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February 19, 2009


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I'm completely lost...How can Renney make a statement like the above and then continue benching Prucha almost every game? It's almost laughable to listen to Renney say something like that and then come back and bench the guy for an absolute useless hockey player like Aaron Voros. If he's a great example and guys feed off his energy, why in gods name is he scratched every game? I really wonder if Renney has a clue..

Just a couple of observations.

The Dawes goal is a perfect example of why he needs to be in the line-up every night and get more ice time. He received and released his shot all in one motion to the top corner. A real sniper goal. Should be on the PP.

I know Korpikoski was out of the line-up (health issue) and Prucha/Voros took that spot, but with a healthy Korpo, Prucha needs to be in the line-up as a regular. It is hard to imagine how Renney can say the things he said about Petr and then scratch him as ofter as he does.

Finally, two sides of the same sword. When we go into a third period tied or ahead by a goal, we usually play a sound game. We may get that tying goal or hold the other team without a goal, but we play well under the pressure. That's a good sign for a playoff team. Playing under pressure, every goal is a big goal and that IS PLAYOFF HOCKEY. That should be an advantage for us. The other side of the sword is the bad side. We get a PP in the third period and can't convert. We are not able to stick the fork in them, no killer instinct. And that's bad for a playoff team. Got to get the PP to work. It looked better last night, but looks are not goals. I don't care if we get "Mr. Muffin goals" or great one-times into open nets or after 3 great passes...just produce on the PP.

Rangerbill94 - Your post confused me. In it you said, "when we go into a third period tied or ahead by a goal, we usually play a sound game. We may get that tying goal..." What tying goal are we getting or do we need if we're already "tied or ahead by a goal"??

Ah, so this is the turn-around game. I thought it was the Caps game. Or was it the Pens game? Or was it the Canes game? Or was it the Ducks game? Give me a break.

I know it sucks to have a job where everyday something negative happens, or where the atmosphere is generally negative and the need to be positive about anything is so essential to people that we'd do anything to see something in a better light just to feel good about that particular day. But, Dubi, we watched that game. As boring as they come, against a horrible team with a 4th string goalie.

lets not kid ourselves here. i know you're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth but, there are 28 other teams in the league that would have beat the rangers last night for the chances they gave up. there are 28 other goalies who would have stopped gomez's shot. i don't mean to be negative but a win is a win and the effort is something to build off of. prucha needs to to stay in the line up nightly.

Like to see Prucha with Gomer on the first line and a little PP time. Consider this... Prucha/Korpi/Avery/...who sits??? Voros is the first choice but who else sits??? Z

Still not impressed ... it was nip and tuck until the open net goal ... they very easily could have lost the game ... an unbelievable soft goal allowed them to win ..

To me the game was a little sleepy especially for an Islander Ranger game ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We will see what happens in Buffalo ...

If not for two posts in the 1st frame, the Islanders would have been destroyed.

As long as we're speculating and talking hypotheticals, we might as well include that fact.

Cutler - and you can count the crossbar the Isles hit as well in that case.

Denver Frank

Sorry, I was thinking about the case where we were down by a goal, but didn't write it. I should have said "down by a goal or tied". My point is that we usually play a pretty good third period. My thought came from a comment by Al when he said "Well, lets see if we can hold on and get a win". The real response should be "Well, lets get that third goal and shut the door". Renney has them playing a very tight game in the third and that's good. The fact that the team seems comfortable in a tight, one goal game is also good. But at some point you should be thinking about finishing your opponent off.

Ugh, A win is a win. This team needed confidence. They came out against a crappy team gave 100% effort and had a few breakdowns. Their confidence should be back.

It doesn't matter that most goalies in the AHL could have stopped Mr. Muffin's goal, the puck still went into the net. Everything about that play is what can make the powerplay successful. Get to the middle of the ice and pull the trigger. Their powerplay shoots itself in the foot too much because of wide angle shots on the rush which just go out of the zone and they have to regroup and go back in.

And to be completely honest I thought Voros gave a great effort last night and actually got involved. He has no skill set whatsoever but he played as hard as he could last night which is what he needed to do. I don't endorse him to stay in the lineup but I was happy with his effort.

I am a little mad at the MSG broadcast because I wasn't able to see who left their assignment let Streit walk in like that to score thier goal, but I got over with a couple more beers. They just need to keep the confidence up and use this as a jumping point.

