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December 28, 2008


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Dubi, we have to forget about the one (Zach Parise) that got away, because as i said in an earlier thread yesterday, Renney would have him sitting right next to Prucha in the press box or worse yet in Hartford because he needs another year of experience.

The hallmark of the Sather/Renney regime is the languishing of young players to allow over-the-hill/over-paid vets (or coaches pets Betts and Orr) gobble up icetime. Personally I'd rather be watching a group of hardworking kids who show up every night, then watch stiffs like Redden pretend he still can play at the NHL level. I know I'm outnumbered from reading the posts on this and other ranger sites, but it would sure beat what we're seeing now.

Just like I said in the previous thread, if not avery, then a neil/volchenkov package from the sens or lappy from the avs. We need fire and physicality!

"We have nobody to blame for this loss other than ourselves and he (Henrik)should be included in that." - Renney

Come on Dubi, you know what Renney is getting at here. Win as a team, lose as a team. Regardless of poor defense, Lundqvist has let in an inordinate amount of goals lately, some even he wants back. I agree in principle that no one should be put on a pedestal, even a King.

The shorthanded goal was Drury's fault for making a stupid (bad) pass to Dubinsky. You want any Coach to fry their Captain in the press? You name me one coach crass enough to do that? You want Renney to start taking aim at his players the way Tortorella did to LaCavalier?

Again, win as a team lose as a team. No one is bigger then the team.

I just have one question and if Dubi or any other fan out there can clarify this for me please go ahead. We all know that their core is a bunch that obviously either past their primes or are not cut out to be first line leader types in the NHL. This core is suited for a supportive role rather than a leading position. But how, just how is it possible to rid the contracts of Redden, Gomez, Drury and Roszival. Their isn't a GM out there willing to take any of these long term albatross' off our hands. Not only are the numbers preventing any key additions for this year, but for the next 5 years we are essentially stuck with these players. How could a GM be so short sighted as to hand 6 and 7 year deals without a concern for the cap hit for the long-term.

The most frustrating aspect about this is that us we as fans, the GM, the coaches all agreed that after the last 2 years of second round failures the team needed more size and toughness both on the backend and wing. This team has been lacking a true physical presence on D since Bueke has gone. Everyone in the league knows that. How in the world do you sign a guy that doesn't have an inkling of physicality to a 6 year deal. How? How do you go into camp with this bunch as a D that is supposed to end your problems with the physical playoffs. How?

Now we all are clamoring for changes and even the coach has mentioned it, but how is it possible? I don't see how any meaningful core changes can be made? This team is need of a major revamping on the D-line and the addition of some physical winger with talent up front. Do we have the solutions in our system? Can we send 6 years with 30 million left down to Hartford.? How can a GM keep his job if 30 million dollars is sitting in the minors?

Folks, we're in it for the long haul. Nothing will or can change. This team is built for one or two rounds of the playoffs and that's it, and that will not change for the next 5 years. If you have any suggestions to quell my fears please do so.


What I do agree with, as far as Brooks article, is that he said that if the players didn't want Avery that then they should start taking responsibility for their own play ... stop talking about playing better and actually START playing better ...

I have very little sympathy for what Renney is going through right now because ever since last month we've all seen what is happening now ... The team wasn't showing up for long stretches of games and then they would barely do enough to let Henrik win it in the SO ... By continuing to give most of his underperforming vets the benefit of the doubt and continuing to sit out players who gave it their all even if they didn't light up the lamp he continued to approve this mindset ...

Don't give 100%? That's ok, you won't be benched, scratched, or have your time off disrupted ...

He doesn't have to come out and publicly embarrass anyone, they are a team but certain individuals(including their own coach) are killing this team and the players are who trying to help them out of this black hole they are continously digging for themselves

I mean what will change? Will Renney actually sit either Redden or Kalinen tomorrow? I don't believe he will ... Will he sit one of his veteran forwards and play Prucha or Fristche? While those two might not score it might teach that vet a lesson ... will that happen? I highly doubt it ... so really how can he expect anything to change? Look at the PP, it isn't working and yet he continues to employ the exact SAME strategy that has failed them for 2 years now ...

