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February 22, 2009


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All this nonsense about benching Naslund, Drury, Gomez and sending Redden to Siberia which will do absolutely nothing except demoralize an already demoralized team. Give Renney his usual free pass by placing the blame on guys who have performed in the past but are shells of their former selves. Why? Every army needs a general and General Tom is at sea and has lost this collectivity. A team with some really good players which is directionless, which lacks inspiration. This team needs a new coach, they need a Mark Messier back there who will inspire them to be what they can be, not a timid crew of vets and young guys who are playing scared. But in all honesty the absolute real problem with our Rangers is the lame ass GM we have, an arrogant know nothing who unfortunately earned a reprieve by getting a Jaromir Jagr to prop him and the team up for some good years. Renney may be classy and a nice guy, but Jagr had little fun playing for him, just as these guys aren't having fun. It's SOOO great the Rangers are finally honoring Andy Bathgate, a fabulous hockey player who is one of the greatest Rangers EVER. Man, he could play!!! There are two other guys who deserved to be in the rafters too from the modern era: Brad Park & Jean Ratelle, give them a night too.

The best and most telling Rangers stat.

The Rangers have not beaten an Eastern Conference top 8 team in Regulation/OT since November 12, 2008 at New Jersey.

Since then the Rangers have played 44 games, 16 of those games were against top 8 teams. 3 of those games were shootout wins. 1 was an overtime loss. 2 were shootout losses. 10 were regulation losses.

I never thought Jagr was a good captain for this club, I really didn;t think leetch made a good captain either (they were both amazing players, just not the right personality and on ice demeanor to be the captains). When Dru was named the captain the night after he showed that on ice emotion after the goal against malkin's former team in Europe, I thought we were in good hands. I WAS WRONG!!! I do not think he is a worse captain than jagr, the difference being jagr had shanny and to a lesser degree avery to keep the pot stirred and to deflect the attention. Dru has voros........... Someone needs to fill a void in leadership here (I think mara is missed a bit more than some realize because he was always talking out there) and clearly the coach/coaches are not doing it!!!!

Redden should definitely be benched and the C taken away from lifeless Drury. I can also see Gomez being benched. So many bad signings by Sather. Sather would have been fired if he weren't butt buddies with Dolan. I can see this team in a serious downswing for many years because of the past two years of giving away big bucks to marginal players. I feel sorry for Staal, because the bulk of his career seems to be dark days ahead.

You know, the C is both an honor and a burden. Leetch couldn;t wear it. Jagr could (whether you liked him or not, Wicky, Jagr captained this team--particularly after the lockout). It's obvious Drury can't. I can't explain why.

What is it about the Rangers--and this seems to have been true for several seasons--that they just never seem game ready. This predates Renney. They never seem hungry for the puck, for the next goal, etc...

Let's not forget Hadfield..A tough guy who could score...Z P.S. betcha Prucha sits tonight... Z

Oh man, you had me going for a minute. I was excited to see Redden in a Wolfpack jersey. lol! You guys are all right, Drury is no captain and sit them all.. THIS TEAM WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! I turned the game off as soon as the Sabres scored the first goal. That is what I am going to do for now on, because the Rangers are playing afraid and have no hear. So as soon as the other team scores first, game is off!!!!!

sorry typing error, no heart!

>>> Jagr could (whether you liked him or not, Wicky, Jagr captained this team--particularly after the lockout). >>>


100% agree ... Jagr continues to not get any credit for the leader he was ... He might not have been a Captain like Messier was BUT he led our team ... when the team was playing poorly he took them on HIS shoulders and carried this team ... he took it upon himself to score goals, get points and help us WIN games ... He not only said that in order for us to win HE had to be better but actually DELIVERED which is something Drury, as much as I had always liked him before the bitter disappointment he's been this season, has failed to do time and time again despite the fact that he continues to talk and talk and talk ...

Jagr was a better captain, because no matter how many people were annoyed by what happened with him in past teams and him being honest about how the early part of the regular season he wasn't trying as hard as he did in the latter parts he did what he said he was going to do ...

