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December 20, 2008


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Is it just me, or do the Rangers seem to keep their picks in the system longer too? It seems only of late that any of their picks have even been allowed up to play past October. There's always two or three that seem to have decent camps, but then it's off to the farm while the rest of the NHL starts their picks, or at least last years... I can understand some caution with very young players, as in the current case of Tampa's Stamkos. I think he could have used a year, but even he wouldn't seem such a big deal if the lightning weren't so bad...

It just seems to me that the Rangers wait too long to bring these guys up, especially when more than half of them turn out to be so horrific. Quite a contrast to the Sharks above, who have a young group of core players all coming up relatively close to each other that don't have baggage, a whole boatload of stuff to unlearn from a few years on the farm or crazy high expectations to live up to because they had 'all that time on the farm to learn'. A decent group like that, with a few vets sprinkled in is a far better way to go IMHO than the 'rent a team' approach we seem to enjoy at MSG... Just curious as to the actual 'facts of the matter' as I have a mind like a steel sieve which precludes particulars from staying within the grey matter. ?;)

Is that really you ant(said and meant in the nicest way possible)? Hahahaha, well said.

Dubi, that piece of yours should be required reading for the Rangers brass. Maybe they can learn something from our drafting mistakes.

Not so surprising given that THE GENIUS had an abysmal draft record in Edmonton. To be fair the drafting has significantly improved since Gordie Clark came on board.

It wasnt me who wrote that

Great post - right on target - Go Rangers!

Good thing Rangers don't play San Jose more, as their PK percentage wouldn't be so good!

We competed with the Sharks but once again, the team was not ready to play at the drop of the puck and it cost them 2 quick goals ... so as well as they competed with the Sharks the same problems that have plagued them since November continue ...

They actually played well after being stupid and undisciplined early. Callahan should be cloned, and Potter allowed to prove he is better than Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin put together. I really wish that the desperation that they play with when they fall behind would become how they play all the time. They could have won tonight! Anyway, good overall West coast trip but they need to carry it back East!

Great 3rd period by the Rangers. Did everything but put the puck in, which leads to this obeservation: the Rangers played 3 different style games on this trip (ie. a full sixty in Anaheim, a horror show in LA and a 30 minute job in San Jose). Common theme? 2 regulation goals/game. While the Rangers may not have NEEDED (to use RB94's term) Sundin, they sure need someone to provide/spark some goal scoring.

The officiating sucks. They handed this game to the Sharks.

There were about 10 uncslled penalties on San Jose in the third period and the goddamn refs swallowed their whistles. San Jose ices the puck in the final minute. No Call.

The Rangers should be coming home with 6 points but they got 4. I'll take them.

All I want for Christmas is to get rid of Redden and get a powerplay. Is that too much to ask? Eh, Santa?

Sorry MS Hurley but you can not blame the refs on this one.

I blame this one on Renney's mouth because he talked about wanting to take the game to the Sharks from the get go.

Renney I bet looked at the Sharks playing their 3rd game in 4 nights, having to rack up 5000 miles of travel and looking bad in their last 2 games and thought he had a shot against a team the Rangers have owned.

Too bad his players once again waited until they were trailing before they decided to play.

If you can not get psyched up to play against the team with the best record in the NHL then what is going to ever motivate you?

That no-icing call was legit a Shark touched the puck right at the defensive blueline which caused the wave off.

Don't think the play was all that bad last night, but NYR needs some size. Some defensive size preferably. They can compete with elite teams for a night, even win sometimes, but the thought of going against a team like SJ for a 7 game series is a scary one. Can't score + small + back checking the length of the ice every shift for the forwards because you have lousy D = 1 round and out. OK if you like golf, not OK if you don't like the ice tank...

I'm okay with last night's loss. They played a good game, and Renney did the smart thing of calling the time out immediately after the second goal against and getting his team back in the game.

You can't go on a 5 on 3 against the Sharks or the Wings, no mater how good your PK is. And the energy from getting the first PP goal went a long way to helping the Sharks have the momentum for the second.

Secondly, anyone who doesn't think the Sharks had something to prove after what the Wings did them is crazy. I think that's what Renney was talking about.

But the fact is we need a scorer. So again, I ask, does anyone think we can get Gaborik?


The problem that I had with last night is basically the same as Jess's ... they were not ready to play and I am sick and tired of it. People say that wanting Renney gone, with their record, is too extreme or overracting BUT when will it reach a point that someone will stand up and say that what they've been doing to themselves is unacceptable? Renney has shown me that he's not that person because in another 11 days it will be January and since November this has been happening and he does NOTHING.

He gives them their regularly scheduled days off as if all is well, he has never made one of our defensemen who DESERVE to sit actually take a sit on the bench .... you can honestly tell me that Potter will be worse than Kalinen? I can't stand it! Make them accountable Renney! How hard is that to do?!

Marty from rfc....you hit it right on the head with your comment. Great 60 minute effort in the first game with good goaltending, error prone second game with outstanding goaltending, and a 30 minute effort last night with good goaltending again. Four out of six points...we'll take it for sure. These games had many things in commom with the rest of the season so far....good goaltending, average error prone defense, no powerplay, very limited offense, and good penalty killing (last night was a little tough). While the goaltending has covered some of the errors on defense, the glaring thing, which are kind of tied together (full strength & the PP), is this team is 'offensively challanged'. While The Rangers have the ability to put shots on goal, most are not 'quality' shots giving opposing goaltenders the chance to make routine stops. In my opinion, 'what you see is what you get'....this has been consistent for almost two months now and we will probably see the same in the 'for-see-able' future. Offensively I don't see any particular player 'getting hot' and consistently putting pucks in the net...it's just not there with this group of players.

