. LEADERS. Maybe it's my old army mentality, but I don't see these guys doing the little things that build teamwork and win games. They should know now how to build a team. Drury and Gomez both have experiance... they just seem to be missing the work effort. Conditioning, self critizim, humility... Jagr got to the practice rink early and stayed late, either working on his own shot, or helping the young guys out. Have our current vets taken that kind of leadership roll this season?

If I were coach, firt thing I'd do is strip C's & A's... Cally, Mara (when healthy) and Dubi would get them. And I'd keep roatating them till I found some real leaders, some guys that could motivate this team.

Lastly, about the power play...

Granted, I'm older and I wear glasses now, but I could swear that most of the time these guys were on the PP, they were looking anywhere but the net. How are you supposed to know when to shoot, if you aren't even looking at the net! 2-3 times each PP, while they were looking to make the pass, they skated right through an open shooting lane... and never noticed because their eyes were locked on a player to pass too. Talk about a recipe for getting your pocket picked. Pretty much any contact sport is the same... Football, Basketball, Soccer... if you "lock on" your recivers, your going to get picked.

I know there are alot of reasons not to just "shoot the puck" but don't you have to at least look at the net to make a shot? Maybe that is why they miss the net so often, they are working a play and not looking where they are shooting?

Whatever experiment they are trying for, I hope it ends soon... I kinda miss being #1 in the atlantic.

Yea what Dubi said only double

Paul, What I said clearly doesn't have a chance of happening. Neither of those guys should have been let go. 06-07 was their best opportunity to win. When the playoffs are missed or when they are eliminated in the 1st round in 5 games, their window is officially close and will stay shut until dolan, sather, gomez's and redden's contracts are gone. By then Henrik will be in his mid 30's.

Do you remember good "old" days when we argued whether Cullen was overpaid for the 3rd line center?

In my mind this whole mess precipitated from two off-seasons ago when Sather bet that Gomez would be a fine (not just fine - younger and faster) replacement as Jagr's center. That was the beginning of the end...

If we lose tomorrow, there better be a brawl. And I do not mean from Orr or Voros. I have not seen as much as a bad word towards an opposition player from the likes of Drury, Naslund, Redden, Gomez (until a little last night), Rozsival, or Zherdev. These guys are being called everything in the book, their season is going down the tubes, their coach's head is being called for, and we still get nothing from these guys. Heartless all around....gutless head-to-toe. They do not even get angry when they lose. This team actually gets sad. Boo-freakin-hoo. Go run someone over in the corner. I know, I know. Renney's system does not let you go into the corners because you will be on the wrong side of the puck. Pansies....

I would not be all over Renney if he was trying to change things. But he is not. The team is starving for offense and this guy doesn't have the nuts to give his top producer the top minutes he needs because *gasp* he MAY turnover the puck. Puh-leeeese. What does he have to lose? His job is already on the brink. Let Zherdev go nuts. Put Gomez between Sjostrom and Orr for a game. Bench Redden. Play Naslund with Prucha and Korpikoski. Do something...Do ANYTHING! Just look what they have done with Reitz. The kid has been here two weeks and he already stopped the big hits and the fighting. GET RENNEY OUT OF HERE!!

And now everyone seems to be saying this roster was "obviously" and "clearly" flawed. Yea, right. It wasn't so obvious when they were winning. This flawed roster was playing some real good hockey in the beginning of the season. Heck, they even were at a point where they could routinely come back in games they were down. The money structure of this team may have been obviously flawed. But the roster itself can (and has) played good hockey when it wants to. It's like listening to all the people who all of a sudden knew the financial markets were going to tank...but they still took a beating and lost a lot of money. Yea, sure you knew.

Its funny how at the start of the season when I would make a post about how this team is flawed and in serious trouble I would get cursed out or would get the yeah the 0-84!
hows that make you feel


thats actually 0-82

Well said ChrisQCT, the roster isn't as bad as everyone is saying, it's being brutally mis-managed. Absolutely loved the ideas.

Also, you know how we always hear that the Rangers bring players up only when they are dominating Hartford? How dumb is this idea? It's because of crap like this that Sather spends 13+ mill on Rosival, Kalinin and Redden. There are players all over the NHL who many not dominate the minors, but get playing time in the NHL. How much better would it be to see Potter and Sags in the lineup instead of Redden and Kalinin? Also, I know Bones went a little nutty with what he was saying, but he does have a point. The young players haven't progressed at the rate under Renney that I'd hoped. Dawes is a sniper who gets 10-12 minutes a game and no special team time. Callahan is a Verbeek type player who needs to play minutes. Zherdev can't be playing 12-14 min a game, he needs 18+...And Korpo and keep going. Now Korpo and Staal have improved, but with this improvement they should be seeing greater responsibility, and that's what is pissing us off, is that they aren't being given that chance.