What they should've done and kept Jagr, and saved the cap space on Redden and Kalinen and used 2 rookie D's ... they wouldn't of done worse than those two disasters


I agree with you 100%, I think hank has let in too many stoppable shots. Some shots are not stoppable, they are just great shots, but I think hank is playing worse than last year for whatever reason. What if the play of the team early on was actually masking some poor play by hank (Im not saying that is the problem, but just what if??) I mean he had how many shutouts last season? 10? And how many this season so far? 0! A great goalie should be able to get a shutout or two despite a horrible team in front of him right? No way as a group of skaters that last year's ranger team was better defensively than this one, no way. Not only that, but does anyone remember how aggressive hank was in his first year and he would intentionally direct shots to the corners with his pads, he gives up so many rebounds now (and yes people should be there in front helping him clear them....see all my previous posts about a big tough d man) and plays too far back in his net, I just do not see him playing aggressive enough. He is soooo good in the shootout because he is so aggressive, he should be mors aggressive all the time. I like hank alot and think he is one of the top 5 goalies in the league, but I do not think he is beyond blame just like his teammates, and is far more guilty than many of are willing to admit.

Dear Vlo,

While I agree we can do very little about Redden's contract (Limited Trade Clause), the Rangers should be looking in a different direction to jetison salary.

Gomez should go. He has no NTC or LTC. The Rangers are deep at center, Drury, Dubinsky, Korpedo and Betts and Anisimov in the pipeline. Getting rid of Gomez makes sense. Put Dawes or Prucha in the package and get rid of those salaries so the Rangers can resign players in July, Staal and Zee particularly.

This would be a quick fix, as would signing Shanny would be a quick for scoring. I'm not sure Avery is the answer. He's burned too many bridges here.


great point, I think renney does need to do something different, I honestly would like to see him just lose it on the bench during a game when they are playing badly, just toss a few sticks on the ice or whatever!! He should bench a few vets (hell, I'd do it all at once when the pack have a couple of days off and bring up some guys that will give 100% effort for 60 plus minutes, even if we lose the game the result might just be worth it). I know it isn't in renney's character to do something like that, but right now a few people need to go out of character to get the fire going, kinda like a shanny v. brashear moment. Dru needs to drop the gloves!!!

Wicky, I disagree about the team's earlier good play was masking bad play by Henrik or whatever ... Yeah out of the 4 goals he gave up last night how many were stoppable? Now if he was superhuman then perhaps yes he should stop them ... but you know what? When a team is playing sound defense, reguardless of how well they do offensively, they will protect their goaltender and not leave him exposed as the Rangers are doing to Henrik ... A lot of people can now start putting the finger of blame on Henrik and yes he does need to be better because he isn't being agressive and he is playing too deep in his crease but guess what that started happening when the team started letting the opposing team do whatever they wanted to him ... this is a case of Henrik trying to do too much ... he isn't confident in the players in front of him so he is trying to do too much to overcompensate and in the end it is costing him some goals that otherwise he might stop even if they aren't "bad goals" ...

I think Dubi's point and others who defend Henrik is that he isn't the first that should be blamed or singled out ... some people(not saying that's the case with you) are quick to point to Henrik but you know what? He shouldn't have to be facing breakaways during our PP's, he shouldn't have to facing odd man rushes after odd man rushes, or turnover after turnover from the neutral zone or even within our own zone ... do not think that other goalies in this league would be playing much better than Henrik is with the kind of "Effort" his team is showing in front of him ...

