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December 23, 2008


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i nver said he busts his ass on every shift i just said i dotn Redden bening booed thats all.

Anyways that was yesterday today is a different day and we have to whoop some caps ass.

Too bad Brashear is not going to be there i love him vs Orr its like a real boxing match.

Potter got send down and that was dumb we need to take Kalinin out hes pissing me off

Hey Blueshirt. Happy Christmas. Keep up the good work.

Anyone have/know of where I can get a pair of tickets for the Islander game on Monday? I've been to 11 so far as a non-season ticket holder. Everything on the exchange and stubhub is extremely over face. They're a gift for my brother who is newly married to a witch and lives in MA cause of her. He's a big of a die hard like all of us on here and I'm looking to complement a subscription to BB+ with the tickets. Thanks a lot guys. Let's Go Rangers.

All eyes will be on Redden tonoght. I hope he read your piece Dubi, maybe some confrontation would be good for him. I wish him no ill-will; I just don't want him to hurt this team. We have 6 tough games ahead of us and we need all the points we can get. All I ask of him is to "read the play" and make the right choices. I don't need goals or asists, just plus play. Kalinin, likewise, needs to just play a simple game, reduce the poor decisions.

This would be a great time to find the PP. So lets hope everybody comes to play. I wish Potter was the 7th D'man on the bench and we reduced our forwards to just 11. I think the presence of a 7th defenseman would send a strong message.

Just signed up today, and am really impressed. Glad I signed up, and look forward to the magazine plus all of the great stuff here. Keep up the great work guys, and happy holidays.

Bring back Gartner - your best bet is to wait until Mon for prices to either drop on stubhub and craigslist or hope the Rangers release more seats. Games this time of the year always go for a lot because people are home from school and/or they want to take relatives from out of town.

I loved your comment about your brother marrying a witch - classic!

good luck!

Bring back Gartner - Also check Ticketmaster.com the day of the game, they usually release some seats then.

I just hope this won't be one of those games the Rangers come out flat in. They have a real opportunity to go after a 'should win' game, which are usually the ones that bites them in the arse. This is where we'll see where their heads are at for real. ?B)

Why can't this team put the proverbial foot on the throat?

When a team consistently blows big leads, it's a reflection of the head coach. It's getting harder and harder to support Tom Renney.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but who couldn't see that coming? There is absolutely no excuse for blowing a 4 goal lead at home. PATHETIC!!!

Is there any team in hockey or any other sport that blows more leads than the Rangers? And the sad part is, I actually predicted it at 4-0 because "they took the lead too early".

I have always been a big supporter of Renney. He turned this team around after the lockout and built a winning culture. But he has run his course. When something like this happens over and over again, the blame is on the COACH.

When the Giants are in a tough situation, they are mentally tough enough to make a big stop or a big score. That's a reflection of great coaching. This team has the opposite.

So the Rangers went into their "prevent" defense and as usual it prevented them from winning.


You know ... it amazes me how some can continue to give Renney the benefit of the doubt here ...

What happened tonight, was that really surprising? Our team was outworking the Caps and got the lead to 4-0 ... in spite of Ovechkin's amazing individual effort and the Caps improved play once they got down ... our team just STOPPED working hard ...

This has been my main beef about our team since the beginning of November ... games they lose or go to shootouts a lot are mainly happening because of crap like tonight ... only that this time they blew a 4 goal lead instead of trailing ...

Who's at fault for that? The players? Certainly, but what about their coach? Isn't he supposed to hold them accountable for their lazy play? For their turnovers? For their lack of hard work and grit that lead to crap like tonight? That's his job and he fails, time and time again to hodl them accountable for their failures ... He continues to give ice time to underserving players, he continues to do nothing that I can see addresses their lack of putting together CONSISTENT 60 minute efforts ...

I'm happy I can't see the post game ... wonder what he'll say? Actually I already know what he'll say and what the players will say ... which is what they always say and yet nothing changes ... oh it happens for a game or two and then they go right back to playing like tonight


So disappointing!

Everyone sees the problem except the people who could fix it! Before I say lets bring in Messier, I'd love to see what Schoenfeld could do!

How many times can we hear the same garbage about forgetting the game and moving on? Isn't this the problem? The coach, the captain, the players all say they must forget and move on. If you do not learn form your past your doomed to repeat it! It's an old adage about history that typifies this group and their coach. Keep sticking your head in the sand boys, I'm sure it will never happen again,

I once saw an interview given by Lou Lameriello about coaches. He said that certain teams needed certain coaches. He said you need a coach to be able to teach a young team a coach that will be able to make the transition from rebuilding years to playoff years and coach that serves as a finisher that will push your team to the next level. I don't know if this team has the talent to contend for the cup but I really do believe we have gotten all we will get out of Tom Renney which is a coach that has brought us back to respectability and has a established a more positive culture. It is time for accountability! We again have fat contracts with little accountability unless of course your name is peter prucha. Dave Maloney said it best in the pre-game;this is a competitive playoff team nothing more. A nice bunch with little chance to crack the upper echelon in this league. We have one of the best in nets, a suspect soft D and a smallish forward group that lacks finish.