Renney gets no sympathy from me because he should've dealt with these vets the way he's been dealing with the young players so when the vets lead to his demise it'll be his own fault ... Sather is even more responsible because he should've never signed Redden if he planned to sign Roszival again, in fact without any clear top tier offensive stars on our team he should've re-signed Jagr for the 2-3 yrs he wanted instead of wasting that money on Redden ... that way Dubinsky would've continued to develop, heck who knows how many more points Z would have ...

But the ultimate culprit here is James Dolan ... who doesn't demand excellence from Glen Sather, he could care less what is going on with our team ... where owners in Detroit and Washington are demanding excellence through drafts and off season acquisitions and the re-signing of their top talents so that a consistent Stanley Cup contender is fielded on the ice season after season(now just happening in WAS) Dolan doesn't care as long as MSG seats are filled ... Dolan will not fire Sather and Sather will never put his pride 2nd over what's best for the team ...

Matty, The only way Dolan cares is if it hits him in his wallet. It's up to us the fans to voice our displeasure and to show our displeasure by not showing up. Until then, nothing will change. Why should Dolan change a thing when the Garden sells out night after night.

Dubi - Any way to email this to Renney? Why do we get it and an NHL coach doesn't?

Montreal benches Kovalev and he comes back and scores 1G and 2 A. It works Tom. Try it.

Congrats to Andy and Harry. Before my time but very deserving.

At least tonight I get the Toronto feed so I get a glorious HD signal on my 70" Sony, not that crappy business I had last night!!! Now if only the Rangers decide to show up! That would be great!!!


Oh, and Voros is one of the worst fighters I have EVER seen.

Voros should be sent to the minors to work on a number of aspects of his game, including fighting. Why Prucha out of all people continues to be scratched is beyond me. Too many men on the ice. . . At least we can penalty kill with the best of them.

Sather should put Renney out of his misery.

Great. Two offensive zone penalties and too many men on the ice. Way to battle and take it to them.

And then Sather should be a MAN & quit.

does this game seem overly long to anyone else?

does this game count ;-)

I don't know i but you'd never know it the way the Rangers are playing!!!

this new season they seems very much like the old one

Thats what happens when you have a young player like Staal play with Rozsival! He is picking up all his bad habits and looking like a pylon on that goal!

Let's see if Drury gets held accountable for that fine defensive play. Shame, Gomez gave the team some life for about two minutes.

2 minutes, more like 20 seconds

We get the goal back fast, and then Drury decides to look like a rookie on that steal attempt which leads to an easy goal and gives Toronto the lead again! This team sucks, nuff said!!!

Redden is like a cancer on this team, and it looks like its getting to be terminal!!!

Wow, too many men call on Rangers, heads are up there asses! Game is off, going to bed.. Again they will not make the playoffs!

Can't believe that they got the tying goal, but lets see if they have what it takes to win this...

I guess they were satisfied with the point!!!

That was Renney's last game.

they retired the jersey's of both Bathgate and howell can they now get rid of renney bring in a coach that for the last 20 games can get something out of them.

Maybe Sather can continue and do nothing? Avery does a whole lot of good in Hartford...And Renney has continued his free fall as coach of this team. The funny thing is, we are at a point where no one can say "it's not Renney's fault" anymore. Your job as coach is to get the most out of your players. The team hasn't responded to him in over a month straight, is collapsing during the stretch run, and most players are having their worst career seasons this year. Whenever ANY other franchise in another sport would go through what the Rangers have this year, their coach would've been fired by now. Even if it wasn't Renney's fault at all, you can't fire the players, so the coach has to bite the bullet to shake things up. It's like Dubinsky said a day or so ago, everyone is friends, and people are intimidated to say things to each other. There is clearly a sense of comfort which there should NEVER be while you are working at your job. There may be holes on this roster, but they aren't this bad, and the worst thing that would happen by firing Renney now is they don't respond, which will reflect completely on Sather and miss the playoffs. This team has been stuck in neutral for too long now,Sather has waited and waited, and they are now 1 point from 9th. If we wait any longer for Avery or a coaching change, the season will be gone. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!


