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December 24, 2008


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That Chris Drury said what he did is a disgrace to anyone who has ever worn the Ranger "C".

There is a very huge need for a change, I thought the need was at the coaching level but the truth is that the change is needed at the player leadership level.

Chris Drury and Scott Gomez have no business wearing letters on a Ranger uniform.

The other day one of the Ants thought it was wrong to boo Redden after what Dubi pointed out. He is right the one who we should be booing is the clown wearing the "C".

this team is showing why their good quick start was a fluke. they have been looking terrible for about a solid month now game in & game out. amazing what Drury said... talk about not wanting to address the problems & just wanting to sweep garbage under the rug & forget about it all.

If that's the 'fire' of the captain... it's going to be a long, cold season.

I can agree they need to put this behind them, but it's not garbage. You don't learn from garbage. There's alot of guys that did good things this game. They actually scored more than 2 goals this game. For two periods they were a very good club this game. Now it's garbage and we need to forget about it? Take all the good and toss it? (Hey!?!? Where's my baby? He was just here with the bath water a minute ago...?;)

{ So I said -- I can't believe I said this to Chris Drury, but I was seething -- "You're up 4-0 with Henrik Lundqvist in net and you're happy to get a point?" } Thank You for asking this. Seriously, somebody needed to. The fact he makes it the 'important point' of the playoff run is bass ackwards to me. They gave away a point. Nothing else. They had 2 points, they gave one away. It's only the 'Bettman Artificial Tight Playoff Race Standings Generator' that gave them that 'important' point that will decide their playoff future. I'm amazed at the fact you were only 'seething'. Good thing you passed on the Ninja assassin course 'Using your ballpoint as a weapon' at the local community college. And Kudos for ignoring all of those just within reach blunt instruments and skates all around the locker room... I'm not saying it would have been right, but I'm sure the incredible urge to knock some sense into something had to have you thinking you quite possibly could become the hulk, irregardless of the fact you've never been exposed to gamma radiation. (at least not knowingly...)

At least Renny is finally getting a decent edge. He's given these guys every opportunity and the team is embarrassing him. The fact he's getting 'a little cross', as sir toppum hat would say, and is now expressing it at least shows some pride. If now isn't the time to put a foot down and stomp a little, I don't know what is. Maybe with the new year he'll make a resolution to be more forceful and in charge... One can only hope. If it were me, Mr. Drury and myself would be having a little heart to heart as to how we're going to look at things in the future... If indeed this is Renny's year, you have to believe he's not going to sit idly by as his captain goes 'oh well' after every pathetic excuse for a loss. If he doesn't, he may not last his year, let alone be back for another try. He's so polished... I almost can't picture him getting ugly. He will though if things keep goin. What's that old saying about the nice, quiet ones...

Happy Holidays to all... Be safe and be well. ?B)

well they have the losing attitude down to a science in rationalizations. Those two are worse than their coach, but they are on holiday pay. That's the 'fat cat attitude'. Buy I won't let the coach off with his boring words that leads to boring play, that has inspired 1 regulation win in what the last 13? And look at the last 25. This is Redden's TEAM, just collecting a payday. When guys lose part of their pay for points left on the table, the attitude MIGHT change. But hey savor 1st place, it won't be for much longer with these guys' mindsets. Yep their holiday is more important and shouldn't be ruined for a stupid game. Note to all NYR , it's your career, it's your livihood, you should be ashamed to take the pay for some of these games after what you have to say. Now the truth is starting to be seen and heard. I doubt guys like Henrik like this attitude.

well at least Larry Brooks agrees with some here...."And they're not going to fool anybody into thinking that their 22-12-3 record means they're a 22-12-3 team.".....but many seem to disagree with that statement. So who's fooling who?

And Colorado wants him back? To take the place of Sakic as a leader? Go for it Sather!

I posted a few days ago about Redden and ROsival's awful contracts....Well, as a typical Renney team goes, the entire season is a struggle and an early playoff exit awaits. Any team that constantly blows big leads, can't win in regulation, and has arguably the worst PP in hockey..WHere does management really feel this team can go? They aren't fooling the fans, cause we see this garbage on a nightly basis..

