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December 29, 2008


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I bet KHL messed around woth the lood samples to make sure that Chere will be at fault for the death not them.Old story how there was no drugs in a blood and now there were make be very suspicious.They should hpwever just let him rest in piece and not try to take away his little legacy that eh built


And I would want a piece of that action as it is a way to place the blame on Cherepanov rather that the CHL for not having the kind of needed tests that would have detected HCM.

Since day one the goal has been to blame everyone but the KHL itself as they have accused Cherepanov, the Rangers, the NHL, the medics, the arena and nowhere is any blame for themselves.

Now the KHL is in a position where they can retract their offer of paying off Cherepanov's contract to his family if they desire.

It is always easier to blame the dead.

As I understand it, ONLY the GM can assign players. So Renney claims he's going to sit players and the next day Sather sends Potter down? Sounds like the GM is undercutting the coach. I also assume that Rozsival is back. So play Staal, Mara, Rozi and Girardi 25 minutes each and Redden/Kalinin 10 minutes.

If this kind of double talk continues much longer, these guys are simply going to turn Renney off. The players are not stupid, they can see where the problems are. This would be a better team with Tyutin and Backman instead of Redden/Kalinin. That says it all!!!! Sather took a gamble and it has not worked out. Now is the time to fix it. The problem is the backline. I'd love to get Exelby and Potter on our backline.

I wonder if the chants "Fire Renney" will rain down from the stands if we see another performance like last week.

I have no issue with Drury on the blueline during a PP. However, if Renney never practiced the PP with Drury there, then he made the mistake. The goal was the fault of Mara, he failed to "read" the threat and it resulted in a goal against.

So... By doing nothing, yet again... Maintaining the 'status quo'... Continuing to let players just slide... Does this mean that maybe Renny wasn't responsible for the late season surges of the last few years??? That it was instead the veteran leaders of the team, now departed, that took it upon themselves to right the ship because they liked the fact Renny left them alone, and that's why they liked him as a coach so much? What will it mean if this group of guys doesn't have the turn around to their season... What if the unthinkable happens and they don't pick up their games and the Rangers fall into bed with the Isles at the bottom of the standings. I for one can't wait for the answer to this. We'll soon see if it was indeed he or if he was just a bystander...

You're right Dubi that the stage was perfectly set. No one could fault Renny for taking action tonight. Talk about a gift... Instead he cancels the show and sends a D man who actually brought a little respect to the defensive side of the ice last game back down to Hartford.

I suppose Mr. Renny is trying to look at the 'big picture', trying to 'stay loyal' to the guys that will supposedly take them somewhere and (patiently?) waiting for the veterans to wake up and smell the coffee and excite themselves into a frenzy of good hockey. He is waiting for that magic of the last few years to kick in and for the gun to sound the start of the big playoff push. We have what, a few weeks to go before then ??? Traditionally the middle of January to wake up and realize funky town was an old disco hit, not a state of mind ??? It's going to be a long few weeks... Good thing we have a 'light' schedule for a bit so we have fewer games to lose... ?B)

@rangerbill94: You gotta believe Sather and Renny are communicating about who's up or down. It may not be the prettiest of conversations, but if Sather is sending guys down without Renny having any kind of say, I would think Renny would be at least vocalizing it in some underhanded way, or leaving for being cut off at the knees like that. That's a total slap in the proverbial face, that. Renny is a nice guy but to have a GM just move your guys for you without taking first just makes no sense... ?B)

I don't want to say I told you so, but... No seriously, as i said yesterday, nothing will change. Redden and Kalinin are going no where. Kalinin will be let go at the end of the year and then we will sign another nondescript D to fill his spot instead of looking within. Redden could be caught with Renney's wife and he still will dress!


Thanks for bringing some frank comments and questions. So how Renney keep the players accountable if benching isn't an option? Would love to hear his response and will keep track of ice time as his words are nothing but empty threats imho.

Also, Mara was out of position on the powerplay AND why did drury decide to throw the hit. IMHO, it was on him as he didn't throw the puck deep when pressured at the point, gave Dubi a tough puck to handle with little time, then he decided to go throw a hit when he should've backed off and let a two on one develop with Mara backchecking. Maloney hinted at it in the telecast and Michaeletti (sp?) kept harping on Mara. It was on Drury and his poor decision that led to the breakaway.


Have you seen pictures of the woman Redden married last summer? I don't think he's going to be wasting time with Renney's wife. :)

But I get your point.