No matter what, we can all kill Sather left and right, but I really believe this team can score and play better, just not with Tom Renney. Tortorella would be amazing, kick some butt and lay down the law. This team is too soft, and the coaching staff is softer.

Chris this roster is 2 additions , then 2 subtractions away. But Sather can't add nor subtract , and Renney can't get a PP nor ice times even close to what should be. 2 players a new GM & coach, and they'll be a contender.


I must disagree about your statement that the powerplay is one of the most coachable aspects of hockey. You can implement a system, but it is the players who make it work. Powerplays need quick puck movement from all 5 guys and I don't think you can teach this - players either have it or else they shouldn't be on the PP. Penalty killers are so good these days, especially blocking shots. Just look at the Rangers PK - always in shooting lanes and pressuring the puck. In order to beat them, you need to have quick recognition of the open man and then execute quickly without over-thinking the play. It needs to be a bang-bang play. The Ranger players simply do not do this. Sure, Renney's system isn't great, but it presumably is the same system that Jagr and co. made a top 10 system a couple of years ago.

Furthermore, I see this over-thinking on just about every play. I was at the game in St. Louis last night sitting behind the Rangers goal. (A great viewing spot). You can't help but notice, the Rangers must be THE SLOWEST TRANSITION TEAM in the NHL. Always overstickhandling the puck or taking the extra second to headman the puck -- even when St. Louis was in the middle of a line change. It is not just Redden, Rozi and Kalinin either, but all Ranger D-men.

Finally, the Aaron Voros beatdown may have sparked the Blues as a team, but the arena was not much different before or after that fight. It's a fairly quiet place. You almost get the sense that the fans aren't sure when to cheer. You can get pretty good seats for cheap though, so that's a big plus.

I should clarify my last paragraph. When I say "now everyone seems to be saying this roster was 'obviously' and 'clearly' flawed," I meant in the newspapers and on TV. I know there have been fans all over the place who have hated this roster since the summer. I'm not one of them. But no matter what, there are always NYR fans who do not like the roster.

I believe Renney can get more from this roster because he HAS gotten more from this roster.

Today's LOL trade rumor comes from our favorite source- Eklund.

He talks about very serious discussions between the Lightning and Rangers regarding Vinny Lecavlier-

"but the determining factor would be Marc Staal to start...But Dubinsky, Girardi, and some top picks will be included I am told."

Can't imagine how much farther this team would be set back if we ended up trading Staal, Dubinsky, Girardi and picks for one player and his 7.7 million a year contract. Which we couldn't afford to begin with.

This roster sucks? I don't believe that.

When let out of the box to actually play an uptempo physical forecheck game they go out and win 5-4 and are fast and entertaining.

When they go out in the 'system' they are all, to a man, skating something that goes against everything this team was built to do. The defensive system is killing these guys. They know it too, but they all like Tom so much they can't bring themselves to say something about it. Or Mr. Renny has alot of pictures...

Sather brought in speed and offense,a team supposedly built to move and skate.

Renny preaches defense... '5 in the picture'. It's a total waste of the guys brought in. Even if you accept the fact none of them are stellar 'star' players, they are good enough in the right system as a team to pull it off. Renny uses all that speed to go backwards to their own zone, not forwards to the offensive zone.

Renny has got them skating with their heads up their collective behinds because that's where he is. Whether intentional or not, he has not demonstrated an ability to adapt nor an ability to judge and use talent effectively. He instead 'teaches' every man to play his way, regardless of whether or not it suits the player or their abilities.

I have yet to see Renny look at what's happening and react to it appropriately. I have yet to see him make an intelligent roster move. I have yet to see him do anything except get P.O.'d and make everybody skate for an hour. Three solid months of mediocrity and he makes them skate for a whole hour.

In my mind, he made the team skate for his ineptitude. You don't think they know that? Do you honestly think these guys sit there and think they suck that bad? They know they are better than this. They're tired of being 'taught' and forced to play against their character and nature. It's why the effort is so lackluster... Except when they ditch the system and just go play. Then all of a sudden they have energy and can score.

This team was much more aggressive on the forecheck at the start of the season. They attacked and swarmed. Then they stopped. Then the defense became the big deal. Now they sit back, make a break, run up ice, take a shot and skate like heck back to their end so they can have '5 in the picture'. Great to have 5 in the picture, but I'd rather have 5 on the scoreboard. You're not going to lose many scoring 5, and Henrik is more than good enough to be clutch when he needs to be.