I do not think that dumping gomer (I know he is the easier dump) is the best thing to do. Atleast he is playing with fire lately for the most part (i mean 2 should of been fighting majors) to show some sort of caring. I am honestly a bit more disappointed with dru, I honestly thought he was going to be the best captain since Mess, but right now he is doing about the same job as jags and leetch did before him. Maybe i'm just expecting to much from whomever wears the C after Mess, makes me really miss Mess the way he led and keenan (and for that matter campbell) for the way he coached.

Matty I agree with you on your last post as well. I'm not trying to say it is hank's fault (for the record I though he could have stopped one of the four, but we still would have lost the game 3-2) I was just pointing out that perhaps he should be more aggressive and that he is playing a little sub-par for him (hell, he might be shell shocked, he has seen more rubber than goodyear lately). The poor play is certainly a group effort regardless, and hank is a stellar goalie, but sometimes your best player (in our case hank) needs to step up huge, if he pitched a shutout, it might just do wonders. Again, certainly not all hank's fault in the least either way, just playing a bit of devil's advocate.

Before anyone says anything, I understand in the shoot out hank is more patient and outwaits the shooters, I meant aggressive positioning!

Thanks, and sorry if what I said was a bit confusing.

It seems to me that Renney's teams fall into a effortless and passionless streak of hockey from about Thanksgiving through about the 2nd week of January. I feel like it happens every season. Where is Colton Orr? There's been quite a few games this month wher the momentum has swung or the NYR didn't have any juice in their game and he's sitting on his hands. He's developing a case of the Sandy McCarthy's. We could have used a fight or some rough stuff against Washington, the Devils, and even the MON and CGY games earlier this month. I'm sure Clarkson or Rupp would have been happy to go last night. We do not need that clown Avery. We just need someone on this team to show some passion. Unfortunately, I do not think Renney likes passion.... or he likes passion, but only if it is shown in the safest, dullest, most deliberate, and predictable fashion (you know...within the system). I think Avery worked here because he did not give a crap what anyone said to him. I think if Renney could have, he would have stripped Avery of his passion and turned him into yet another one of his passive, mind numbing, defense-first robots.

And IMO, Potter deserves at least a couple more games. It's time for Kalinin to do some extra skating with Prucha and Fritsche.

Hurley, Im sure that will open some space up, but you did not address the most pressing issue. How do we fix the defense? How is Redden's contract taken care of? It can't happen. He and Roszy are for the long haul. Gomez and Drury are here for the long haul. Everyone complains about Renney but I'm sure the people above him would not like tens of millions of dollars sitting in the stands or in the minors. That shouldn't matter but it surely does. Even Jags said it this year. The reason players want large deals is that it will ensure ice time and top line status. It isn't going to change.

Henrik Lunqvist is not the one causing this team to lose. He is just the one who gets questioned if he has a pedestrian game. He's not the one making soft lateral passes at the offensive blue line. Lunqvist is not the one leaving opposing players uncovered in front of the net. The Ranger defensemen are concentrating on blocking shots so much that they allow the opposition forwards to get behind them and in front of the goal. I realize that the defense cannot just push the opposing players aside due to the new obstruction rules, but other teams manage to harass the Ranger forwards. As to Lunqvist's positioning, that is due to the coaching of one Benoit Allaire, one of the leading goaltending coaches in the league.


He probably gets questioned after a pedestrian game because he is one of the elite goaltenders in the league, not to mention the highest paid (i think, not 100% sure) so he deserves to be questioned. We have skaters (i will not mention names, well all know who they are) who make a lot of money that get questioned after every game, so should the goalie. With the big bucks come big expectations and so far a lot of our high salaried players are not playing up to their salaries. Hank played better last year IMHO. if, at the same number of games last year hank had better stats, save %, goals against avg, SO, but the team had less wins and points I would say hank carried the team more, if the team has a better record and more points (yes I understand hank and his excellent play in the SO and the number of SO wins we have this year) but his stats are down,could it be the team is carrying hank, or would you say it is the exact opposite. Just a question and I do not know how the stats actually play out in the question I just presented. Again, just playing devil's advocate, but what the heck do I know about goalies, I was a D-man, all I know is they really appreciated me in front of the crease. They are all off their rocker a bit anyhow.