First step when you have a dead man walking team is dumping the coach and coaching staff...THe Rangers are in a position to do that at the top of the Atlantic, however short that may last. Renney does not dicipline anyone but his young scapegoats...He leaves Kalinin, Redden, ROsival in every game aside from the fact that their play, and contracts, are a HUGE burden on this team. And Glen Sather, we are 8-9 years into his tenure, and all I see is a guy who ignored our deficiences, dumped loads of money at soft players who's games were sub par going into a contract year (will anyone ever learn a player entering a contract year who bombs out probably doesn't deserve a long term deal at big money????) I've nearly had it. It's not a few games here, a few games there...We are about half way, and we haven't played good, consistent hockey since the first week of the season. Let's not ignore that this coaching staff has had a poor PP for years, and that we have a coach that simply can't seem to get through to his players. It's weird to say, but I know deep down that if the Rangers have a 3+ goal lead they will blow it, another awful sign about the players and coaching staff. As Dubi wrote, they never learn from their mistakes. Not many truly good teams play a pathetic brand of hockey with a big lead. I'm at the point where Redden and Kalinin are tossed on waivers and then dumped to Hartford...I could care less if Sather spends 8 mill per year on those two guys in Hartford, as long as they are off this team, that is all I care about. I know I'm pissed and typing emotionally, but this team can't be trusted with anything, and it's time to start making moves before we wait too long and are at the bottom of the Eastern Conf playoff picture. WAKE UP SATHER, YOU PUT THIS MESS TOGETHER!!!

thanks for the present nyr, don't worry about ruining your holiday, everything is beautiful. This TEAM as is is Cup bound. There ain't no stopping them now. Sather needs to keep everything status quo. There is no need to panic. Just look at the standings. They will turn it on in Feb & Mar, just in time for the playoffs. Then they'll find out what they are really made of. And the circle of NYR life continues, it's all good...........can't win them all, at least they got a point, they'll be fine, it's only one game, it's Dec, it's the holiday letdown, it's the post Sundin story, they're possibly slumping, don't worry, they just need to 'tidy' up a few things.

When Ovechkin scored the first goal, he was urging his team on that they could come back. As they made their comeback, he had fire in his eye and continued to verbally and physically lead the team with hits (almost killed Drury on the blue) and scoring. He was flying out there, hustling, hitting, and shooting the puck whenever he had a chance.

The Rangers leaders (Drury, Gomer, Nasland, Redden) don't do this. A team needs someone that can fill that role. Drury's comments are pathetic, Redden's play isn't worth the 6.5 million cap space, Gomer and Nasland aren't the emotional leaders and play a soft game.

Their points will come back to earth as teams catch up in games. It will be interesting if Renney will live and die with his veterans. Will he have the courage to treat them differently before it's too late for him? It's easier to get rid of the coach instead of a player and Sather will save his bacon by firing the coach even if it's his personal decisions.

I can't disagree with anything being said here but last nights first goal for us was the nicest play we made all year... Happy Holidays all Z

The players, coaches and management can ignore all the criticism from the fans and media, but when you have the best player in the game cal you "fancy and soft" shouldn't that hit home. I truly have a hatred for our opponents. I hate the Isles, the Flyers, and the Devs (especially the crybaby Sutter) and most importantly Cindy the Bitch. The fact that the NHL and Bettman have developed their entire marketing strategy based solely on this whining wimp is the most annoying. But as much as I loved to see Ovechkin knocked on his butt by Staal and felt Girardi should have taken a couple shots at his chops in front of the net, I have a deep respect for him and his game. He is the best player in the game and plays a physical game as well. He does not cry when hit, he just hits back harder, and in a clean fashion. So when the Alexander the Great says your team is "soft and fancy" I would listen. Did you see that fire in that guys eyes last night. That's the passion NYR fans love and come to expect from all their players, not just Henrik and Cally.

My turn: After reading the comments and postings above, I am amazed that nowhere did I read the name Ovechkin. The guy is insane. I keep thinking the unthinkable: Let's get this guy! In the meantime, let's enjoy watching the player who will be the greatest player of his era (sorry, Cindy). Plain and simple, Ovechkin won the game. He took 24 shots! 24!

Second, whoever can blame Drury for his comment needs to take it in context. It IS the Christmas break on his mind. He's human. His wife. Family. They get a couple of days off after a long West Coast trip. So give the guy a break. Anyone that questions his loyalty to the Rangers should move on. The guy is a winner at all levels and leads by example. After Jagr's stultifying, lackadaisacal leadership, it's refreshing to have a humble captain. So for one to crucify "Raymond" for one bad comment and judge his leadership solely on that one comment hasn't been watching his effort. Here's a vote for Drury!

