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December 18, 2008


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From the previous comments.

RB, Ranger came up really big against Devils and Habs? I say it again they've been lucky too many times and it's going to catch up with them if this trend continues. There are A LOT of games left this season...

If you go by points percentage the Rangers are 6th in the NHL, which is still very, very good. The San Jose game will be a great test, especially on the road. I watched the Columbus-SJ game before the NY-LA game and man are the Sharks big and fast. Lundqvist has to be brilliant if the Rangers are to win (nothing new there). I am, however, dreading watching Kalinin try to handle the Shark forecheck.

Not a complete meltdown at all last night, and against a pretty good team.
I read somewhere that Sather offered Sundin a range of a contract, and I assume that means that by trading or moving these players I can offer this amount, or if I trade these players I can offer you this much, but thats who you would be left playing with.
And aside frome the easier travel, what makes NY Rangers a team someone would want to sign with? Would your Nike (Pokerstars) endorsements be worth more money, is it the restaurants, museams, city life, is it the energy of the fans and building. Or like Hossa is it the way they play, the coaches and the make up of the team, where you are willing to go to battle with that group of players into the playoffs. I hope it is the latter and he doesn't hurt the make up of this team.

Sundin's a Canuck.It's on TSN.

Sundin's a Canuck. Boooooo.

Guess he went for the money.


To tell you all the truth, I couldn’t be happier that Sundin is NOT coming here. It’s always a pleasant reminder to me that human nature is what it is and that after all the talk and BS posturing that it's all just about the money. This proves it, once and for all that in sports, just as it is in life, people go to where they can make the most money. I wrote the other day about my doubts that Sundin would come here for less. Remember all the talk citing just how badly CC Sabathia wanted to be on the West Coast? That it was so important to his wife and family for him to be there? I read a quote from him somewhere that he reportedly said, “I want to be a Dodger.”

What happened?

Here's what happened. The Yankees through not just the kitchen sink, they through the GNP of Guam at him and now he’s singing “I love NY.”

In the end its all the same for Sundin. It wasn’t about the Swedish players that are here. His fondness for Henrik Lundqvist or that NY is his favorite city to play in. Maybe it's his favorite city to "play" (as in use to perhaps secure a better deal for himself with Vancouver...who knows what little trinkets were thrown his way to make it better) but the bottom line is ultimately the bottom line. He went where the most money was pure and simple.

On the other hand, there is good news. At least now the Rangers can work on making a trade or two that will improve the entire team without tearing it apart.

Given the relationship Sather has with Brian Burke, how about looking into getting Tomas Kaberle or getting on the phone and calling down to Florida to see if Jay Bouwmeester's favorite city to play in is in Frostbit Falls, Minnesota and then he ca=n come play here? Better yet, why not look at getting a defenseman that might actually hit someone?

There’s no doubt that Sundin WAS a supremely talented player. The key here is WAS. He’s now just a VERY GOOD player. This move doesn't make Vancouver a contender. It just improves them. It would have improved the Rangers too had they been able to make this work without destroying all that the team has.

Lastly, did the team need to revisit days gone by that we've all finally gotten used to having in the past where they mortgaged the future to go after another big name player at the end of his career…?

Bye Mats...Thanks for nothing...

Mitch--The fact is that Slats has saddled the Rangers with $30 MM of contracts for 5 players. No one would begrudge Henrik his money, but the rest of them? This is another example of Sather's ego being bigger than his brain. For me, it is the state we are in with contracts resulting in no flexibility.....not to mention the players we will have to sign in the next couple years. Mats would have been nice, but cap flexibility would have been nicer. Too bad Slats couldn't, or wouldn't do anything about it.

#1 I'm extremely happy that the Sundin saga is over and done with
#2 I wonder how Steve Zipay will pick up the pieces of his broken heart, ;)
#3 I am hoping that the Rangers can now focus on what truly ails them and that wasn't a need for yet ANOTHER Center ... No, they need to be consistent and play HARD from beginning to end, it has become an unacceptable trend(no matter that we're in December) that they seem unwilling to break and given that the coach seems to not treat it with the urgency it requires why would they ... they'll just continue to allow Vally and Henrik to be victimized with prime scoring opportunities ... What gets me is that this is easily fixed, they weren't doing this in October so GET IT FIXED! Sit the people who aren't performing for a game or two and perhaps they'll perform better ... GRRRR

#4 and hopefully the real needs of our team will be addressed at the trade deadline