I'm not suggesting that Henrik Lunqvist shouldn't be questioned, what I'm suggesting is that he is not the reason they are losing. In fact if not for his shootout performances, the team would be in much worse shape. As for my playing days, I was a D-man too, but my son is a high school goalie. Through the years of helping my son improve his game I've learned quite a bit about playing goal and proper technique.

As for Lunqvist's stats, through 32 games this season he's faced almost 4 (3.62) shots per game more this season than last (25.32 vs. 28.94). That doesn't seem like much but he plays 72 games like last year that will translate into an additional 261 shots (based on the 3.62 SOG/gm stat), yet his save pct is 0.910 this season vs. 0.912 last season. Then again per Mark Twain, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." :)


First of all thanks for the stats. I actually agree with you that it isn't his fault and if the team was more physical and not as nice to play against, we would have a much happier goalie on our hands. Good luck with your son, hope he has a big fat crease clearing d man like men infront of him. The only caveat I have is when the team is struggling like it is, he is a great enough goalie to pull out a few more wins for the team (not that he hasn't already, just wish he would do it a few more times).

The following is a seriously hypothetical 'what if'... I would never assume a player would be this diabolical, but hey... you never know... If you're Henke, and you have been keeping your team in games and winning games for the team for as long as he has this season, but you know something is definitely wrong... You have been around long enough to know what it is and to know it needs to be addressed, but that it isn't being addressed... For months it goes on while you dance on your head to make save after save after save... Would you let up a bit to force the changes??? Nothing changes when you're 'winning', but start losing and all of a sudden it's an emergency and things happen... Would you help it along??? It's the perfect time, still plenty of games left... no last minute chemistry issues with a late season rental... If you had the reputation, the loyalty, the commitment... no one would ever doubt you or fault you, especially the way things are... Would you knowing it would force the move that (may) correct the problem???

Per trading Redden etc... There are teams that would pick up some players like Redden if they were waived. NYR would be on the hook for half, but at least the problem is gone and 1/2 the salary is available. Bring up Potter, maybe another of the D prospects and let them play the season out. Can't be worse than where we're at. There are even really bad teams that may not mind having a Redden if all they have is a terrible record and a bunch of defensive defensemen. You won't get much back, but it'll be enough just to move some of these guys. Were I the GM, I'd seriously be looking at waiving a guy right now. Drury and Gomez are trade-able now. I'd keep Gomer if it were me... he will get better when he has someone he can skate with in a system that uses his strengths properly. Renny's system isn't it. Drury really isn't a bad player, but I believe he is disillusioned right now. Unless Renny goes first, I don't see him coming back until it gets VERY ugly. Should Renny be moved on, I think he will improve, at least short term.

As I have said before, I would bring Shanny back, IF he still wants to come here after being dumped and ignored. We have good players playing 6 or 7 minutes a night now so playing him that much shouldn't be an issue. I'll wager the brass feels there will be too much in the way of friction between him and our 'captain'... I'd say right now that may be the best thing to happen to these sleeping beauties. You really want to argue with a guy like Shanny who's done it how many times? Besides, I firmly believe if Drury and He could get together and agree the force created would make a Jedi jealous...

You can keep Avery. (which means Sather's working on it...) Unless he has had some massive revelation of what he should be as a player he'll have a negative impact in the dressing room with alot of the current roster. He'd end up being just another reason for Bettman and the NHL to hate the NYR, which is already an issue. Shanny has as much passion without the baggage, and if used sparingly could actually still have something left for the playoffs...

Of course, should someone with Avery's 'abilities' become available...?B)

My thing is ... how in the hell is he going to win more games when the players in front of him are giving NO EFFORT?

