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December 27, 2008


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If Orr can't go... that leaves Voros as 'the tough guy'... This game could get really interesting if it gets ugly... ?B)

So let me get this straight, Prucha can only get into the line-up if Orr is too sick to play?

That just proves that Tome Renney is too sick to coach!

Look at that Corey Potter will play, not because Renney(even in all his anger after the last game) has decided that he will hold a veteran D accountable for the disaster that happened last game, oh no but because Roszie has a family emergency ...

I hope all is well with Roszie's family but I am just not confident in how our team can turn things around when the players who aren't playing hard and giving it their all continue to play a lot of minutes no matter what they do, or better yet what they DO NOT DO!

The Devils haven't been playing so well but that never matters when it comes to playing us ...

We got Mara and gomer as a our tough guys if Orr dont go lol.PLus dont forget Girardis 2 punch knockout vs devils i think

Can't make the game, season ticketholder here. Selling 3 seats in blueseats for face value. Rangers shoot twice. Email novaoasis@aol.com if interested

Which team will our 'illustrious' captain lead tonight after he took care of business Tuesday night and made sure he enjoyed his holiday break? Will it be a defense first, offense second, Tom Renney low scoring game? Will it be a game that the Rangers hang in there and give it to Hank to finish it off in a shootout? Will it be another game of the 'zero' powerplay and maybe throw in a 'shortie' for good measure? Will it be coming back for a four goal deficit or blowing a four goal lead? Will it be another 30 minute hockey game or a 'rare' 60 minute performance? Pick one or any combo.....the Rangers are capable of playing any one of them....hopefully we don't get a stocking full of coal like the other night.

The only thing for sure tonight is that whoever the Rangers play they are (the opponent) never out of it. Z

This game didn't take long to see who prepared for it. Debbies with a PPG and a shortie! Renney with the same dumb look! Priceless! Dawes at least puts us close, but no team should put themselves in the hole like these Rangers do all the time! Sheeesh!!!

great not physical in front of the net, devs goal. Our PP, devs shortie. An all star goalie should have stopped the shortie!

atta boy dawes

Another "too many men on the ice" penalty! Sorry but those types of penalties are the fault of the coaches not controlling the line changes.

The Rangers get a chance on the pp, but another shorthanded goal against. What a surprise, the Rangers are down by two to a team that had been shut out two games in a row in less than five minutes.

Good thing Mara actually tried to shoot from the point (the coaching staff will probably sit him for that) because even though it was blocked Dawes turned it into a goal.

Then at the end of the 1st period after being outshot 17-7, Pearn has the gall to tell Al Trautwig that "We knew what to expect from them." Too bad the coaches didn't have a plan to deal with it.

So the team has moved on but what we did not know was that for the Rangers moving on is code for: "We will just do the same dumb things in the next game"

Now would the Rangers like to explain to us one more time how with Jagr gone that Renney would have more of his kind of team?

If a team that takes too many "too many men" penalties, if a team that gives up 11 shorthanded goals and if a team is led by a player who is not embarrassed by blowing a 4-0 lead is a better team that with Jagr and Straka and Avery then boy please give me those 3 back.

When I watch Kalinin on defense and he makes me miss Malik then something is wrong.

8:37pm - was nice to see Potter knock Langenbrunner on his ass behind Henrik after the play was whistled dead. Dont see that too much from Redden/Kalinin, do we?

Now, I think Potter might be slightly overhyped just because we want him to play so much more than Wade/Dmitri, but if he keeps it up I'd love to see him start every game going fwd at the expense of one of the 2 zombies we have on D currently.


Jess I'll take Jagr, Strka, Nylander, or Jagr, Dubinsky Straka / Avery over having Gomez & Drury's lack of leadership & really bad statements of poor attitudes....
This to me is a poorly coached team.

DUBI on loyalty I don't think Renney is true to it. Prucha is a case in point for over 3 seasons.

Actually Kalinin, Redden and Rozsival all make me miss Malik (big exaggeration). Mercifully, I lost my Center Ice feed so I can't watch this abomination no longer. NHL.com says the score is now 3-1 so I guess I'll read about it in the funny papers! I see a very long season if Dolan waits any longer to do anything, as its quite apparent that Sather and Renney will do nothing!

ok. this team is officially in trouble. The Rangers are a buttload of glorified 2 & 3rd line worker-type players (minus Z) that don't want to work. I have a feeling this is about to become a long season if something VERY significant is not done very soon with this team.

This game is making me loose my dinner. unreal. Clemmeson is looking like Roy thanks to our great players.

I'd swear that the Devils players are just calling for the puck every time Gomez is on the ice because of the number of times he's handed the puck to them.

Message to Tom Renney, this Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev line isn't working. You've got two guys who want to carry the puck in Gomez and Zherdev, plus Naslund who doesn't go to the net.

maybe mess is unretiring to help the pp!