Third, Dawes' turnover is just that. A turnover. He's still learning the game. Nurturing a youth movement is going to experience growing pains. There it was, plain and simple. I like Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan, Girardi and all their youthful indescretions.

Fourth, I'm not going to make excuses for Sather and the latest whipping boys Redden and Kalinin, and, yes, I would like to see Potter up here sooner, but I couldn't help hearing the upbeat tone that Mara's mike picked up on the telecast last night. This is a tight team. Yes, the Rangers are missing some key parts (a consistent scorer and lights out d-man), but good things have been happening and this team is a work in progress.

Everybody have a great holiday!

The comments by Drury & Gomez were out of line...awful showing of leadership which was bestowed on them at the beginning of the season. "It's their team now".....with their attitudes and comments like last night, this team is doomed.
Mr. Gomez, your getting paid $7.3 million dollars a year and your playing at -10 and have a 'paltry' 23 points...better look in the mirror and take some responsibilty before you open your mouth....I guess I would have that 'grin eating' smile on my face if I made that kind of dough.
Mr. Drury, you are the captain of this team and you make $7 million dollars a year...you are a -4 and now have proven that you show 'zero' in the leadership department.....making that kind of money , I guess I wouldn't let 'anything' ruin my holiday.....you are a joke.
Mr. Renney, have you heard these comments by 'your leaders'? Are you going to turn your head again and ignore these 'ignorant' statements....that would be so typical of your coaching style....you should have these guys out this morning doing drills regardless of the holiday....these guys know they can get away with this crap because you allow it.
18,200 fans at MSG and countless TV viewers had the beginning of their holiday season ruined by last nights performance.....then you have to read that the team 'leaders' really don't care....we got a 'point' for last nights effort....gentlemen, you are missing the 'point' of why you are NY Rangers.
Sorry for the rant folks....everyone have a HAPPT HOLIDAY !!

NC Steve -- Forget about Ovechkin, not that he didn't have a monster game, but nowhere in the story is the name "Callahan". Did you notice what Ovechkin's tying goal looked like? Just like Callahan's 4-0 goal. Not that Callahan is in the same class as Ovechkin, just that it's a damn shame we had to talk to Drury and Gomez last night about blowing a big lead instead of talking to Callahan about building a big lead.

If Gomez, Drury, and some others (paging Wade Redden!) played with Callahan's level of effort then we wouldn't get two goals a game and blow it whenever we do get more than two. And to circle back to Ovechkin -- he's the best player in the league, and HE plays at the same level of effort as Callahan.

One positive on the night was watching Staal, the only man on the blue line who looked like a NHL player. The rest of our D-men only need the pad you bleed into once a month. I really can not understand why Renney allows a player like Kalinin to stay on the line when Potter could be gaining valuable experience, and could not be doing any worse. Also why not make a statement to the players and show them that just because they are on the payroll Renney will not tolerate the obvious lack of player leadership. At the end of the day this is Renney's team, not Drury's and it is obvious from the comments made that Drury is not going to be the one to turn the Rangers around. Say what you will, but Callahan should be wearing at least Gomez's or Naslund's "A". He is the only player I can point at and at least say he leads by example. Hard work in the offensive zone pays off and nobody displays that better than Callahan.

As a side note, this game just further proves that Mats would not have been the answer to the problem that is the New York Rangers. As Renney said, "it's between the ears".

For Dubi or Jess (or anyone else),

If I recall, Calgary and their fans were not to sorry to see Drury leave. Can anyone shed some light on his 1 year there? I'm just curious b/c I never hear that talked about, only his Colorado and late Buffalo years.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Dubi......great job representing what the fans are feeling. I saw Drury answer your question on the MSG post game show. I was shocked to hear that from him. It was the reaction of a multi-millionaire who places his work quite a way down the list of things important to him. I was also livid.........to go into this break with an embarrassing performance like that. I cannot see any way that this team goes deep into the playoffs. They are horrible defensively, but worse, they need a heart transplant. Put the C on Markus Naslund's sweater. Put the A owned by Gomez on Marc Staal and the other on Ryan Callahan. Let's make the true leaders, the players that care the captain and alternates. All these hours after, I am still irritated at these clowns. What a contrast between us and the Caps.