You can tell that they are really feeling the pressure. The whole building felt like the nervous energy you get in a playoff game.
I thought they all worked real hard all night, and Danis stood on his head early or it would have been over after two.
Can't believe I'm going to say this, but Redden had a good solid game last night.Unlike Rosival, he knows where he is going to go with the puck before he gets it. Poor #3 gets so nervous with the puck on his stick he rarely gets it out of the zone smoothly. It's probably the same reason he hesitates so much at the point on the power play.
The Garden was really weird last night. There seemed to be a lot more drunks, and not as many Islander fans as usual.
Take the two points and hope like crazy they can manage to put a couple of wins together.

Hands down the best part of the game was Prucha's fight I even had my wife yelling kick his ass pruchs. if renney scratches him for the "new" season he deserves to be fired he plays with all heart where as the rest of the team plays because they get an enormous check to do so.

Read these interesting words from Guy Lafleur on the situation up north with kovy: very telling and applicable to the state of the rangers.


Joe T - you're right about Rozival; watching him decide what to do with the puck behind his net is kinda like watching Tom Watson standing over a three foot putt circa 1991...it's excruciating.

On the Isle's first goal, Mark Streit made the exact type of pass we need more of to get us out of our our zone: quick, decisive, confident and simple. Guess he must be the "2nd best first passer in hockey"...

How good would Streit look on our blue line? But I'll tell you who makes great passes almost all the time, Zherdev. The guy can never be compared to Kovalev because he really is unselfish. So much so that early in the season the coaches had to get after him about shooting more. Now when he shoots people are getting after him. I think he's a really good kid who just tries to do what he's told.
He sees the ice as good as anyone on our team, and I hope that Callahan, Dubinsky,Staal, and Z stick around long enough to become a core group that we can build on for the future.

I like the new color scheme.


Dude...it's Cutter.

the color scheme changed?

kwill - all of them. 5 guys were watching at the puck, not their men. prucha was the RW on that shift.

>>> the color scheme changed? >>>

So you're not the attentive stuff? Good, neither am I lol I was going "Yeah, it changed?" lol


hasn't this site had the white background for the whole season?

It's pretty funny how when the Rangers lose there's about 2-3 pages of posts and when they win there is barely a page.

I didn't get to watch the game but if Renney is making all those comments on Prucha then why isn't he in there every game? Doesn't make sense really.

Pretty funny when the Rangers lose there are about 2-3 pages of comments but when they win there is barely one.

I didn't get to watch the game but if Renney is saying all these good things about Prucha then why isn't he in there all the time? Just doesn't make sense.

Rangerbill: Of course I agree with your Dawes' goal assessment; He did play more on the power play and made several excellent quick passes back to the point that were muffed. I spoke with Larry Brooks briefly at the game and got him to admit that Dawes has "ability," but I agree as you said that he's under-, not over-, utilized by the Rangers. Name me another Ranger who had a 6-point game followed by two 4 pt. games in a week in the last decade. Dawes did it in Hartford a year ago and I believe with regular PP time he'll have multiple point games for the Blueshirts! Henrik ranks Nigel's shot in the top 3 on the team.as well.

Andrew Gross reported on his blog that Korpikoski has a right shooulder injury that's labeled as "upper-body." I did not think reporters were supposed to print that stuff (he actually deleted my comment to him asking that very question).

This should be an interesting weekend for the NYR. Buffalo and Toronto have struggled a bit lately, with BUF winning only 2 of their last 5 and TOR winning only 1 in their last 5. The Buffalo game should be good since they're competing with the NYR for that last spot and can leap-frog them with a win. They also always seem to give the NYR fits. But at least Vanek is out of the lineup.

As for our lineup, Voros should be sitting (especially against Buffalo). Prucha has to play after his effort in the Isles game. Everyone is talking about his fight. But the assist he got was so critical since I'm not sure how the NYR would have looked had they not scored the first goal.

>>>Pretty funny when the Rangers lose there are about 2-3 pages of comments but when they win there is barely one.<<<

It's kind of hard to get excited about just managing to beat the worst team in the NHL.

This was a good game. Had it played against anyone but the Islanders...

Prucha-Drury-Dawes is a line that should stay together till the end. They show something together that doesn't show alot when there apart. It's a good mix up, especially when Renny can line match. A nice curve to throw at opposing teams. Makes the team a tad schizo, but that to me is a good thing.

Hopefully Mara comes back sooner rather than later...

Gomez actually played well. Can he do it every game here on out? Why hasn't he been doing it throughout? Time to leave the roll of slacker behind...

If Renny makes it past the trade deadline, will he stay the rest of the season? I'd venture a yes, even if it's in vein hope that just because I said it...

Redden needs to be far better than 'OK', no matter what pronoun he uses to describe himself.


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