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December 26, 2008


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Interesting analysis of+/- stats when others play with Kalinen(even though I HATE this stat). Like to see the same analsis applied to Redden & Roszival too.

I always knew Kalinin was bad but those +/- statistics of all Kalinin and non-Kalinin defensive combos is devastating. As a lawyer I can say, great use of evidence Dubi.

The thing is, Renney's job is to know these things, and he has the same stats we do. He is a loyal coach but I doubt he is so loyal to someone who has yet to play half a season for him, especially at the expense of the rest of his players. There must be some reason behind it. The only thing I can think of is that if you send him down or bench him, perhaps that makes him completely untradeable. Of course common sense tells me that simply playing him makes him untradeable, but who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

But in the end, while Redden may be stuck here given his contract, Kalinin shouldn't be. Bench him, send him down, waive him, trade him for GM stock, I don't care. It's one thing if a player does nothing to make your team better, but if he makes the team worse it's time to let him go.

Agree with Bones above. I'd like to see the same +/- stat for Redden and Rozy. And compare with Staal just for laughs.

If you're an "owner" and you look to assess this team as the new year approaches, you have to see the smoke building - from the fans all the way to the various failings of all levels of management. As an owner or leader, you need to put out the fire. But this is Dolan who probably only sees a team residing in 1st place. We are too smart to be blind-sided by the record.

A "Level V" evaluation of this team would see differently:

1) You are mad at a recluse GM for numerous bad signings that did not address team needs, have not worked out, and have financially strapped the team's maneuverability for years to come.

2) You are concerned about the coaching staff (even though one must consider that Renney represents the Rangers as a class act and did change the culture of this team around, especially defensively) for many of the things Dubi said: blind loyalty, mismanagement of personnel, inconsistent play (during games and the season), displaying a constant lack of ingenuity to spark offense (especially PP), and especially no accountability towards the players - especially the over-priced veterans.

3) You are annoyed by the players being more concerned with "comfortability" - something Renney enables - rather than having a hard stance attitude and effort towards winning. Drury (especially as an acting Captain) and Gomez opened this window up a lot more after the Caps loss and let the stench be smelt by all to whiff and gag.

4) You wonder why fans are furious about our team - especially when they are in "1st place?"

Failure and accountability must always be found at the top.

In the Rangers case, it's obviously Sather. But it's more so Mr. Dolan who lacks the foresight or nerve to call upon Mr. Recluse to address a state of the union with this team.

The smoke is now visible, but the problem is this: will anyone from management put "loyalties" aside and put out the fire?

Of all the problems this team has, this is foremost.

Great post Dubi.

In terms of +/- , a lot of people get turned off by it and complain that it is ineffective. I would agree that when a player has a high + in the +/- category, that it is not a very telling statistic. High + is often overrated, I think most people can agree with that. If a player's +/- however is terribly negative it is another story. The point is, +/- is typically not helpful in describing how a player is actually performing (especially on the + side of it). However, if you break it down the way Dubi did and look at how Kalinin has affected his defensive partners the statistic is revealing and much more significant. I think having player loyalty is one of Renney's greatest strengths but can also be one of his greatest weaknesses. There is no doubt in my mind that Kalinin is pulling the team down. You don't have to look at his +/- to understand how terribly he has been playing. Just watch a game. He is clearly woefully out of place on the roster and is often out of position and caught standing still and watching helplessly as opponents race past him. Give Potter a chance. As Dubi said, he can't do any worse and has worked hard and deserves the shot. At least he can learn from any mistakes he makes and can improve throughout his career. It is the end of the road for Kalinin. Loyalty is important but it isn't a one way street. Kalinin does not 'buy in' to Renney's style of play and hasn't even been on the team for half a year. The respect is not mutual and Renney is wasting his time with him. Unless there is something going on behind the scenes that I don't know about.

As for Redden, he doesn't seem to try. The excuse that he is just a fluid smooth player doesn't fly when you watch him and notice that he simply doesn't skate. He is the opposite of a Callahan. I am still holding out a little hope for him but I think Renney needs to bench him. Maybe for a game or two. Just to shake things up and show him that he needs to put in the effort every night.

Oh, and you should throw Betts on to the list of Rangers who bust their butts every night for the team. Betts is probably the most underrated player on the team considering his ability to kill penalties, win faceoffs, and out hustle opponents.

The behind the scenes with Kalinin is that he is Zherdevs best friend on the team..Get another Russian speaking player out there and maybe you can dump #45... Speaking of +/- I personally feel that one of the objects in team play is to be a plus player...That said Kovalchuk is minus 10 or something yet we would take him in a second. Prucha must play... The energizer bunny will embarrass bigger better players into giving 100%. My vote goes to Betts for 'C'...Z

I was about to ask that question.....about Kalinin being the only other Russian player besides Zherdev. I would imagine that will keep him around until we have another. Perhaps Kalinin was a bridge to Anisimov next year. As for Prucha......Dubi needs someone on his line that has at least a shred of offensive instinct. Sjostrom has none.

waiving players is done for good reason and good results:


I don't understand -- what is the problem with Callahan? How has he been disrespected? He gets a regular shift with Gomez or Drury.