Sorry to get annoyed Wicky, but it's not at you but at comments that I have seen along the same lines ...

Can he score? Does he play defense? He gets paid to stop the puck but tell me what is he expected to do when not one, but two or more opposing players are allowed to plant themselves around his crease and do whatever the hell they want with him? How is he supposed to get a shutout with the pathetic effort and defensive play of his teammates? There is a reason he gave them champagne(or was it wine?) bottles after shutouts ... because it was a TEAM effort, he alone couldn't get the shutouts ... he's a major reason but so are his teammates playing sound defensive hockey in front of him ... the two times the Devils didn't do that in front of Clemmenson we scored ... now yeah he's not considered "elite" but look at what happened with Brodeur when we were outworking the Devils and he was giving up "bad" goals ...

Now if you tell me that this team is giving it their all, they are playing their hearts out and they just can't catch a break and put the puck in the back of the net with frequency and that Henrik is letting in softies left and right then I would 100% agree with you ... But this is a case of his teammates not playing hard, if they did that then we wouldn't be talking about Henrik's stats


Waive/embarrass Redden into agreeing to be traded to any team that will take him off our hands. The fans could give him the Malik treatment. Redden is the worst signing Sather has made during his tenure since Holik. Waiving Kalinin would truly be addition by subtraction. Bring up Potter permanently and get a rental to replace Redden.

In case you didn't see it, this is an interview with Jagr mostly talking about Avery that has some intersting insights:

He was disqualified for six games because of two words. This is unprecedented in the history of the NHL.

"No one else would have faced this. But Avery was punished for all of his old sins. You can say that he was punished for everything combined. This is a political decision by the NHL."

Dallas does not want him to play in the League and his teammates are recommending to have him sent to Russia for rehabilitation.

"I don't think he will be kicked out of the NHL because of the ethics standards. Not everyone there is such goody two-shoes. I would believe that the club is not happy with Avery's play and now stumbled upon a great chance to part ways.

"But you have to know Sean. Yes, he is a bad boy. But this is his image. It is all acting. In his soul he is a vulnerable and sentimental person. And Avery also loves confrontations and trouble. He likes to draw attention to himself. That's his life. Sean should have become an actor. He would have had a great career in Hollywood.

"But he is a good player. Believe me. He has speed, sense of the game, sees the net well - he has everything. In some games Avery was Rangers' best player. If he is trusted by the team he always plays well.

"And he always comes up with something. I remember once we were playing the Devils, when Avery stood in front of their goaltender Martin Brodeur and started swinging his stick. He was not breaking any rules, but Martin got really mad. Sean achieved what he wanted, he unsettled an opposing player.

"I think Sean needs a strong coach like Mike Keenan. To have him under control. Then a lot of scandals could have been avoided.

"Actually, people with a big self opinion will never understand Avery and will always think of him as an outsider. But I can never take Sean seriously. I have never had any problems with him."

Have you played on the same line with him?

"Sometimes. Sometimes we didn't have a good game and Sean would come to me and say with a straight face: ‘You played awfully bad today." And how should I react to that? I would reply with a sad face: "Sorry, Sean. I know, Sean. I am going to work harder to improve my numbers.' It's a little anecdotal."


Good stuff from Jagr, and again a reminder about Avery that most media seem to completely miss: Under the right circumstances, and with the right teammates, he's a viable asset on the ice. Jagr's got no reason to put him over now. And yet he did.

Now you see ... if a bunch of talented 18-20 year olds can have an awesome PP like the US World Jr Hockey team then how hard is it for our team to have one? I know, it's like the hardest thing in the world apparently ... it isn't like they are doing anything out of this world either ... they make quick, hard passes and shoot ... and not these weak little wristshots that goalies and defenders probably don't even feel(here's looking at YOU Wade Redden!)


Again, I agree with you here, the team in front of him is letting him down in one way or another. It isn't always a forward or two, or a d man or three, it is a joint lack of inspired effort in front of him most nights and the occasional softie from hank.