Jess & Matty I agree. There are lots of bad precedents being set by Renney & the NYR. But they can really play good when they decide to. That's not a positive, since they don't do it enough nor for 60+ minutes. They are getting away with it. Lucky for them, but luck can't be taken for granted. I think they will get better, but Renney's methods are too nice so it takes a lot longer. It could be why they are not really a good playoff team. They just aren't prepared to battle all the time.I hope they realize they need to change that mindset to 100% of the time.

"but Renney's methods are too nice so it takes a lot longer..."

Too true. Nothing will change until the players get angry... Given the playoff runs of the last few years, it looks like Renny is content to wait until the players get mad/angry enough to do something about it themselves. (except that the King is playing so well on some nights he's stealing games, making the team look better than it is...)

With guys like Shanny and Jags in the room, that would have happened already, not to mention they'd be staying late practicing ways to fix it. Drury and Gomer are too nice themselves, leaving Henrik, Mara and ??? I'd sign Shanny for the rest of the season just for his mouth alone, as a PP specialist or an assistant coach if you don't want to lose one of the younger guys the ice time. They need a spark, and a veteran who's been there to put their heads back on straight.

If not, how long till Henrik gets so frustrated it affects his game ??? Can they afford that ?

Were the Rangers really not ready to play last night? They took a dumb penalty followed by an inadvertent high stick by one of their prim PK guys. Look if the second penalty doesn't happen, the game is completely different.

But it did. An angry-at-themselves Sharks team took advantage of a 5 on 3 goal and then the momentum form that. I think the Rangers and Renney responded correctly, and the outcome shows that....


G they did play good enough to beat the TOP team, and play lesser teams with less intensity. The inconsistency needs to be worked on. They should be dominating most teams. They have the ability.

After the initial 5 or so minutes, they did play pretty well. Unfortunately, they lost. I agree with ant (the second one) about needing size (and snarl) on d and on the wings as well! I do not agree about needing jags leadership, shanny's maybe, but definitely not jags.

kalinin and prucha for boumester


Do you think Panthers GM that dumb?

BTW has anybody noticed how NHL dont even bring up Crosby attacking ATL player from the back punching to the back of the head or punching the dude in the nuts.Instead they write how he passed Jags in the votes for the all star game.

So Sloppy seconds comment gets you:6 game suspension, therapy, and void of a contract

Hits to the back of the head and nuts doesnt even get noticed.

Bettman is a retard no other word explains his actions.He said think about the kids when Aves said his thing.So attacking a human form behind is perfectly fine?

I cant believe that there are some people who question hatred towards Crosby i mean how can you respect someone when hes allowed to do anything he wants and it wont even be mentioned on nhl netword or SC.

As far the game Rangers took a 10 min break in the 1st and fell behind after that they matched up pretty well.It was a hard fought game against best team in a league.So to people who keep claiming number lie well u seen yesterday we are one superstar short of being best

on a side note, why doesn't blair betts get and leadership respect. for what he has done for the team, along with the amount of time he has been on the team, why doesn't he have the A?

I already think people are tiring of Crosby from having the NHL, and Bettman shove him down peoples throats. That being said, I still think Ovechkin is soooo much better than Cindy. The only way we can get tougher on the blueline, is to waive the underachievers and eat their bloated salaries. No one in their right mind would trade for Redden, or Rozsival unless someone equally as worthless came our way. Sather made this nightmare for the team in a year that lots of talent was available for far less money. Maybe now (I doubt it) Dolan will start holding Sather accountable for his crappy acquisitions...

compared to the "calls" during the rest of the game, mara's penalty was marginal at best and the the high stick was inadvertent. they came out well but the two penalties changed the momentum. i'm just stating the obvious but they did come out to play. even strength at the beginning of the game they were equal to the sharks.

the forecheck and the sheer dominance in the third was nothing i have seen since that segment in the detroit game where they came back from the deficit to take the lead. they were like a machine last night, rolling line after line with the same success. even voros showed up last night and played better. gomer's line was brilliant all night and the newly formed (in the third) line of dubi, dru on the wing and cally was very effective too. the D was hitting all the outlet passes they had to make. it was beautiful.

the sharks forechecked well at times also and kept us pinned in our end for many parts of the game also, including where they scored their third after redden failed to clear the puck out of the zone (wow, haven't seen that too many times this year, eh?), but one thing to me was very noticeable and one thing we almost never seem to do: after the few successful PKs they were on, and nabby made some great saves, san jose always responded with a great shift or two after a kill. whereas they also responded with a great shift after we killed a couple of PPs in the second. it was driving me nuts. actually we do that a lot. we should respond with a great shift, a more relentless forecheck after a kill, almost (in my mind) telling your goaler great job after you saved our butts, now we're going to play our butts off for you. to me it's common sense, sort of bringing the entire team to the same level of play. if i coached i would try to impart that to my players.

you guys and gals notice that? or was i just up too late.

ant glad you posted that about cyndy.ionly got aquick look on a highlight and wasnt sure i saw it correctly.dubi thanks for the review of the draft history.its shows how poorly we squandered so many picks.

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