@NCSteve: I posted a comment on Ovie before this was up, and I agree he is the best player in the NHL as of now. Michiletti said it more than once last night about him urging his team and his coach on when they were down 7-1 their last game... Play me every other shift, we can come back. They pulled it off last night... The last time anyone saw dedication, fire and commitment like this was by a guy named Messier. One can't help but be respectful of that kind of player, no matter who they play for. I have to say I honestly love watching the guy play. He's the epitome of what a hockey player should be on the ice, and a heck of a lot more fun to watch than Cindy hittin' some guy in the nads.

@Dubi: Exactly right. By 'throwing this one away' the team negates some great play from Cally and Staal. (To think they're just getting started!) It's a shame the rest of the team watches that effort and lets it go down the tubes instead of feeding off of it. Not to mention, how many times can you torpedo your goal tender and expect him to give a flying hunk of fecal matter when he takes the ice??? Henrik has got to be feeling it now. He stands on his freakin' head for these guys and they laze around playing chinese fire drill while opponents throw everything but the linesman at him. It's got to be getting old. How long can you hold on to professionalism in the face of a team pretending to care about their game, or their team?

And about the Dawes turnover... Still learning the game? I can't buy into that. He's been around long enough to know better. It's not just him though... The whole team fell asleep at the stick. He just happened to be in that spot on the ice where pucks and players are sacrificed to the gods of the loss column. Z, Rosy, Redden and Kalinen are all familiar with that place. Had he and the rest of the team continued to play the way that got them the 4-0 lead there'd be nothing to write about. As it is, he gets to be goat because he who touches it last owns it...

I have to say I'm a little split on the Holiday issue, but in the end it's work before play. Family is Family, Friends is Friends and Business is Business. Hockey was the business at hand, and that's where the mind has to be. It's obvious by the remarks after the game that it wasn't the case last night, so now the whole team has to try to forget the business when they're with family because they didn't get their business done when it was time for it. I wouldn't want that cloud over my head for the precious few days off... It's so much easier to leave work behind when you know it was done right... ?B)

I agree with every single comment re. Drury and Gomez. Disgraceful is the word. I'd understand Drury's sentiment if it was the first bump like this on a smooth sailing that got them to this record (i.e. Montreal loss last season).

But this is getting to be a routine for these Rangers to embarrass themselves like this season - Montreal, Devils and now last night. And I'm only listing games that were embarrassing, something beyond bad.

Last night Ovechkin showed the true leadership. And if you can't blame Drury and Gomez for not having his skills, they are totally to blame for playing with no passion whatsoever. After this game I DON'T believe that for Drury it's the dream come true to play for the Rangers. He's just another mercenary like so many we’ve seen before. I’d like to take “C” and “A” off of these two. And I say it again I won’t cry if any or of all four of Drury, Gomez, Redden & Rozsival (him to a lesser extend) are moved from this team by any means.

Last night there were two forwards who continued to play hard and were trying to make a difference the whole game - Callahan and. Zherdev. We knew it about Callahan but I can't believe that Zherdev's attitude or heart was questioned before the beginning of the season. And Staal, Girardi and Lundqvist (and maybe Mara) for the group of Rangers players to select your captain and alternatives from.

Put Prucha back in, he plays with that effort and it's contagious. But the GM doesn't insist on, he's asleep at the wheel.

This team doesn't know/can't play with a lead, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Toronto...these games are awful. That comes from Renney playing conservative and allowing these players to take the foot of the gas. They were relentless against Atlanta and Buffalo 2 years ago. Sadly most of those players are gone. Sather turned over the keys to Gomez and Drury In fact the top 5 forwards are gone & Prucha doesn't dress anymore. Are we younger than we were 2 years ago with Avery, Shanny, Jagr, Straka & Nylander? Of course. Are we faster? Probably. But are we better and are we lethal? Do we scare teams come playoff time? Not a chance. After becoming good on accident with Jagr and a rookie goalie, Sather has screw the fans and this team for years to come yet again. This team needs a whipcracker not a soft spoken reasoner. We're already the softest team on the league on the ice, why add to that on the bench?

Your right to point out that Dawes is not a novice. It's one thing to make an ill-advised pass, it's another to have that pass stolen at the blue line by the best player in the league who takes your miscue and makes a world-class play against a world-class goalie. Second, it's frustrating that that play obscured all the positives in Dawes' game last night, including throwing his diminutive body effectively against the Great Ovechkin! What a depressing game!