Not sure if anyone mentioned anything but when I was at the game on Saturday I heard a couple of "Fire Renney" chants. Neither of them lasted too long or got too loud. Redden had some pretty brutal passes that game and the fans barely let him here it. It seemed like they didn't know who to boo since Rosie was benched

Over the past 50 years, there have been periods where it has been hard work for me to be a NYR fan. This is starting to look frighteningly like this could turn into one such period.

Lack of effort, boring team to watch.

Keepers on this current roster: Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Dubinsky, Callahan,Prucha, Dawes, Betts, Orr , Sjoostrom & Gomez (by deafault). I'd consider everyone else tradable.

All this talk about who plays and who sits is fine, but the one thing I can't get out of my mind is this. Sitting there watching us get embarrassed was bad enough, but to the hated Devils made it twice as bad. There were more fights in the section next to me than there were scrums on the ice. It looked like they didn't care!
We had no forecheck, nobody came back with any kind of fire. Even our enforcer, who used to be a decent heavyweight didn't take offense. Oh wait, I'm sorry, he lost weight and went to skating school over the summer. Probably didn't want to take a chance on hurting his hands.
The point is, that right now there is no fire or attitude on this team. We're way too easy to play against. At least last year they were fun to watch. If Jagr wasn't dealing, or Shanny wasn't shooting from everywhere, then Avery did something nuts to get the team and the Garden going. The place was a library on Saturday except for the Devils morons who laughed at us all night.
I'm going tonight with almost nothing to look forward to.

I think the obvious choice to make would be to fire Sather and Renney, and bring in someone known for not coddling players. Sather should be fired just for his abominable free agent signings this year alone! And I am so tired of Renneyspeak! Dolan needs to make a move now at least to show that mediocrity won't be tolerated...

The "other ant"

No, I don't have to believe that Renney and Sather talk. Sather knows that Renney is too classy a guy to "vocalizing it in some underhanded way". If Potter outplays Redden and/or Kalinin and wins a spot, ONLY Sather looks bad.


I'm not saying Drury had no responsibility on that play. He surely did! But, like in an accident, the last guy to be able to avoid the accident is the one that holds the most blame. Mara should have read the "overload" at the point, saw Elias close to the blueline and placed himself in a position to defend a breakaway if the puck somehow got behind Drury. By the time he read the play, it was too late.

But that brings me to another observation. I see a lot of players on this team that seem to be unable to "read" a play. They seem to anticipate the "good" thing happening, but never the "bad". Drury on the last goal, for example. That's poor judgement and bad hockey sense. If that changes, maybe the overall play will change.

This is the difference right here. Games like this and opportunities like these for coaches to pop the players right back into gear. This is what seperates 2nd round losers from Cup contending teams.

To me, this is what keeps the Rangers from being 'better than average.'

Not to interrupt the KHL witch hunt with facts -- but the KHL did not conduct the investigation, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation did. And if you read the Russian report (rather than the North American reports which focus only on the performance enhancing substance allegation -- its a better story after all) you'd see that the investigation also found fault with Omsk medical staff (for allowing him to play with the heart condition that should have precluded him from doing so) and the ambulance staff that responded (for showing up late and not having a charged defibrillator on hand) and that the investigating committee's findings have been forwarded to local prosecutors for possible criminal charges.

It amazes me that people are trying to turn this into some kind of cover meant up to protect the KHL. Do you really think that admitting that the league's brightest young star may have been taking performance enhancing substances improves the KHL's image? The best possible outcome (for all involved) would have been for the investigation to have revealed that he had a pre-existing, undetectable condition similar to what Calgary prospect Mickey Renaud died of. If that had been their findings, then I could understand the accusations of a cover up. But that's not what the public prosecutor found.

Point taken that the report also put the blame on the medical staff, but you just can't take an official Russian report at face value, ever. Any degree of blame-shifting helps for them, even if to say the entire thing was not their fault. And as for the KHL, they knew this kid was jumping ship over to the NHL in a year or two, so I don't see why claiming he took drugs hurts their image.

As for Renney, I'm a big supporter of his, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to defend him. Several years and absolutely no improvement on the PP. He has no control of his players and no ability to prepare them for a fight. Granted a lot of that has to do with the performance of Captain Dru, and Sather stacking the team with incompetent dmen with no size or grit.


you really think that admitting that the league's brightest young star may have been taking performance enhancing substances improves the KHL's image?

Not improving but its not damagin ether.Would u rather say a young superstar was taking drugs or yes its our fault he died.Wich damages your image more?

Laurie its russia money speask over there.Theyll cover anything up for the right price.You cant believe reports that come from there.

But anyways just let the kid rest in piece wel never find out and theres no proof that i or you can present to prove our points.