Between this Intermission, a "real" Captain would close that locker-room doors & place some ass-wooping on these scrubs. But I have this suspicion that Drury will just decide to take a short nap before the 3rd begins. What a Captain.

Any truth to the rumors that kalinin is z's (not you craig) best buddy off the ice?

Drury is still in holiday mode and his parents are there celebrating their anniversary, so he'll take the C more seriously later in the season when it really counts, and only if there aren't any holidays or family obligations. That's the mercenary way, and until Sather is gone UFAs have to be signed.


If you want to catch some hockey then check out Derek Stepan and his Wisconsin Badgers here for free


Any announcer who can find a way to use "dogs and cats living together" as his way to describe a hockey scrum is my kind of announcer.

This is what drives me nuts as I watch Ranger prospects and see a ton of potential but then I see how every year a Ranger prospect gets the shaft.

Dawes, Cally, Potter, and Prucha.

Where was their loyalty? The Rangers drafted them and treated the hired guns better.

Think Drury will "throw this game into the garbage" again? His thrash can must be pretty deep.

Well one game does not a point make or disprove, but my staal/mara pairing theory has not started well. I'm thinking of a tom petty song right now.....

Thanks for the link Jess! Wisconsin has a pretty intense forechecking game from what I'm seeing! I'd be watching the London Knights if they were on!

The thing that really gets me more than anything (and frankly it was always the one thing I appreciated about all those teams from 95 to the lockout) is you are losing and playing poorly, get in someone's face, rudy poo it up, drop the gloves. You may lose on the scoreboard, but make the other team know you still freaking care! Almost makes me miss avery A LOT!!!

This game proved that Cory Potter belongs in the NHL and that Wade Redden should be sent down.

The best players on the ice for the Rangers tonight were the kids, Callahan, Dawes, Dubi, Korpikoski, Potter and Staal.

The worst were Gomez, Naslund and Redden.

This team is not making the playoffs with Renney at the helm. Sather should either get him some different players or fire him to let someone more capable lead the team.

Okay Mr. Drury....take your -3 for tonight and put that in that in the garbage also. Even Dmitri Kalinin was a + 1. Seeing Mark Messier in between periods on MSG reminded me of what a Captain is all about. Think Mark would make comments like Drury did the other night after blowing a 4 goal lead....don't think so...then ccme back the next game and be the worst player on the ice. Mr. Clutch.... I don't think so Chris ..why don't you take what's left of the holiday season off since that seems to be more important than winning hockey games which you are paid very nicely for!
Sorry, I can't let go of the crap Drury said the other night...I guess he can and Renney can...but I can't !

What's up with Dubinsky? One goal in the last 27 games...ain't going to cut it...and no signs of him snapping out of it. Add Voros to the list of guys that probably needs to take a seat on the bench...terrible for two months now !!

Man, we have issues..........or at least I do.

Rich...the worst player on the ice was the captain Chris Drury. Notice I did not 'capitalize' the 'c' in captain..because he does not deserve it in my eyes. He was a -3 tonight....terrible!

So will Drury want to move on after this loss? I bet after letting Parise out work him for the Debbie's 4th goal he will.

The season record is a fraud just like those pretending to be Ranger team leaders.

Captain Drury: No points, 1 shot, -3.
Gomer, much better: No points, 2 shots, -1.

This team has loads of problems. No size. No PP. 2-3 incompetent dmen. But how about the fact that Drury and Gomer are supposed to be the leaders of this team with Jagr gone? In other franchises you see home-grown talent emerging from nowhere and having big years to lead their teams. We bring in mercenaries who get worse when they arrive. I'd rather see a "lazy" Jagr regular season than what these guys are putting together.

Face it. Sather's big plan in the post-Jagr era was to have a team with Drury and Gomer in front. Throw out the plan and start over.

Oh yeah, about Messier. If I recall correctly (and please correct me if I'm not), there was a year when the team was playing like garbage before the holidays, and after a loss the team boarded a plane which was decorated for the holidays. Mess threw a fit and tore it all down.

Think Drury did that?

too bad Renney won't be specific on his players, and almost never blames himself or his coaches. Let's see him bench any 2 guys for the next game. He doesn't have the gonads. That's why they play this way, FLAT!

I would take Shanny, Straka and Jagr back ... not Avery ...

In any case we don't have them, we have these players ... I wonder what was said in the Post Game ... Once again they lose because they didn't come out ready to play ... the Devils played harder and smarter than they did, the Devils didn't give up yet another Shorthanded goal ... The Devils didn't make multiple turnovers in their own zone ...

How lovely we have the Islanders in MSG on Monday, who always play well against us because they play HARD and DP will be in net ... then we go to Washington to face Ovechkin again ... I have very little faith that our team, with their current attitude will get points out of either of those games ... I mean once again the usual suspects played badly ... will anyone sit unless someone has an illness or a family emergency like Roszie did tonight? I highly doubt it ...

