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December 31, 2008


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guess Jagr had his eyes closed ... http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=261479&lid=sublink04&lpos=headlines_main

Just got back to NC from holiday road trip to see Monday night's game. Great atmosphere, especially in the third period starting with Callahan's hit. Kept hearing how the Rangers need the big d-man and a sniper, like it's been said so many times here.

Some observations from Monday night:

1. Fan cam caught me and my longtime compatriot on the big screen. Awesome.

2. Get rid of the Racing Pucks--and while their at it, put some kind of board in front of the goal for the "shootout" contest. Shoot into the empty net? Come on, give 'em some kind of challenge.

3. No more than three "Potvin Sucks!" chants. (But good work carrying on a 30-year tradition. I can remember when saying "sucks" in the Garden was breaking social norms.)

4. Bench a guy when he gives up a two-on-none from behind his own net.

5. At least two fans recognized my Bob Nevin jersey I was wearing. Nevin, former Rangers captain, is 27th all-time on the Ranger scoring list (ahead of Duguay!).

6. What happened to the Gerry Cosby store? Sadly, we found what remains of the store around the corner from the Garden. And it was closed, no less.

7. Don't ever stand up during play in front of the fans in Section 331. "Sit down, you dumb @#*!"

8. I miss Section 418 and being able to see the whole ice.

9. NEVER wear an Islanders jersey to a game at MSG. "Sit down, you dumb @#*!"

10. Lastly: PRU-cha! PRU-cha!


Have A Happy and a Healthy

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanks for a year of great and respectful banter and BB+ and the paper copy rock!

Who has time for a Happy New Year?

A best and worse of hockey in tonight's USA/Canada game, Russia got stomped good by Sweden, The Czechs whip booty and then I get this headline from the QMJHL:

Titan trade Paris to Saguenéens

Wonder if the folks in France knew about this trade?

Happy New Years All!!
atleast this years winter classic is two original six clubs and not the cindy show again.
but enjoy all the cindy comercials... remember to watch for his new ones for headache medicine and groin protection

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let's hope team USA meets Canada again in the medal round. That was some game.

Enjoy the Winter Classic. Next year Rangers vs Boston at Citifield.

Happy New Year!

I hope that next year's Winter Classic will be the Rangers VS the Bruins @ the new Yankee Stadium ...

A Happy New Year to All!

I'm hoping for next seasons Winter Classic will be in NY as well, but I suspect it will be Boston vs. Montreal at Fenway Park.

Nice speech NC. Thanks to BB for all the sanity you bring to us. (104 year Rangers fans between spouse and I.) Regards Potvin sucks. It is time to retire it also, along with Andy's and Adam's Sweaters. It is distracting. Happy New Year. Franklin

if your playing the reebok logo thing with the winter classic... Byfuglien is the player missing the logo.

I have to say that as far as play is concerned this years game is head and shoulders WAY above last years game.

The ice being much better is a factor but the Wings/Hawks just hate each other, it's chippy and entertaining because both teams are just taking it to each other ... Up and Down the ice fast game, and that hit by Seabrook on Cleary into the 'Hawks bench? Beautiful

Happy and Healthy New Year to all and let's hope that the regin of error held by the Late Slats Sather will be replaced by the Mark Messier Regime at MSG.

The WInter Classic is a great watch today hopefully next year it's here in NYC even if it's not a New Years Game why not the day after Thanksgiving at $iti Field Rangers-Islanders

How annoying is Bob Costas?

Why wouldn't it be a New Years Day game? I think January 1st is perfect since it gives non-college football fans a GREAT alternative.

While the Isles and Devils both want to play the Rangers in one of these, the League doesn't ... they want a more marketable team facing the Rangers so it'll probably be the Bruins but I wouldn't be against the Caps and Ovie ... Should be great at new Yankee Stadium either way

Can it be too many men on the ice when you are on the OTHER team's bench! (Head first, no less.) Hah! That was a highly unusual situation.

And what's the deal with showing a Friday the 15th Jason movie commercial during the hockey game. Isn't the league trying to promote a good image? Reminds me that every time I search for "hockey goalie mask" on eBay I always get Jason masks. Maybe they're trying to tell me something.

Heck, maybe this winter classic deal ought to be a doubleheader. I'm bored. I'm watching last night's Bruins-Penguins game.

Great story about the blackhawk players going to tallon's fathers funeral.

anyone think we could trade redden for matty schneider?? I mean the money may be only a little less fo rschneider, but he is probably only going to play for another year or two and he like playing with the rangers before and he played pretty well? Just curious!

The NHL and Rangers are still supposedly at war so do not expect to see the Rangers on NYD anytime soon since it is a cash cow for the teams involved merchandise wise.

Sorry Kranepool but NO WAY do I want Messier as Sather's replacement, make Messier get some training first. The Rangers can ill afford rookie GM mistakes (heck we are already suffering from senior citzen mistakes).

Every time the Rangers have had a "big name" as coach or GM (Keenan was not a big name until after the cup) the team has not gone far.

Neil Smith was a then unknown asst GM of the Red Wings who before he lost his common sense built the Rangers into a winner.

We need someone who wants to BUILD his rep as a GM not live off of one.

So, while my wife and I are watching the Canada vs US world junior game again, thought I might pose this questions to all of you while we wait for the rangers to play again, I am curious to see who you guys realistically think the rangers should acquire to help the team this year (just 5 or 6 guys you think will help us get into and succeed in the playoffs). Please be realistic (I would love iginla, but not realistic). Thanks folks and fire away!!!!

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