I think it is painfully obvious that the game against the Devils is the typical game for the 08-09 Rangers; games like the one against Anahiem are the exception. I fully expect the rest of the season to look like those Devils games. Barring trades, there has been no indication that the Rangers will/can fix their problems.

On the other hand, look at all the attention the Rangers are getting...

If the passion Redden displays on ice is any indication, it may be 'the woman Redden married last summer... wasting time with Renney's wife. :)'

Oops... Pardon... OK I'm back. That was Mr. Bettman. He says I've been suspended for 6 days and need to attend a sensitivity training course. Apparently the pain associated with watching very well paid 'professionals' put less effort into a game than in their morning constitution doesn't count... ?BD

...'The "other ant"...No, I don't have to believe that Renney and Sather talk...'

If this be true, it explains SO much... And demonstrates Sather is clearly brain dead. Business 101. Never make an executive decision without information from the departments and people in command below you. Unless of course, you WANT to crash the company... Then by all means move everyone and everything around 'dis-irregardless' of the outcome. If this be true, every player on the Rangers can simply point to Glen Sather's office and say 'I am following my GM's example... Or lack there of.'

It would also explain why he keeps signing players that don't have a clue also... ?B(

Interesting reading the Stars blog posters.

The snowball is mounting and Renney's veiled threats didn't help matters much. Wow - stubborn!

With DiPietro back, I'm very fearful of this game. They have played us tough the last 2 years. Tonight can get really ugly. This was all just a matter of time.

As for all the moves we all want, there's obviously nothing we can do but endure and wait for a positive move or a blow up. I just do not want Prucha to end up with the Fish through waivers. He will flourish there - sickening thought.

Versus tonight ... Ugh

Sam Weinman is reporting that DiPietro is out for tonights game with a groin pull. So the Rangers can make Joey MacDonald look like (fill-in name of hall of fame caliber goalie) again.

As for the Rangers sending Potter back down, it's a typical stubborn Renney/Sather move. The player being taught a lesson tonight will be Voros who will get a seat in the pressbox while Prucha gets his one out of ten games in so he doesn't get stale. Renney is a stubborn fool who will never learn from his mistakes, so why do we expect the players to learn from theirs.

Time to turn on the TV and see which team shows up.

Maybe we could claim Claude Lemieux off waivers.

Heh. Just kidding. :)


You miss the point, the Omsk staff would not have caught any possible heart defect unless they used an MRI instead of an EKG.

The hockey world made the change to MRIs after Renaud but you would have thought that the Russians would have been first given the increase in Eastern European hockey players being discovered with HCM.

If the KHL had joined the rest of the sporting world in requiring those kinds of tests then the chances of them detecting HCM would have tripled.

Let us also see how many on the board of directors within the KHL are politically connected to the Russian Federal Government? Gee what are the chances of someone saying that the KHL failed Cherepanov here?

Yes let us accuse a dead kid of blood doping since that kid has no way of defending himself.

There was no evidence to support the accusation but that was their conclusion which does not hurt the KHL but smears Cherepanov.

How come you are not questioning why Cherepanov is being accused in such a manner in the first place?

Sorry Laurie but at times you are too quick to think people are anti-KHL, what I am here is ANTI-BLAMING CHEREPANOV.

So Kalinin just coughs up the puck. Any chance he gets benched?

Guess not.

Jess did the NYR give him a MRI when he was here?

wow. the sad thing is I don't think they have even come close to hitting rock bottom yet, this looks reminiscent of ottawa last year, great start and then a rough, painful slide into oblivion...


I hold hank to the same standard that everyone else apparently holds gomer and dru to. I think he is playing below his level last year (not saying trade him, not saying he sucks, not saying he is clown shoes, just saying he is not playing as well). We do not say gomer and dru are playing hard, just their linemates are not performing. We don't say that though, we say they suck and are paid too much for their production and the team's performance right now. Well, I think it is hypocritical that hank (who is one of the highest paid goalies if i am not mistaken) gets the had a bad game or off night excuse because of the players around him, but no one else does. I would love nothing more than to have hank win every game he is in, I think he is great and quite honestly is my favorite ranger goalie of all time (well actually it's close with healey and his dialogue from the bench right up there too), he should have won the vezina last season. The devils make clemmensen look good because their d play PHYSICAL. One of the main reasons we do not go past the second round because we are not physical enough. Hank and the d men around him are as much to blame as gomer and dru and the skaters around them for the recent play of OUR team, no more no less. I just like to play devil's advocate (like I said in some of the other posts) when the lynch mob starts forming here (which I am just as guilty as others of being a part of sometimes). Since you like to post other people's comments as references, why don't you go back and find the numerous upon numerous posts I have made about the lack of a physical d really hurting hank and his performance.