Do they have tomorrow off? I bet they do


Did you see that the Badger fans earned free ice cream for the team's 5th goal?

It got me thinking as the Rangers could sign a deal with Rolaids where when the Rangers lose games where they took a bad penalty or gave up a shorthanded goal then fans receive a free roll of Rolaids (tonight would have been 4 free rolls)

now start watching this....http://tsn.ca/nhl/standings/

well atkeast we all witnessed 2 things:Rozie IS NOT a problem its everybody cept for Staal and G.And we also witnessed how worse (believe it or not our temam is on Off or def w/o rozie

For all those who were happy to see Jagr gone, I would like to point out: he made this team better because:
1. He got the top d pairing which means Gomez and Drury both played against players their equals or worse
2. He got double teamed so that left Dubi open. Dubi without Jagr is a very young 2nd line center
3. He could score.

How can we have--less than half way through the season--given up 11 short handed goals? How is that possible?

Renney supposedly coaches in a defense first style--where's the d in the power play? And where's the D in five on five?

I keep hearing that they're fine when they play in the system. Okay. What's the penalty for not playing in the system? What's the penalty for not playing 60 minutes of hockey? This is terrible.


Paul, I was so disgusted after the 4th goal that I watched the end of "Miracle" instead of the end of the game. I couldn't be bothered looking at the box score to see who was the worst +/- tonight. At least watching the movie put a smile back on my face.

pathetic. Just Pathetic. Anyone hear what our captain had to say after the game?

I loved what maloney said on hockey night in NY, the most important need on this team is a tough dman, that brings it every night, that scares ooposing team forwards to death! Sounds like something someone here keeps posting.......

Sorry Jess, my internet connection went wonky next and I couldn't watch a thing. Typical crappy night! Rolaids would be very appropriate though. Its refreshing to watch the OHL or Collegiate hockey cause you know the players will have a better work ethic than our team has for awhile. They play hard every night just hoping to get drafted, while our so-called star players are afraid to do the things that got them in the pros in the first place.


No worries but you see why I enjoy what I do in covering the kids. Tonight I was able to watch Stepan an offensive weapon playing defense, a Chris Doyle scoring a hat trick and a Carl Hagelin QB a penalty kill that did not allow anything in 7 PPs.

Wait until you see my article on Kundratek (with the Czechs right now) in the next issue. Kundratek is a REAL defensive defender who uses his body and loves to hit.

I am the lucky one here as while you guys are stuck with the crap from the Rangers, I get to cleanse myself by watching these kids before the Rangers screw them over.

Hey, how would Dave Maloney be as the next coach of the team? Maybe we could get him as coach and Messier as GM. Just a thought. Don't know if it's a good one.

How sad is it the "Doghouse Nigel 'Prucha' Dawes" was one of the best players on the ice tonight?

Was that Wade 'The Other Human Pylon' Redden throwing checks and scrumming on the offensive boards in the 3rd ??? He was actually sweating! I swear I heard someone exclaim 'He's Alive!' behind the glass...

Callahan. A little size and he could be the power forward we haven't had in years... They do realize they're going to have to pay him don't they?

At least Voros was alive this game.

Sjostrom... when shooting the puck, please aim for the net thingy with the goalie in front of it. Pretend it's a shootout. And pass the word along to Mara too...

How many times did you see white jerseys moving and blue ones standing still, watching? Nobody took a man all night. Ugh. Made Rosy look good and he wasn't even there.

Dubinski needs a veteran on his line. I'd pair him with Naslud and let them simmer for awhile. They'd be cooking things up in a bit.

Gomez and Zherdev shouldn't be on the same line. Although with them both together the turnovers are limited because they both cough up the puck after lugging it all the way up to the offensive zone...

Gomez has all his old equipment back. Is that why it seemed he was playing for the devils last night?

Henke is starting to feel it. He's beginning to resent being hung out to dry every night. He's realizing half the team doesn't show up. That's the catalyst. When your trophy nominated league recognized goalie gives up and gets vocal, Slats and Renny won't have the choice anymore. Something WILL get done. Just hope it doesn't take 20 more games... ?B(

I get disgusted every time the Rangers play NJ because when I see Zach Parise I'm thinking that the "brain trust" took Hugh Jessiman instead of him. Then it occurred to me last night that Parise would be sitting right where Prucha sits every night if he had been a Ranger.

Other teams replenish their talent through the draft and let the kids develop by giving them a real chance in the NHL. The Rangers show them the practice facility during training camp, send them to Hartford during the season and fill their roster spots on the NHL club with guys whose best days are over. This just never changes, it doesn't matter who the GM is either. The last time the Rangers actually brought their own draft choices along was early during Neil Smith's time with the club.

so are the NYR still ok? The standings says they are. But the coach didn't say that after the game. Why? Guess he knows better than many that he's in trouble and so is his team, no matter what the standings read . But after losses it's never about him , it's the players. After wins it's I & we.

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