Renney is gone after this game. I like him, appreciate the effort, and dont think its all his fault.

That being said, his system is awful. His players are having the worst years of their careers. Zherdevs creativity is gone. Henrik is about to snap. Prucha is being scratched every day.. Voros plays too much, Redden gets too much ice time.

Ignore the bad contracts. A coach has one job, get the most out of the players you are provided with. Renney is failing in that aspect big time.

I didn't watch lst night and the only reason I watched tonight was for Bathgate and Howell's number retirements.

I'm tired. I'm tired of watching the "too many men on the ice" penalties mount. Two in one game no less and nine on the season if Joe's stats are correct. I'm tired of watching Wade "the turnover waiting to happen" Redden. I'm tired of the incompetent and inconsistent officiating. I'm tired of seeing players who work hard being scratched for players who bring absolutely nothing. Yes that would be you Mr. Voros. Some fight you had there to night. I'm tired of watching former Ranger players who were traded away for nothing in return playing well for the opposition. Can you say Dominic Moore for Adam Hall? Sure, sure you can. Finally I'm tired of watching "Teflon" Tom Renney show absolutely zero emotion on the bench. Did you see that replay that they showed of the bench (multiple times no less) when the Rangers scored the tieing goal? The bench just exploded, but no emotion from our soon to be former head coach. I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Maybe MSG will fire Tom Renney and Glenn Sather. I can dream can't I?

Tick Tock Tick Tock

really this team is so flawed it is crazy.

2 to many men on the ice. voros with his daily offensive zone penalty. the betts neutral zone penalty.

redden has 2 GOALS after 55 games!!!Say what you want about Roszival he has 8..

Prucha sits, voros plays, redden plays a lot. dubi does everything but cannot score...WOW...

they have 9 too many men penalties, WHY?

Drury with the gamble on the 2nd goal why??

Booing the present rangers during the pregame ceremony is classless..

Gomez has picked it up a little...for the millionth time when you cannot score every mistake is magnified...

again why is Orr in the lineup?????

when/if Renney gets fired it will be earned ... Sather should go too but Renney's on-ice decisions as far as game plan, ice time distribution, and players well ... ALL on him

Renney isn't going anywhere. What will firing him do? I'd be shocked if he was let go before the season ended in all seriousness. Expect the rangers to be buyers at the deadline next week, even tho none of the fans really want that at this point.

We all know Redden sucks big time but Staal and Girardi havn't been playing to well lately either. This team has no heart except for a couple of younger players... Maybe Avery, if we get him, will force some accountability on some of these players unless they castrate Avery before he gets here...Shame the place was so empty for 2 great Ranger number retirements...Z

My problem with Drury's play right before the second Toronto goal wasn't the steal attempt, but he way he coasted back into the defensive zone rather than hustling back.

I know some people advocate bringing Messier on as coach. Ummm, the man has no coaching experience, and although he was a great captain for us in his first stint here, he was a shadow of that "leader" in Vancouver and in his second NYC stint.

I would much prefer to see Graves coach....


MESSIER is the man!!! No experience? There is a wealth of experience there. He was born to coach.

I just wondering, does MESSIER coach any team?

We see players from different eras march to center ice at MSG and proclaim that it is the best place to play hockey. I still wonder how and why this team has been mismanaged so badly during pretty much the last 40 years, if not more. The current Rangers are a hair away from being a laughing stock of the Easter Conference, if not the entire NHL (presuming that they are not already). The best start in team history may end up being followed by one of the worst finishes. Despicable.

Ted-This really goes out to you and everyone else who keeps saying what will firing Renney do. I'll tell you what it will do, it will change what's gone on here for the past 3 months. Coaching changes happen everywhere but here. Coaches are fired for much less than Renney has, yet it's like we owe him something. We owe him nothing, the guy hasn't won anything with the Rangers and if we never had Jagr, Renney would've been coaching non-playoff teams. The Rangers are a defensive team, that's it. If it were up to Renney, he'd play 1-0 games each game. We only play offense when we are losing in the 3rd period, otherwise these guys are on a tight leash. Look what happened in Chicago when Savard was fired prematurely this year, they started winning. If Renney was canned, things wouldn't continue as they are, because no other coach would try playing a trap system with this bunch of players. This team needs to be a forechecking team willing to give up the odd man rush because we have Hank in net.