Thanks, It's been so much fun posting with you!!!

Let's Go Rangers!!

atta boy Orrsie!!!

and dawsie.

prucha with his usual getting creamed and then popping back up. On a side note, the keystone beer commercial with the "i like big butts" ringtone was cracking me up!

boy hank really sucks!! Hey Ros, we should trade him he SOOOOOOOOOO terrible!!!

Ros, I kid, I kid!

Uh oh here comes my mom, gotta go!

Congrats to fans at Garden tonight for having their voice heard - the chants for Prucha were just great. The kid deserves a lot of credit for deal with his mismanagement by Renney.

He scores and get 5 shots in only 12 minutes, gets 1st star - still not a sniff on the PP. It brought back memories of his rookie year - he's one of the only current members who is highly regarded as a true Ranger. The fans know. When will Renney get the message and utilize him properly? The PP sucks, give the kid a chance.

Very happy for Prucha.

Great point puluche

Prucha plays hockey, not the way Renney wants it played. And Renney is wrong. Time to bring Potter back up and sit Kalikin, but probably won't happen. The NYR management is pretty low on credibility.


When I heard the Prucha chants, the LOUD Prucha chants ... to me that was a BIG F U to Tom Renney from the Garden fans ... I am happy that I wasn't the only who thought that Prucha was being mismanaged and given a raw deal ... I was glad to hear that 18,000+ agreed that Prucha should've been in the lineup a LONG time ago and that even with limited ice time and NO PP time he was a force every shift ... he is clearly one of our smallest forwards but Aaron Voros, whom I do like, is much easier to knock off the puck than Prucha is ... Prucha is tenacious ... tonight he played with heart, grit and passion and that trickled down to a lot of his young teammates ... even Gomez had a better game, as did Drury but then I hardly noticed Drury much except to note that he wasn't horrible ... on the other hand Kalinen and Redden continued their season of failure ...

I laughed outloud at the Versus announcers when they seemed surprised that Kalinen turned the puck over for the first goal ... and when they commented on how Redden wasn't having a good game based on bad passes he was making

Will Renney continue to make "statements" ??? How about taking Drury off the PP and putting Prucha in his place?

So what was the line up today?

i wouldn't at all say that the organization is down on sanguinetti. according to laurie he's second among ahl rookie dmen in scoring and 7th overall. i think he'll take kalinin's place next season and del zotto could play his way into sanguinetti's place

lines were:

i didnt even notice that former ranger thomas pock was even playing tonight. now with all the prucha chants rennny will prolly bench him for another 10 games

Well it was an entertaining game to watch. I'm so happy for Prucha, he gets a goal, plus he's the number one star, he just played great. Now we just have to hope that Renney doesn't sit him for another eight games so it doesn't go to his head. His coach had this to say after being asked what does the former 30-goal scorer have to do to earn steady playing time? '“If he would get three or four goals a night he’ll be fine,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said with a laugh. “Pete’s a battler. That’s exactly what you have to do when you get those opportunities.”' Message to Tom Renney, then give him the same chances you've given some of the other players.

Finally Orr does what he's paid to do. As for the woeful PP, at this point I'd just roll my normal line combinations out there. My fear is that each PP would start with Betts, Sjoey and Orr on the ice.

Hell I even saw Rozsival step up on some advancing wingers and hit them. Overall the Ranger D are still putrid in their own zone and Kalinin and Redden are the worst offenders. Wicky, before you start with the fact that Hank gave up 4 goals on only 25 shots, just remember that the first one was a 2 on 0 courtesy of the aforementioned Mr. Kalinin, the second was Kyle Okposo's tip of a slapper after the D couldn't clear the zone, the 3rd was on the third rebound with Mr. Redden reaching out to try and touch Blake Comeau as he put it in and the fourth was another redirect by Mike Comrie left all alone in front of the Ranger net.


Glad to know you are thinking of me! You don't think we should trade hank and his salary??? I don't, but apparently by bringing up a few (FEW) softies I'm anti-hank.


In all honesty, I really love chatting with you guys and I really appreciate everyone's sense of humor!!!!

Glad the boys one!!!

We know you are not anti Hank but after bailing out 6 and 45 and to a lesser extent the rest of the team you kinda get a little tired of being superman. Maybe in his own way he is sending a message to Renney. So day I expect him to charge off the ice , go to the dressing room and tell everyone he's going back to Sweden to play. Good things happen when 25 is in the lineup...Z

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