The idea that vets should be treated the same as kids is appealing to fans, but it is just not realistic, not with the Rangers or any other pro sports team. Callahan was sent down last year because he had options and had never been productive over an entire NHL season.

And just to be a dink -- if Kalinin was -18 and now is -14, he must be +4 in the last couple weeks. Doesn't that mean he is playing better now, just like the coach was expecting?

There is another side to this point. The team is basically what it is, barring a trade. If it is to succeed, the existing guys have to mesh better and improve and that won't happen unless they play together more, not less.

Larry Brooks must get his column ideas from this blog site. I am sure he is a subscriber.

Dubi you are right. It is time to be proud of the sweater they wear. If the high priced guys are incapable of getting it done dump'em.


Five guys making $27M or about half the cap. What are we getting? Less than half a point per game and major minuses. Great job Sather.

Chicago and Philly in two years rebuilt around young talent.

These five guys are overpaid and if there is anyone willing to trade a pick or a prospect the team should jump at the opportunity. I never hope for an injury but some defenseman on Detroit goes down send them Redden. Please.

Two things. First of all, I think staal and mara should be paired back together, say what you will, our record was far better with them as a pair than any other time since. Secondly, I do not know exactly the meaning behind (Jedi mind trick or true feelings) of Drury's comments, but he is a better captain to this point, than jagr or leetch was for the rangers (it is still early and the verdict is obviously still out, also I am NOT saying a better player, just a better captain). He showed more emotion after his goal in Europe against the russian team than the other two did in either of their tenures. He showed emotion with his comments the other night. In this game of violence and emotion, you NEED to show emotion to lead, you do not have to show it to be a great player, but you do have to show it to lead!! Go ahead and let me here it because I said leetch and jagr were not good captains (both were great players). One other note, I disagree with the benching of voros, put him on the fourth line or something, you want prucha in, fine, let him takes dawes place. On a team with no size on the wings and not overly physical, taking out one of the few guys that brings that seems to be asking for it in my opinion. Yes his production is down but it just happens to coincide with his reduced ice time from our favorite juggler Mr. Renney. So which came first, the chicken (less production) or the egg (less ice time)?????

Nice article... Really enjoyed the read....

Best quote I've heard on these 2 players to date:

"Let's not overlook Chris Drury and Scott Gomez -- here are two guys this team is built around who, despite the record, are having their worst seasons in a long time, two guys whose place in Ranger history thus far is highlighted by things they did as opponents."

Remeber Renney's devotion to Hossa? He was given premier minutes on powerplay and ice team and produced the equivalent number of goals as Hollweg. He was and still blindly devoted to Betts. He thought Betts was a second line center and put him in the second center slot. He's better now recognizing that he's a fourth line center and still sneaks him in occasionally for pp time What about Malik? Horrible skater and yet kept throwing him out there. And that 's what we get with Renney.

Dubi, I think that's the downside of bringing in the hired guns. They either block the path of the development of a kid at the NHL level or, the draft position is compromised in getting the best chance at getting top end talent. Drafting late teens and early twenties, doesn't give the team the best chance to get the best talent. Sure people have fallen or they've traded a few spots to get a person, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. What team has been able to do what the Rangers are trying to do and are successful at it?

wwwc9: I disagree with your view of the Renney-Betts relationship. The loyalty and trust in this relationship has been earned. Betts busts his butt every game. He makes few bad mistakes (if any), has great hockey sense, is a fabulous penalty killer, and a good faceoff man (47%... Gomez leads Ranger's centers with a 52.8% faceoff percentage). Second line center he is not but he deserves the chances he is getting especially considering that he is doubled his scoring output from last year in less than half the games (4 in 36 games vs. 2 in 75 games last season).

The bottom line is that Betts in an underrated player on this team, maybe the most underrated. Any devotion he gets from Renney is deserved. Putting him in a category with Hossa and, dare I even say his name, Malik is simply unfair.


Excellent read!

Ahhhhh.... It's good to be part of the "in crowd." Great read for my first post in my personal BB+ history. They deserved to be ripped a new one after that WASH game. That left a bad taste in my mouth all holiday season.

If they can all get coordinated in the second half of the season, we could make a good run. Fix the Power Play and the rest will fix itself, IMO. That's my motto for the next three and a half months.

Chris QCT--welcome back!

Dubi, great article.

Bones, I think you can get a sense of Redden and Rozi's +/- effect through the use of Dubi's statistics. Not perfectly, perhaps, but within range.

What is you package Kalinin and Voros and Prucha and bring up Ansimov....


There is a difference between Redden and Kalinin as I see it. Kalinin at times attempts to hustle. This guy Redden has never shown any kind of desire. I am way past the point of thinking that he is so smooth that he appears to not be trying. HE ISN'T! The guy avoids the hard places on ice, and gets to running around under pressure like a first year player. When you add that to the cap space he eats it becomes hard to accept his place on the team at all. Having said this, I was not against his coming here over the summer, but enough already, accept it as a major mistake and move on. Even though we all know that will never happen with this management group. I will be leaving for the game shortly, and must admit I'm not sure how the team will show up. It was tough watching them fold up the other night, but lets keep hoping......

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