You are now the king of conspiracy theorists! And if hank's ploy works, both of you deserve a free can of tim hortons coffee (the absolute best gift I can think of). All in all, avery good post!


BTW ...

I do believe that Wade Redden's contract, as well as Roszival's and perhaps even Drury's and Gomez's are front loaded contracts ... so in about one or two years they will be much more affordable to trade when it comes to other teams picking them up ...

Redden is being paid a whooping 8 million this year ... yeah ...

However the thought that we have to suffer through this kind of play for 2 seasons is painful and nausea inducing

First...I think the team has tuned out Renney...Second do I trade Redden for Avery??? in a NY minute. Even if Avery bombs his buyout numbers are much less that Reddens...Third...I think Hank is just tired of all the bull he has to deal with every game...I mean what 11/12 shorthanded goals...That's absurd and embarrassing...Hank is great in the SO out because he knows that 6 and 45 won't screw him up. My vote is to keep Gomer and trade Dru if possible (Denver).. Just doesn't seem to be working out here...I really think ( and I have supported him for a long time) that maybe it's time to shake up the bench bosses..Maybe a change of scenery would be good for everyone...Z


I agree with you about tuning renney out (that's why I think renney needs to do something out of character to get their attention) and I also agree about dumping redden (or rozy) for avery in a heartbeat. I would definitely keep gomer (and probably dru) but if I had to trade one it would be dru.

DUBI good article, but you didn't mention what a great job Sather has done post lockout, but you did imply it. Renney refuses to believe there is anything wrong with his system, and keeps blaming his players for not executing it. Not much is his fault or responsibility from most of what he says. But he'd be better off taking the 5th, because he is incriminating himself after every loss and the talk he spews. They are a boring TEAM, not having fun, that's Renney's system, too much detail.He makes them a low scoring team.I wish them all the best when they decide to come back from holiday and start playing good exciting hockey, not this dreck.

Wicky, I couldn't disagree with you more about all of your comments regarding Lundqvist.

Matty and Hurley,

I just don't see Sather telling his bosses that Redden was a 36 million dollar mistake. The entire organization is way to stubborn to admit mistakes. If this slide continues the meaningful changes the coach and I'm sure management will conduct will be simply to call up a fringe player or worse trade for someone like Christian Backman. There is no way that somebody with a contract over 4 million dollars will ever see the stands any night or any season. The difference between this team and the pre-lockout years is an elite goaltender, some good homegrown talent on the lower lines and Staal on D. The similarities are obvious: overpaid veterans that are accountable to no one. I hope you guys are right, but I truly believe we're stuck with this lot for a long time. Whatever is in that dressing room is what we will live and die with. Alright that's a little dramatic, but you know what I'm saying.


Fair enough, your opinion!


to continue on from my previous post (I hit post too soon sorry to have a two parter), I'm not sure what you are disagreeing about with me on hank. The only thing I stated for certain is that I think he is a top 5 goalie in the league, sorry if you disagree with that. Everything else I said was just playing devil's advocate as I stated (just to make sure too many of us don't get too close to the edge just yet this season). But again, if you do not think hank is a top 5 goalie in this league, your opinion and I respect it!

Well, To bed and back to work tomorrow for me. Kick some islander butt tomorrow boys, and thanks all for the respectful opinions and posts. Happy New Year All!!!!!!

Even I would agree to trade Redden for Avery... But only because we could bring up an 'in house' D. And yeah, things would be interesting to watch again.

@i: Too much detail... I would agree. His 'system' is choking these guys. Renny's a nice guy and all, but at the NHL level you have to think the guys know how to play, even if it's jut a little. Slats didn't spend all the money on Gomer because he couldn't play, or Drury for that matter. They were guys that had decent careers before NYR... Something happened to them, and I do believe 'the system' has alot to do with it...