Hats off to Ryan Callahan...this guy brings it every night. At a salary of $575,000. per year I think I would rather have a half dozen (you could get twelve for $7 million) of players with his 'hustle & heart' than our $7 million dollar 'cash cows'. I bet you that Cally probably was a little more upset about last nights outcome than that of the so called captain & alternate captain.

You know, I can't even fully express how extremely disappointing it is for me to read those comments by Drury ...

Yes they can be taken out of context but they weren't. What happened last night wasnt a one time occurence, it has been happening over and over with varying degrees nearly all season.

Tom Renney is finally fed up? He's finally had to admit that the problem must be addressed? How very nice, and just how is he going to go about addressing that? What will he do to players who can't or won't respond, specially given how our Captain is choosing to respond.

I feel really disheartened specially since our team has had many flaws since the lockout but being quitters and accepting poor efforts as anything but what they were was not one of them. For all that Jagr was criticized I can only imagine all the hostility that would've been thrown his way if he had acted as Drury is acting. I have watched Drury's career from afar since he came into the League and what he's shown me so far this season isnt the player and leader I thought he was.

It still boils down to the non-existant powerplay. Other teams have great shooters from the point. The Rangers seem to have 5 quarterbacks out there and no recievers. Mara can fire the puck but just not on goal. When are they going to get it.

Drury sounds like Renney, who refused to address the power play problems and shorthanded goals against early this year. Ignore it, move on... play tomorrow. Does Renney TEACH anything ??

At least Staal had a good game. Redden, once again, contributed nothing good.

Absolute and utter BS to lay it on Drury, Gomez or anybody else. Wake up people!! We have an idiot for a GM, that's the problem in a nutshell. And you can lay the blame on Renney, he's the coach isn't he? As Bill Clement said answereing a Q on TV the other day, is that the most important function of a coach is to motivate and inspire. Does Renney inspire you? You expect HIM to inspire the players. The second most important function says Clement is to instill team discipline. Do you see discipline in this team. They don't play like a team, they are not a team. Like I said before, it's a fragile house of cards. This team needs THE MESSIAH, and you know who I mean.

way out of context re Drury who by the way had 3 assists last night. we have major problems from moe larry and curly as coaches (and wasn't drury's post game comment about playing a well coached team next telling). sather and dolan are 2 other major problems. as are 3 of our d i think most can name the 3. and i'm not too happy with the 3rd lines production. what happened to dubinsky. but blame it on Drury yeah sure.

BTW - for a positive Staal is getting better and better. physically standing up for his team. HE IS THE FUTURE CAPTAIN.

AND AO is so good so much better than Sid. I would trade any 2 of our players from anywhere in the system and that includes Henrik. alas Washingtomn would not though.

so I'm not going to let last nights debacle ruin my Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all of you (or happy whatever holiday you celebrate)

Merry Christmas everyone ...

I'm going to try to not think about the Rangers until Friday ... that should make my holidays great :)

Who are the players who are exceeding or at least living up to expectations:
Could add Zherdev and Mara

Who are the players who are well below expectations:

Could be a trend here...

I don't see this as a deep team. Something is missing, that drive and guts from a 1994 Messier team. The team that refused to lose once they had a lead.

They may make for entertaining hockey but I don't see this team in the same make up as the Wings or Sharks. You can't settle for a point and try to justify that embarrassment.

Disappointing from Drury? absolutely, but I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. The guy has always been a hard worker and loves the Rangers; I think at a certain point a game like that one has to just be so frustrating that you want to change the subject fast.

Though I am happy about our record, I think some changes clearly need to be made. That the three clowns (Roszival-Redden-Kalinin) are not cutting it is plainly obvious and we obviously need better as Staal, Mara, and Girardi certainly deserve more. The +/- embarrassment of Kalinin and Roszival is a painful joke; if I were Henrik I would not be able to look at either of them without anger. Additionally In all honesty what I think we are missing isn't so much a consistent scorer as a power winger. I'm thinking Shanny (but I mean the Shanny of 1998, he doesn't exist anymore; my real greatest dream would be to pry Dustin Brown away from the Kings but that's never going to happen).

The problem with playing Zherdev with Gomez and Naslund is that it makes Z the most physical player on the ice by default. The beauty of the PS3 line was that Voros and Dubinsky cleared the way for Z with physical play. Callahan with all his energy really opens the ice up for his linemates, He, Dawes, and Drury together work. In truth, though, I am not a big Dawes fan and that killer of a pass is a perfect example why; I think Prucha with Drury and Callahan would be an even better line.

