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January 29, 2009


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As bad as Henrik was in the 3rd, this game was lost in the second period.
No one on this team can put the puck in the net. They had like 18 shots and 3 power plays. A good team would have had a
3-1 or 4-1 lead heading into the 3rd period. Seems like it's the same story every game.

why does that columbus article indicate that zherdev is going to be hard to sign? i'm thinking he'll be locked up to an extension this year but there will be at least one trade or buyout during the offseason.

The powerplay, Oh, what I would give for a good powerplay!

I hope somebody in Atlanta isn't watching...How 'bout Fritsche, Kalinin and a 4th round pick for Exelby. Still not a solution to our PP woes, but adding a bit of toughness can't hurt.

RB - I'd settle for a mediocre PP, the Rangers PP is down right putrid.

Sorry Dubi, I don't care how well they pass the puck around when up a man (or two), the idea is to put that puck in the net and they just can't seem to make that happen.

A while back I started seeing the Ranger D coming out and taking the skater, most notably Mara and Stall. Rosey and Girardi started to pick up on it, And then Kalinin and Redden for a game or two. Lately though it seems the D are backing off rushing skaters again, allowing them space and time to take the shot while at the same time screening Henrik.

Redden did it in the Carolina game leading to the 2nd goal. He was doing it last night. He's been doing it all season, and it costs the team goals, momentum and wins. Unless he is paired with a stay at home cement block who can hit, he will continue to play on an island. Even then, I dare say he's so nonchalant it wouldn't matter. They should give Orr a big needle, and everytime Redden starts acting like he doesn't care Colton should stick him with it.

Kalinin must be on drugs. In the same game he can go from competent to goat in seconds. I've seen him play solid games, both for Buffalo and for NYR (although far fewer for NYR...) It's like he's normal and then he's high. Some games I honestly wonder aloud just what the heck he's doing... Does he really know he's in a hockey game? I do wonder if his signing was strictly to give Z a buddy, and I sincerely hope he floats away or is traded at the deadline. Heck, at this point I'd just waive him. I'd so much like to see any number of AHL guys come up now.

This team still doesn't have any chemistry. It still doesn't have a power play. It still doesn't have a consistent hold the line D man. It still doesn't have any consistent physicality. It still doesn't have a coach who can prepare/invigorate/motivate the team. (But he does notice when his donuts go by...) It's past half way and while most teams are dealing with these issues due to injury, we're still dealing with them due to incompetence. Someone needs to give every one in management a flashlight. They need to stick them in their rectums and follow the light... Maybe then they'll finally be able to get their heads out of their a**es.

When the Rangers can do what the Penguins did last night, they'll be ready for a serious playoff run. Until then they're just skating around pretending their record actually means something, at least while they have it.



The only way I see the Rangers failing to sign Zherdev is if Sather plays hardball with him (which is almost a given knowing Sather).

Zherdev really does not want to play in the KHL and actually according to my sources thinks of NYC as home now.


Got a laugh when I went to the BJ blog and saw those fans calling Sister Christian a waste of salary and uniform. I know their pain LOL

Hitchcock has started scratching Backman and playing O.K. Tollifson instead. As for why the BlueJackets blog thinks the Rangers will have a hard time re-signing Zherdev, he probably just looked at this:


That's a whole lot of green and red.

Just saw on Yahoo sports that Fritsche was traded to MINN for Erik Reitz - anyone know anything about this guy? At least he's cheaper at 500k than Fritsche.

From the AP article on the trade:

The 26-year-old Reitz had two points and 41 penalty minutes in 31 games with the Wild this season. He hasn’t played since Jan. 8.

I guess they got what they could. I'd have rather seen him go to Hartford.

Kalinin and Redden continue to undermine this "defensive system" of Renney's. There is a clear disconntect between Sather and Renney. Renney wants responsible defenseman yet we continue to see the likes of poti, rachunek, backman and now these 2 idiots. the only thing offensive about these guys is that play and that it's our money (through tickets) paying these jerks. Next time you watch a game count how many times Redden and Kalinin have a chance to hit someone in the corner or in front of the net and instead wave their stick or push them. Compare those numbers to Staal and Girardi who take the body consistently. It's unreal both of these idiots have jobs in the NHL. Just once this year I'd like to sit above where the players and coaches walk out and scream the whole time for Staal to play on the PP and for Kalinin and Redden to get Kasperized and sent to Hartford forever.

Did Chris Drury play last night or is he on that milk carton again??

I wonder if this is a sign of something bigger to come... I would have preferred to keep him and maybe package him with prucha for a bigger name, but there must not have been much interest in him around the league since no one picked Fritche up off of waivers for nothing. Oh well if Reitz is better defensively than Kalinin its the right move to make assuming Renney will #45 to the press box.

If the trade is real then I see it nothing but a favor to Fritche to keep him in NHL this season. I don't know if it was the intent but if so then it's classy move by Sather. The other guy should be put on waivers and go straight to Hartford.

I thought we're going to lose last nights game when in the second period Voros wasted a gorgeous feed from Zherdev off of two on one for an empty netter. Instead of one-timing it he just had to settle the pack and wasted a moment to give Fleury time to make a save.

Dubi i have a question

Can we access online magazine and get bb in mail or we have to choose?

Reitz career totals :GP37 G1 A1 P2 +/- -3 PEN 45.

Why would they want him

Ant, unfortunately you would have to choose between the two formats -- Zinio as you can imagine is not hosting the digital version out of the goodness of their hearts, they get a cut of all sales, so for me to give that to current subscribers as a bonus would literally cost me their delivery fee. Sorry!

Maybe not so fast on Reitz. He's shown the ability to score at the AHL level at least, and has decent size. If he has a pair as well, he could be useful until we get Brendan Witt from the 'Sticks (wishful thinking, I know). Below from HockeyDB - note the 34 points in 49 games last year, and a trip to the AHL All-Star game, I believe.

Regular Season Playoffs
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM
2005-06 Houston Aeros AHL 72 5 23 28 139 8 0 5 5 20
2005-06 Minnesota Wild NHL 5 0 0 0 4 -- -- -- -- --
2006-07 Houston Aeros AHL 73 9 25 34 132 -- -- -- -- --
2006-07 Minnesota Wild NHL 1 0 0 0 0 -- -- -- -- --
2007-08 Houston Aeros AHL 49 8 26 34 99 3 0 0 0 2
2007-08 Minnesota Wild NHL -- -- -- -- -- 2 0 0 0 0
2008-09 Minnesota Wild NHL 31 1 1 2 41
NHL Totals 37 1 1 2 45 2 0 0 0 0

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