Well put Mitch Beck...totally agree with your commments. Money Money Money...that's what it's all about in every sport. All the talk of Mats wanting to win a Cup and money didn't matter...what a line of crap....it's 'clear as mud' now. He wanted to play a half season this year and got that....also got the $10 million which was on the table from July 1st. We will never know if he would have fit in with this team and yes now the Rangers can 'tweak' their lineup with a move or two as we get ready to start the second half of the season. Glad that it's over and we can now move on......

one fact is being overlooked, Sather wanted Sundin & didn't get him. Now he has many spinning for him he's better off. Guess Sundin saved Sather from himself. Time to look and hold Sather accountable. How many more years does he deserve to get the NYR to the finals? I say this season should be it, or be gone.

How do the NYR have a better chance at the Cup than the Canucks? Sundin probably didn't think that. Everyone is assuming he went only for the money. Maybe he doesn't agree with many NYR fans and NYR management. And he could be right or wrong. All of a sudden he's the bad guy?

Thank God Sundin went west.


I think that the perception that the Rangers have a better chance at reaching the Cup Finals is because of the conference ... all teams in the East have glaring weaknesses(although BOS hasn't really shown me any yet but we did beat them even though it was SO) ... so the thinking goes that with the Sharks, Wings, Anaheim, and such that the Canucks won't be able to get out of the West ... but who knows ...

Sundin did what was best for him and the lack of Cap space saved Sather ... although had he not signed Wade Redden(which he didn't HAVE to for so many years at that price after signing Roszival) then this wouldn't of been an issue ... Sather handcuffed himself but in the end this might work out better for us

Sundin will be a free agent on July 1st...And it starts all over again... We played down to the level of our opponents but we stole 2 points. I'll take it...Z

I was very ambivalent about the whole Sundin situation. I could foresee him helping the team and I could foresee him not doing much to help. As long as the Rangers didn't trade a good young player for him, I was very meh on the whole thing. Now that he has signed with Vancouver, I don't think you can automatically conclude that Sundin went for the money. I read that he really wanted a 1 year deal and the original Vancouver offer was for 2 years. Maybe he just used the Rangers to get Van. to drop the 2nd year of the contract. Vancouver also has a bunch of Swedes, so it's not like he spurned all Swedes. Vancouver has a good shot to win the division and if Luongo is healthy, who knows what they can do in the playoffs (especially with the choking Sharks and iffy goaltending of Detroit). I'm just glad the whole sage is finally over.

Forward isn't where the Rangers have problems. We need a great shooter from the point and Sather will deal with Burke to get Kaberle from Toronto. Just wonder what he will cost?? I would think we would have to trade off Rozsival and probably Prucha. Since it was reported Burke was at the Wolfpack game, I would think they would want Anisimov or Sanguinetti also. That trade could even be worth Jaybo from Florida


Excellent post, getting a d man that actually hits someone. A REAL NEED!!!

speaking of defensemen who actually hit, I know its early, but how is Sauer's second year starting out?

when was the last time there was a powerplay penalty shot?

Not sure about sauer, I think he just came off a pretty serious injury. I was thinking more of a volchenkov (sp?) from the sens, gauthier, komisarek, or someone of that ilk.

Sorry but I get to watch the teams out west, if you think that the Canucks offer a better chance at winning over the Rangers Sundin then you are smoking some excellent dope.

No matter how anyone wants to spin this, the Rangers are better off without Sundin because his addition would not have addressed the core problems of this team.

Sundin over the last season showed me that he was about himself and nobody is going to change my mind.

I am happy to see Zipay with a broken heart because his logic in wanting Sundin in the first place was foolish. When you see all that has gone wrong with the Rangers and you still want Sundin then one has to wonder where your head is at.

I was starting to think that Mats would decide by game three of the Stanley Cup Final.

Big hard-hitting defenseman. Hm. Is Tyutin available?

Great article from Larry Brooks today, summed up everything I've been pissed about since July 1st. Sather lost out on Sundin July 1st, like he'll lose out on any other player that could become available that would help the Rangers take the next step. Whether it be Jovanovksi, Bouwmeester, Kovalchuck, Heatley, or whoever, the moronic contracts that Sather gave to Redden and Rosival are going to keep us from doing a damn thing for the next 2 years. Totally mindless deals. We decided to spend 11-12 mill of our cap on Wade Redden, who legitimately is as bad as every newspaper and fan wrote about when he became available, and ROsival, who proved last year he was nothing more than an average hockey player. So what do we do? INstead of going shorter contracts with players who "weren't as good" (Like the Mark Streits of the world who's numbers make Redden and Rosival look like minor leaguers), we decide to invest in garbage and now that will cost of from improving our team unless Sather does the unthinkable..Toss both on waivers and if they dont clear, who cares, pay them 11 mill combined in Hartford while we then have that money to acquire a consistent scorer as well as a very good defenseman.