If tonight's game was not a signal of the team imploding, I do not know what would be. I think that the fact the Rangers losing tonight will be better in the long run than if they somehow managed to get to the shootout and win. No excuses for the horrendous performance over the second half of the game. Dumb penalties, boneheaded defensive plays, limp power play. How many times do we have to see this happen? If the Rangers enter the new year with the same squad and coach, then no lessons have been learned. This is not a playoff team. Do not let the standings fool you. By the time the other teams catch up in games (and the Ranger lose a few more), the Rangers will be in 9-10 spot and fading. There is too much evidence to expect anything else.

I was at the game tonight & if it wasn't for my niece being there the barrage of expletives that should have come out of my mouth wouldn't have stopped in period 3. The rangers played like absolute dogs*&t. I was almost embarrassed to be a fan. The only good player on the ice tonight was Staal, Mara, & Dawes. The king was hung out to dry once again. The D was awful, & the last time I saw this many turnovers was in a bakery. Rangers are done. Let's go Giants!

Dawes? Maybe from your section you didn't see his assist on the last Ovechkin goal.

Stop saying so many negative things about the Rangers! Ant is going to get mad at us!

I am selling my tickets for any home game in January. 3 seats, blueseats, face value.

My 2 friends and I swore after the 2nd goal we would boycott the month of january if we blew a 4 goal lead. The boys blew it, so I'll see the Garden in February.

I don't dislike Dawes, however that was one of the more boneheaded passes of the year as Vlo pointed out. However on any given night our D does the exact same thing...

Sure hope Renney gives all the players a 'well deserved' day off on Wednesday...HA HA..they only showed up for work for 30 minutes last night. I would have them all at the rink in the early AM and work their butts off....He can't 'baby' this team anymore.....'tough love' is in order here and it shouldn't matter if it's Christmas Eve. He can even start the morning skate with a video of how the Caps didn't give up after being down 4-0....they wanted to win, the Rangers didn't !!

Agree with the concern about this constant "move on, move forward" stuff. Its as if theres a culture of delusion/denial with this team. Witness Brandon Dubinsky's comments in the Daily News today about how the SJS game showed how they can outcompete and outplay one of the best teams in the league. HUH? After a horrendous game in LA, they had 2 days off and still couldnt come out ready. They finally took over possession-wise after SJS completely ran out of gas - even a casual hockey fan could see SJS could barely move their legs most of the 3rd period. Yet, on their first game back from a long road trip, SJS didnt give up 3 3rd period goals. They gave up none. And we can outplay the best team in the league?

Fast forward to tonight where miked-up Paul Mara was having a good old time cracking jokes as we went up 3-0, yucking it up on the bench as we went up 4-0 - yet every Ranger fan from here to Timbuktu knew there was a 50-50 shot we'd blow that lead. Wheres the intensity? Wheres the leadership? Shouldnt someone be saying "dont let up boys"? Shouldnt someone have the courage to point out to their teammates that we've blown these games before? Guess thats easier said than done...

if that was a stab at me that was really really lame and thats where ill stop im too pissed to respond

This is exactly what you get when the line up from top to bottom has a guaranteed start, they know that Renney won't change anything, hell he can't, Prucha is already sitting...

I went to bed at 4-2. The wife remarked how well the team was doing. I told her not to worry, the Rangers would lose. Joe M. said it over and over... Last game, Ovie was telling his coach to put him on every other shift because they could come back. They lost 7-1, but had outplayed their opponent. Even down 7-1 Ovie wouldn't quit. If they ever get any goal tending the Caps will be VERY tough.

I wish one of the reporters would ask Renny at the end game press conference what it's like to be the Poster Children for 'We have a big lead so we can kick back and do nothing for the rest of the game syndrome'. Ask him what kind of beer they keep in the cooler behind the bench, Canadian or American? Ask them what Disney DVD they're watching between periods in the locker room. Ask him where we can score some of that really good dope all of them are smoking. Move Forward. Forget it and move on. Please. You've done so well with that philosophy so far, eh? The reality is you can't move forward from this, especially if you 'forget it'. This kind of embarrassment needs to be embraced. It needs to become a catalyst, a mantra... never forget, never let it happen again. It needs to be on the locker room door so they see it every period, every game. Don't forget it. Use it. It's where grit and character and heart are born.

These Rangers CAN compete. They CAN be a team that goes deep into the playoffs. They can play at a very high level, when they want to, but it will not happen with the current attitude. You simply cannot stop playing. As a coach you can't allow your team to stop playing, nor can you make excuses for your team when they stop playing...

This whole team, coaches included, needs to spend a week at the Alexander Ovechkin School for Commitment to Hockey Excellence and Winning Attitudes. They need to learn that 'never quit, we can come back' mentality that won the Caps this game. That mentality hasn't been on a Ranger bench since '94, and there won't be another season like that one until they get it... ?B)

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