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January 26, 2009


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>>> But he was a rookie then, and he wasn't the only one to tail off after the Winter Games. >>>

Not only that but he was injured ... not from the Winter Games but shortly thereafter he injured himself and never fully recovered that season

I wish to be optimistic and hope that Renney's overly loyal position on all his veteran players pay off but then again I just can't feel confident at all ... I wish they get it together but being that they have failed to do that this season with any sort of consistency I'm skeptical

I know it's shootout inflated, but these guys despite their up and down play have a shot at 50 wins. 22-10-2 would hit 50 right on the nose. Talent wise they may be the weakest post lockout team but may be the best record wise. I hope that trend continues in the playoffs perhaps.

Steven Stamkos being shopped around by the Lightning already?

Post article by Larry Brooks

Talking about Larry Brooks,

he made me laugh out loud when he ended his All-Star Game recap article with "Petr Prucha was a healthy scratch"

HAHAHAHA! Veiled shot at Renney's ridiculous season long habit of scratching Prucha over less talented(and hard-working) players? I think so ... It's not about Prucha being the answer to all our woes, it's about whether it's deserved and the last game? Neither Prucha or Korpedo deserved it ... but we will see ... Team practices at 3:00 PM today

Hey Dubi - Fantastic post. Makes me glad I subscribe. Keep up the great work.

Oughta see what Tampa wants for the kid..Maybe he's just overwhelmed at being in the NHL...He's what 18?20?... He went # 1 for a reason...Z

Tampa would be stupid to give up on Stamkos so early. He has all the tools but like a lot of other young players, he needs to get more games under his belt and get stronger physically. Lecavlier is a perfect example of a rookie who frustrated everyone but blossomed a few years later on...

Dubi- I just watched the 2nd period to watch hank and could not believe how they didn't even MENTION HIS NAME on the save against kane, and they replayed it that i saw twice more and still no mention. are we just paranoid or is there a concerted effort not to give us (the team) any credit at all?

another instance on that stellar channel bs - i mean vs before the break had them talking about the number one team in the division and one of those idiots responding the devils when we were still in first.

i hate emrick and his weasely voice and his smarminess, i despise that horrible guy with the even worse hair more than any other announcers covering the game today, anywhere. and that was even before yesterday. who annointed that weasel the best in the game?

see ya tomorrow. start of a huge week for us!

Well, I always thought Emrick was massively overrated as a play by play guy, and he was obviously not tasked with making a detailed call of this game, but he did take note of Kane's scoring woes and reiterated them when Hank stopped him, but all he said was, "How did Kane miss that one?" and then proceeded to ignore the two replays that showed Hank making a fantastic save.

Obviously the director noticed the save because he replayed it twice, and there are spotters who whisper in the announcers' ears to help them get calls right, so you gotta believe that Emrick just didn't want to stop talking about whatever he was talking about to single out Hank -- just as he didn't do so the day before during the skills comp. Was it just him, or was the word out to trump up Thomas and ignore the Ranger?

from Sam W..."It appears the lines for tomorrow will be the same as last Tuesday’s win over Anaheim, meaning Petr Prucha and Lauri Korpikoski would again be scratches."

Dubi-to me that's the ultimate question, whether other teams and/or players are hyped to the rangers' detriment, or is it we're from ny and everyone's jealous and we don't need any more hype from the media because the rangers are so acutely covered by the MSM in nyc (excuse me because i'm choking as i write).

We appear on national tv as the fodder for the poster girl of the nhl and unfortunately we act like it. that game on nbc was i still maintain a very key game that could have sent many messages but we went out and played like we didn't give a damn or just didn't get the memo of how important that game would have been. hence, we don't get taken very seriously by the hockey media up north as legitimate.

if that last post is true about those two worthless humps playing again, i just don't know what to say anymore about the management of this team. it's just really sad and pathetic.


Sam just reposted and said that he made a mistake that Voros and Fristche were the last off the ice and will not play tomorrow ... Prucha and the Korpedo are back in for the Carolina game ...