I just wish Sather could be held accountable for these idiotic moves. I know the Rangers are in 1st place, and this and that, but just cause Rosival helps us win 1 of every 12 games he plays, and Redden closer to 1 in every 20, we need to dump these guys now, or work on buyout. NY has the money, this salary cap is half of what ours used to be, who cares, just get rid of these losers.

If there is one thing that has been proven, its you dont need to get out and start handing out 5 mill a year to dmen, they all can work if they are in the right system. Maybe next time someone in our organization can grow some balls and tell Sather to put his check book away when hes going to destroy our cap for 2 years and god awful players.

Now on to a positive. I like the last two wins as not only did we need to start winning games before the shootout, but putting good games together was key and the team has played well of late. Let's keep winning, locking in these points, and hopefully when the time comes, sather can unload Prucha, Fritsche and whoever else that can give us some flexibility to get a scorer or dman.

Well, I was ambivalent about Sundin, too. Happy to see him not sign.

But I'll pose something to you all: what is the possibility of getting Gaborik in a trade? I believe he's an FA after this season, and he is miserable where he is.

As for the game the other night. I'll take the two points. Two points are always good. And the team now has a few nights to practice, bond, and study how the Wings manhandled the Sharks.


I love how everyone is up in arms over Roszival's contract. He got fair market value. Go take a look at nhlnumbers.com and look at the other D-men making 4.5-5.5, Roszival is not out of place. Roszival is not the problem. The contracts that are actually handcuffing the Rangers are Drury, Gomez, and Redden. In terms of cap-hits, Redden is the 6th highest D-man, Gomez the 3rd highest Center, and Drury the 5th. There is no way any of those players should be in the top 10 for their position.

ntb it's not the contracts as much as the performance and earning of those dollars by all four. Sather is between a rock & a hard place, and he put himself there.

The backline needs to be addressed if they want any shot of getting through a playoff series, and has needed addressing for the last three years+. We need a mean, crease clearing banger. GAborik is interesting, but injury prone and probably won't like renney's style much more than Lemaire's.
Would rather try to grab Boumeester...

We didn't NEED Sundin, so that chapter is closed. The problem is still the backline. Kaberle would be an interesting addition. What it would take to get him is another thing. TOR has about $9MM in cap space and we have only $1.3MM, but that doesn't mean they will take just anybody. To make a deal we need to shed some big salaries. I can't see Burke wanting Rozsival, Prucha and maybe somebody from Hartford. And I can't see that as a good trade for us. Now if Burke were to be stupid enough to take Kalinin, Prucha and Fritsche or Korpi, that would clear up enough cap space, but leave TOR with nothing in return. So I don't see anything happening for now. Maybe at the trade deadline or add Sags to a deal.

Do we really have any chance land Kovalchuk before March 2009?

Look if we couldn't clear enough cap space for Mats Sundin where we needed to clear 3-4 million in cap space what makes anyone think we can clear enough to land Gaborik or Kovalchuk? In any case Kovalchuk has this season and next left on his contract so unless Atlanta gets back a Superstar then they have no incentive to make this move at this time

Matty I have a feeling that Kovalchuk is sick and tired of being in Atlanta, but at the same time he has a good sportsmanship attitude and never shows that feeling.

RB if we didn't need Sundin why did the GM Sather try to sign him? Do you think Sundin would have made them a better team? I did, but so do lots of players if he can get them. Redden does not to any significant amount, especially at $6.5 for SIX years, totally absurd. .... Sather is basically lost at sea.


Sundin was not NEEDED. If Sather thought he was, there would have been no price too high. Could he be of value, yes. Don't campare Redden and Sundin. Redden was a gamble, a hope he could return to his old ways. Doesn't seem to have worked out.

RB so just how would Sather have matched the offer for Sundin? You give him too much credit, he's not that smart. Redden should not have been a gamble. They should have known . Ottawa kept him over Chara, then let him walk. This change in scenery nonsense, and Renney can perform miracles is shilling from the NYR. They blew it and now have to figure out what to do with Redden after this season or sooner. Sather over pays and underbids too. He's not a gernius or the NYR would have been to the finals already. But you believe and think what you want.

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