All in all, when teams fall apart like the Rangers have, it starts with firing the coach. People say its not his fault, of course it's his fault. Just look at his awful game management, lack of fire, ice time given to Redden\Drury\Naslund while Staal, Callahan, Dawes, Korpo, continue to be our best offensive players. Blame Sather all you want, this free fall is Renney's fault. Accountability is the word of the day, and Renney has none of it. A simple coaching change for someone holds his players accountable will change the dynamic of this Ranger team.

Also, anyone see Sathers quick blurbs in the post today? "we are tied with the cap"...No thanks to you Glen. When you throw money around to mediocre players, of course your hands are tied. But make a move already instead of watching things collapse in front of you. Do your damn job, which seems so hard for our coach and GM.

@Adam S.

Everyone always remembers the coaching changes that work, so they will cite Chicago from this year or Washington with Brodreau. However, I would guess that most coaching changes do not work, except for a very short term (I have no systematic evidence of this, just a hunch). Look no further than the Ottawa Senators over the past couple of years. How many coaches have they had, 3? Pittsburgh's firing of Theiren doesn't seemed to have sparked them if yesterday's rout by Washington is any indication of the future. As for the Rangers this season, I'm indifferent on a coaching change at this point. Renney probably should be fired since the team seems to have tuned him out. However, I don't think any other coach will be able to pull off the miracle it will take to turn this team around.

ntb-Understand your point, but I believe each situation is different. To me, the problem with the Rangers is accountability..Every player is comfortable in their spot on the team. I truly feel a coach who would put these players in place, bench Redden, take C away from Drury will do far more than we think. The team they have can compete with anyone in the East, but the style they play, along with lack of accountability is their downfall. A simple change in philosophy by becoming more of an offensive team willing to take chances, along with players being benched who deserve it will lead to more W's and at least a chance when the playoffs start. With Renney, there is no chance, we know what we are, a team that pulls positives out of each game they lose.

I'm having de ja vu... again...

As I said before:

No fire, no passion, no PP, unable to use talent effectively, can't adapt to adversity. etc. etc. etc. Everybody can see it. 1/2 of us have written about it. It's not just me.

A good coach? Lindy Ruff. Turned the game around. Communicated with his players. Had (has) a number of systems already in place that the players are familiar with and can switch to at any time on a team that has a new line up every other week due to injury. That's a real system folks. That's real coaching. Giving your players the chance to win on any given night in any situation. Calling the right shots, the right formations and making sure the players know how to execute them.

Renny has had the same guys with the exception of Rietz, and minimal injuries and can't have them on the same page unless there's a full moon. He's STILL trying to find line combinations for crying out loud. I don't care how many times you take it apart and put it together, it still isn't going to fly with the likes of Redden, Rosi playing schizo and half a team that doesn't try on any given night.

Renny has tried everything he can think of to keep his 'stars' on the ice for their minutes and win somehow. He refuses to let somebody else play, for whatever reason, even though he has guys that are underutilized and have proven they are effective. That's mismanagement, straight up and simple. He has clearly, beyond a shadow of a doubt demonstrated an inability to adapt. They haven't even come up with an effective breakout too the forecheck attack Ruff used on them in beginning of the season. You'd think they would have solved that by now, yet here we are 2/3 through and Ruff can call it up and totally baffle the Rangers. That's almost as sad as 3 years without a power play.

Like it or not, it's on the coach.

And I for one am tired of it. If it's broke, and you can't fix it... You can't call yourself a mechanic... or a coach. It's just time for a change, nice guy or no.


Andrew Gross reports that Renney and Pearn are out (http://njmg.typepad.com/rangersblog/)

FINALLY!!! Please god say it's true that Renney and Pearn are out....I'm looking for confirmation, but this is the first good step in the right direction if true...

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