Maybe Renny's a vampire... That's what makes it seem like all the life has been sucked out of the team... GASP!!! Because it HAS!!!

Now... who do we get to play Buffy ??? ?BD

Wicky, just to clarify. I didn't agree with...

"I think hank has let in too many stoppable shots. Some shots are not stoppable, they are just great shots, but I think hank is playing worse than last year for whatever reason."

" Not only that, but does anyone remember how aggressive hank was in his first year and he would intentionally direct shots to the corners with his pads, he gives up so many rebounds now (and yes people should be there in front helping him clear them....see all my previous posts about a big tough d man) and plays too far back in his net, I just do not see him playing aggressive enough."

I think Hank is having a much better & more consistent overall year than last season (regardless of numbers). I think he has not "let in too many stoppable" shots, and I don't think he's changed his style of play from any of the previous years much (aka same aggressiveness level). I think he's not a top 5 goalie in this league, but a top 1a/b (next to Loungo at 1b/a). Unfortunately, he has to deal with a group of Defensemen in front of him who dont know the first thing about playing Defense, so he's been letting in much more goals then we would expect him to, but by not fault of his.

Just take a look across the river at how "Amazing" Clemmensen is looking right now. He has a great record & good numbers on the Devils. Clemmensen. Scott "Career-AHL" Clemmensen is looking no less "impressive" then Marty has ever looked. Why? Because that team knows how to play D. NJ's no-name Defense buys into their system & work their tails off. So Clemmensen can get 1 or 2 difficult opportunities a night & not need to stand on his head. With the type of high quality chances the Rangers have been giving up this season, it's a wonder Lundqvist has been able to still play well enough to be considered for the Vezina so far. He's been the only thing saving this team from being bottom-feeders this season.

you make an excellent point Ros. It is why I look at the goalies Detroit has and Boston and other teams who have success in that department and you will see that the way their D and forwards play in front of those goalies is a big reason for their success. Look at MA Fleury in PIT ... when the Penguins started playing better D last season he flourished ... Even Loungo, who is seemed as a godlike figure in BC, played horribly at the beginning of the season but his team was cheating on D expecting him to carry their lazy butts ... Once tha stopped he started playing better and getting shutouts ...

A goaltender can be a difference maker by himself but if you continue to allow quality chance after quality chance, unimpeded, then there's only so much even the great ones can do

IF this team makes the playoffs, they will be out in the 1st round in 5 games for sure. As much as we all love Lundqvist with 2 chances against Buffalo and Pitt, he has yet to steal a series and there's also no skater on the entire roster/organization that other teams fear or would fear offensively. When Ryan Callahan (a heart & soul, 3rd line role player) is near the team lead in goals, red flags should be flying sky high. Sadly nothing will be done.

it's becoming fairly obvious that Renney is having a hard time. Now he's talking about discipline, and growing a pair. Why the panic? They can win SO games and get more points. Does he have the nerve to demand changes from his boss, or just wants to continue dumping on Prucha, while the vets snicker? Some of his recent quotes are getting even more absurd, if that's possible. Where is the style he claimed they were going to play this season? You know fast up tempo quick transition breakout team. Or is it a 2-1 team. Or is it offense from all four lines? Or is it a D system? Or is it time to give Prucha the proper chance? Or is it time to stick with the same lines? What time is it? LOST!

Joe Torre had a quote that said (paraphrase)if you show too much loyalty to one player than you do so at the expense of the other 24. Everyday the Sather and Renney show loyalty to players not doing their jobs - Kalinin, etc. - they do so at the expense of the rest of the team. My guess is that Renney's system is just like his quotes - overy complicated.

If this is the NYR answer to the Red Wings? They can't even copy the devils, never mind the team that won The Cup. The media has to hold Sather & Renney's feet to the fire. They are not delivering on their promises. This is not the style or system they said they were going to play. But there have been so many quotes, it's hard to tell the truth from the baffle with bull.

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