Even if one prefers Dawes, I have no idea what Renney is doing with Prucha as his trade value now just plummets every time he gets a DNP. With Dawes' improved play it would actually be perfect to put him in the trade for a D-man as the last few weeks could even be construed as a showcase.

Finally, at this point in the season, even though he has diminished, I think it is time to bring back Shanny. No, he never was the same player after the collision with Knuble, and yes, we have a glut of forwards (though I think that will change when some are used to acquire a defenseman). However, Shanahan still could contribute as a 3rd liner and is not only worth it for the leadership but would be an excellent teacher for the young guys (especially Korpikoski). At this point some type of shakeup and change needs to be made. This team is a very good and fairly young team that still needs a little tweaking to turn into a real force.

Merry Christmas

I really hope the Rangers get their problems sorted out soon! That being said, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all the staff & readers at Blueshirt Bulletin...

What Drury and Gomez's comments tell me is that they could care less. It's no big deal, it's only one game, blah, blah, blah, blah...BLAH!

As for Tom Renney aka Mr. Novocaine, who woke him up? This type of brain dead lack of effort has been going on during his watch since day one. Just like all of the "Too many men on the ice" penalties the team takes. As for the PP, this year you have many new players out there with the same poor results. Message to Tom, it's the PP strategy (or lack of one), not the people in the sweaters.

Earth to Glenn, it's a good thing that Matts went for the cash in Vancouver, because he wasn't going to solve the problems caused by the previous poor salary cap decisions, see Redden, Rosival etal.

One of these days Jim Dolan is going to get tired of this, just like he got tired of the Issiah Thomas fiasco with the Knicks and through all of these bums out. I won't be sad when the day comes, it just can't come soon enough!

I hope everyone here doesn't let this latest collapse ruin their Holiday, it sure isn't going to ruin Drury or Gomez's Christmas.


OK...all good and agreeable comments. The problem I see is that our future core, Dubi/Cally/Staal/Korpi/Dawes all hear that this is just no big deal and it can be brushed under the rug with no regrets. Our "leaders" Drury/Gomez just don't care enough. Neither one is a true ranger. The only players that were ever brought in and actually cared and made a difference were Messier and Jagr (yes Jagr too - he was great for the franchise and should have been retained).

This team could be no worse off by playing Sanguinetti and Potter instead of Redden and Khalinin. Voros has disappeared just as he had in Minnesota. Sjostrom IS a fourth liner.

Let Dubi/Cally/Dawes be a line. They could really help each other and grow. Give Dubi a chance to play with someone. Sjostrom and Voros just aren't helping him. Let Drury play with Prucha and Korpedo. Orr needs to take a break. Let Betts play with Sjo and Voros. I do not buy the need for an enforcer anymore...not in this league that rewards skill and speed.

Any chance Dallas is still interested in Redden? Drury to Colorado? Gomez to LA? Dubi moves up to Naslund/Zherdev. Anisimov moves inbetween Cally/Dawes. Frichte playes with Korpedo/Prucha. The fourth line is what it is? Could it be any worse than it is now? Isn't it working in Chicago by the way? Didn't it work in Philly? That is a commitment to our youth and a belief that they are the future. Not spending $20,000,000.00 - LOTS OF ZEROS - on three zeros on the score sheet. I was happy with the Drury signing (not anymore). But Gomez was never a point-a-game guy on a consistent basis and it was a lot of money. Redden was a horrible signing. Khalinin was an ok signing and not nearly the bad signing Redden was. He is dumpable. Rozi was a desparation signing - the devil you know is better than the one you don't know signing.

Sather is the problem not Renney. Bad moves now costing the team and strangling their ability to improve. Sather manages like he doesn't care, just like when a Drury captained team blows leads. its not going to ruin their day.

Happy Hannukah!

Everybody is right on as usual. Why fans see it and not management is frustrating, isn't it? We'll see what Renney does - don't hold your breath. Sather can't do much because he totally screwed up this team. Drury will hear it from the fans next home game. The list is growing, isn't it. Unfortunate.

We'll see what changes take place and how the season unfolds. On the current course, we all know to keep our expectations and extremely limited.
Countdown to pitchers and catchers anyone?

Happy Holidays everyone!

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