Dubi & Alan,

I have to agree that the announcers made a concerted effort to hype Tim Thomas ... But on the TSN broadcast, which once again the NHL Network chose to use it's highlights from(heck they even used the radio feed to describe the on-ice play instead of the Versus one), and they showed Henrik's save they mentioned how great it was ... in fact on ESPN Sportscenter, when they showed highlights of the game they made note of Henrik's great save on Kane ...

I have little complaints about how the NHL Network promoted Henrik because they did have interviews with him before and after the Skills and even talked about him and then highlighted his save on Kane last night ... So it must be a Versus thing ... or an Emmerick thing? Who knows ...

Although if the NHL wants Tim Thomas to be their "It" goalie after Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo(who I cannot stand) then they better not do interviews with the man ... he is asked a question and then he pauses for the longest moment as if he has no clue how to answer and then starts talking ... not saying he isn't a great person because he was smiling a lot and such and sometimes says funny things but he is not a very good interview unless you like long pauses and him staring out into nothing ...

Matty Gross is saying Voros is in Prucha is out. Guess Renney has everyone guessing including himself ;-)

Maybe the Rangers need a sense of panic in order to play with some heart and desire. Right now it appears that making the playoffs would not be too hard given the gap between the bottom of the east and the Rangers.

If I was the Rangers I would not feel too safe as all it would take is a 3 game losing streak and next thing you know they would be fighting for the 8th seed.

I trash Brooks myself but his line on Prucha was well said.

Wish the Rangers had the courage to say "we screwed up" and try to waive DK and Voros as right now they have no cap space nor will someone help them out unless they get a Sanguinetti, AA or Dubinsky.

I see the Rangers as a 7 seed facing the Caps in the first round and getting embarrassed

anyone have any idea why sangs is not in the lineup in the ahl all-star game??

in his first shift anisimov made a sick pass to hit a Dman coming into the play while he was surrounded by two or three players. very nhl-like! great hands.


Just rec'd the Jan. issue via dogsled. It rocks, not quite as cool as the -12 degree temp, but close. Thanks!!!!

Be happy with the -12 Wicky! I'm here in Winnipeg and its -18! And its warmer than last week!!!


I thought it felt balmy today, definitely short sleeve weather!


Or 6th seed and facing Philly or NJ. Now the difference here is that Rangers would have a better odds to win that round, however it would be more bitter to lose it to either rival...

So both fo you saying rangers cant end in top 3?

The thing that really concerns me this upcoming playoff season versus the past seasons is the fact that so many of the likely playoff teams this season seem more physical. Philly, the devs, boston, and washington all play a physical game and unless we get grittier and bigger by the deadline, we may have some bad playoff matchups in our future.


I don't know about wanting to face the Debbies with a well rested Marty in goal. The Flyers on the other hand I think the Rangers could take since I would take Henrik over any goalie the Flyers used.


If the Rangers keep playing 500 or less hockey then the answer is no I do not think they will win the division and earn a top 3 seed.

The Rangers do not play with a sense of urgency which playoff bound teams need. Look at the Debbies and how they played AFTER Marty got hurt as everyone expected them to fold up shop.

Playoff teams are hungry teams, sorry the Rangers are not hungry.

Hey all...Big second half starts tonight. Sounds like Prucha and Korp will be back, thank god. I started twitching when I read Voros would be back in the lineup. Instead of breaking anything down, it's as simple as this. Would you rather have a younger, non stop hard working player who provides a spark to the team but is short, or would you rather have a tall guy who plays soft and takes mindless offensive zone penalties. It's that simple.

I want to see more from our guys starting tonight...Let's get on another streak, get some points and ensure we make the playoffs. It doesn't matter if we get home ice or not, we are not that much better or worse than anyone in the East. We have just as good a chance as anyone. Keep going on the PP, get shots to the net and lot of movement. It starts tonight!!!!

Most of you may not agree with this, but after reading Sam's article this morning, I really feel like adding a vet with some fire that hasn't won a cup yet might do this team some motivational good. I certainly do not want to mortgage our future to get one, but prucha, voros, kalinin, fritsche, and others are clearly not part of the future, so maybe it is something slats should be working on. Sad note, just found out two of the dogs in the sled team that delivered the jan. issue were flyers fans and had to be put down!

Fritsche put on waivers.

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