I like Renny as a person. I like Renny as a teaching coach at a lower level or as an assistant.

I do not like Renny in charge of anything. His eye for detail precludes him from seeing the big picture.

If this team were under a coach who was aggressive and tactical like Sutter is in NJ or DeBoer in Florida you'd have a whole different animal.

Size would still be a factor, but all of the forwards now playing, even Colton Orr, have shown the ability to forcheck and keep the puck in the zone for sustained periods of time. In addition, the tactical play of being in position and following a pattern would rub off tremendously in the area of the PP. It's got to be mind blowing to these guys to go from running backwards to PP. No wonder they get all messed up. And playing the same guys over and over and over? That's sheer stupidity. No, I'm not calling Renny stupid, Forest Gump is: Stupid is as Stupid does...

As a side note: There was a time when the management in Rangerland thought winning was important. It's not the case anymore, money is important. Even IF the NYR took a bath because they were losing, they still make their money as the NYR become a right off, allowing them to keep more of the cash from the other business ventures. Nothing will change because of money, and with no passion for a winning franchise we're stuck. One can hope the little rich kid grows a heart, but I won't be holding my breath. I'm sorry, what's that? Dolan just bought my breath? Oh. Welp... I guess I won't be holding his breath then.



I had a feeling all along that Sather would go back to bringing in washed up players like he did before the lockout.Sather will never bring in atop notch coach either,so i guess its going to be another few years of bad hockey.With Dolan the moron as an ownner the only hope of him replacing Sather will be if the cap goes from 56 million this year to lets say 46-48 million next year and Sather is forced to buy out one or two big contracts.Maybe,this will get jimmy the retard to make a change.Money is usually the catalyst.

I heard that MSG is cutting the Rangers in 60 to Rangers in 30.

This team never even had a major injury until Mara. Therefore, the team never received a sneak peak at their youngsters. I think Carp pointed that out. Think about it. Gomez missed 5 games, Kalinen missed 6 games. Thats it. Nobody was called up. Potter made it into 3 games. Redden and Rozi for small things of family issues. Anisimov got the congrats for the allstar game promotion.

Korpedo and Cally have been the best players in the past 8 games. Worked together well. Then they get split up. Voros wouldn't get ice-time in the C-2 bar league game I saw Sunday. Orr is a much better all around player and skater. Nad does not take a penalty except fighting majors. Cannot recall a bad penalty from Orr but Voros is sure to give you three or four in one game.

I hope there is a method to Renney's madness. The finger to management by continuing to play the lazy overpaid vets to show how bad the signing are is great if true. That will get you fired too. So maybe he wants out himself, but wants to be fired or reorganized. I still think he is not the problem.

Maybe they are tanking for a shot at Tavares.

look at MTL. they are imploding but at least rying things.

Kovalev not suiting for a few games, kostisyn going down, etc.

I did not like the schneider trade MTL gave up to much but they are closer to winning the cup then the rangers.

why not call up avery; sit voros, redden, orr or sjustrom.. play dawes add a D man from hartford or trade a piece to get back a vet, etc..

they are just banging there head against the wall..

i has the best post ... agree totally with him. He states: "Renney is definitely playing head games with his players and his bosses. He is not this dumb. Not sure what point he's trying to get across except maybe proving to Sather the top players are not top players . There has to be more of a story than anyone is reporting. This looks like spite work. Just go by ice times and who is on the PP , and who was on the ice at the end of the game. Renney seems to be giving everyone The Bird. "

Dubi-Too depressed to post or even read the last few days' worth of BB, but decided to check in today and am even more depressed. Whether it's head games, incompetence, guys not getting enough minutes, others getting too many, etc, etc, etc it is time for the only thing to happen that has a chance to have any effect on this "team" for the remainder of the season, and that is to replace, on a permanent basis...john amirante. the guy just doesn't bring it anymore. he's not helping the team and doesn't even show up half the time anymore. we need more than that from such an important guy. he's the guy that starts it off game in and out (when he even shows his face anymore). i've friggin' had it. fire john!

Stuart..Good post, and that's what is driving everyone crazy..Is losing 8 of 9 or 9 of 10 and they haven't changed a single thing, while the main culprits continue to get big minutes. I have never been so frustrated at a sports team before this Rangers season...I'm glad everyone keeps coming up with reasons for Renney not doing anything, but I'm going to stick with mine...He's not a good coach, and the only reason they even made it to round 2 the past few years was because of Jagr and Hank. Look at our regular season since the lockout. We have been bad in more than 50% of them and have struggled to make the playoffs multiple times..Year one after the lockout we went into a tailspin down the stretch...We haven't been that good, I think people may miss that. They can look at his track record and say we didnt make the playoffs for 8 years straight then he came in and we made it. Jagr was the reason order was restored, but he also covered ALL the problems that were still there. Simply put, he's not a good coach. And look what he did in Vancouver? The same thing is happening here, he's lost his teams not once, but twice, BIG TIME.


We can't call up avery, dallas has to and he has to go through re entry waivers first. Sitting sjo and orr are not options. A d from hartford will not help this year unless it is a stop gap for the dumped, waived, or traded rozy and redden (or kalinin). Dawes, pru, and voros (the three amigos) are not a solution to anything and should all be traded with a pick or two and a prospect or two (not DZ, I think he will be a good one in a couple of years). We need OUTSIDE the organization help through waivers, trades, and releasing people and that is it. I do agree about needing to trade for a vet or two (the right vet or two) and it is banging the head against the wall. Nice to see some team (MTL) doing something to try and better themselves and shake up things.

I just wondered if any of the Rangers managment or any of the Rangers players subscribe to the Blueshirt Bulletin? And if they do, can they read?

Just out of curiosity here, has anyone heard any legit rumors (is that an oxymoron?) about who the rangers might get or be targeting for a trade (other than avery) and who we would be giving up?

Thanks all!

Joe T: "Sather is not going anywhere. He has the job for as long as he wants it. So does Dolan, because he and Daddy own it. So hoping for losses and empty houses won't do anything except get Renny fired. I don't think that is the best idea because I also feel there is a lot going on behind the scenes. But if, as someone mentioned above, Renney is playing these mutts to spite Sather, one of two things will happen. He'll get fired now, or he'll get fired later."

Sorry but fans begin turning into "empty seats" does make a big difference to the Dolans. Even at MSG where the tickets are all sold out the Dolans have the player salaries covered because it's the gate receipts that pay the players salaries. Don't believe me? Where do you think the increased revenue has come from since the lockout to allow the salary cap to increase? It sure isn't from the TV revenue! Now if there are fewer fans in the building they don't sell nearly as much from the concession stands. Still don't think so? Then why the hell would little Jimmy "Thanks Dad" Dolan care about having just one round in the playoffs? It has to do with more than just the gate receipts.

anyone who says the rangers are doomed till Henrik is in his 30's is a fool.. I mean that. We cannot even predict what will happen tommorrow but you are so smart you can predict 4 years out.

who should I bet on for this years stanley cup and next??

yeah the redden signing is a disaster but the rangers if they choose to have options.. they can make trades, DFA guys etc. It is managements choice what they do...

Well, stleast there is still calgary flames hockey to watch for hard, physical, snarl hockey.

atleast not stleast, I'm going to bed!!!!!

Goodnight all and here's hoping we beat the isles!!!

See what's going on in Montreal?

Gainey sent Sergei Kostitsyn to the AHL and told Alexei Kovalev to sit out the team's games in Washington and Pittsburgh.

Did anyone else see what Bob Gainey did in Montreal? He told Kovalev to go home for a couple days and try and think about how to improve his game. Maybe Renney will take not of that. The only problem is how can you send Gomez, Drury, and Redden home for a couple games.

Paul G

"I heard that MSG is cutting the Rangers in 60 to Rangers in 30."

Yes there will be about 90 seconds of Ranger highlights and the rest will be devoted to excuse making.


With the Knicks being nothing close to winners, can the Dolans in today's economy afford to have another team burning up their money?

At some point even Junior can use the firing of Sather as a way to keep Ranger customers coming back for more.

I predict Kovalev will be heading back to NY in the next week or two. I smell it. Prucha & a pick for Kovy?

"I predict Kovalev will be heading back to NY in the next week or two. I smell it. Prucha & a pick for Kovy?"

Care to explain how that works in the current salary cap situation? You can't because it doesn't. Now, what I'd like to see is Sather see if Montreal is so desperate to make the playoffs that they'd take Gomez of the rangers' hands. Montreal has a boatload of salary coming off at the end of the season, with only one center, Plekanac, under contract. They could afford his salary, and he would fit their uptempo style, especially with the talent they have on the wings. Gomez for Kovalev and one of their UFA D-men - Dandenault or Boullion would work cap wise, and both players could leave at season's end, creating $7.35 million in cap space, and a spot for Anisimov next year.

Hey, Sather should take a page from Gainey! Send Redden to the AHL, then sit out Gomez and or Drury! Get some Sather... Rangers should do the same, this team will not make the playoffs!!

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