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November 25, 2008


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Last night's win puts the Rangers in a good position to put together a nice little winning streak with the next three games against the Lightning & Panthers. That's six points 'ripe' for the Rangers taking. Can't take nothing for granted but you have to beat the weaker teams... which for the most part the Rangers have been pretty successful doing so far this year. Let's hope this visit to Florida isn't a little 'vacation' like the one last spring ! Lets go Rangers !!

Jeez, sure is a roller coaster ride supporting the Rangers; not sure which team is going to show each period, let alone each game...

Thanks for the links Dubi, glad the see the guys are loose heading to FLA. Perhaps they won't be gripping the sticks so tight and the play will flow a bit more naturally. Would love to see Rozival have good trip, we need to get him going.

Interesting stats:
Of the forwards that make 7 million a year or more here are their goal totals for this year (remember Rangers have most games played):

Vanek 15
Heatley 11
Hossa 11
Iginla 11
Ovechkin 9
Drury 8
Spezza 7
Crosby 7
Richards 5
Thornton 5
Gomez 4

Ovechkin 25
Crosby 25
Iginla 24
Hossa 24
Thornton 22
Heatley 20
Vanek 19
Spezza 16
Richards 16
Drury 14
Gomez 14

Again the Rangers overpay and give solid 2nd line players superstar money which will hamper them to field a complete team.

why is Prucha still here?

I couldn't tell for sure because I had the sound turned down on my tv, but did I hear the fans boo Rozi when they announced that he had an assist on the first goal? I hope not. That would be pretty crappy.

Sad to say Eddie, that sound you heard was correct. Not many heeded my call from high in SEC426 to "Leave him alone! He HELPED!"

Funny thing from the guys sitting behind me. Recall Drury swatting at a puck in front of Bryzgalov in the second? One guy says to his buddy, "He shoulda had that, he's a baseball player."

Pal replies, "Oh really?"

"Yeah, dontcha remember? He was like twelve. They're always showing that picture of him jumping up and down on the mound after the Little League World Series victory."

"Wait. Chris Drury showed emotion?"

Have a delicious Thanksgiving, Rangers fans! Travel safely and here's to a 6-point long weekend :-)


What's your point? Lets look at a stat that really counts. Obviously, the high salaries are an indication of what the management thinks the players value is to the overall teams success.

Thornton, Sharks, 1st place overall
Hossa, Red Wings, 2nd place overall
Gomez/Dury, Rangers 4th place overall
Crosby, Pens 6th place overall
Ovechkin, Caps 11th place overall
Iginla, Flames 12th place overall
Vanik, Sabers 18th place overall
Heatly/Spezza, Sens 27th overall
Richards, Stars 30th overall

Your point is one of emotion. There is no relationship between salary and production. Both Drury and Gomez will continue to play their game. The Rangers knew EXACTLY what they were getting. They believe these two will help them attain the goal of a championship team.

I agree, if a high salary is being paid, one should EXPECT better production, but don't count on it. What do you think people in Dallas are saying about Turko and Richards? Is Hossa the reason for the Red Wings being in 2nd place overall?

This team is STILL coming together, a work in progress. It looks like Renney has settled into his 20 man roster. I expect the Rangers to be looking very hard at next July, given the number of good RFA's they will have. I hope Sather will try to get these key guys signed before "hunting season". Once that is done, then they will look at the salary/performance index to determine who stays and who goes, as a form of cap management.

I liked the effort against Phx. Sure, they gave up a ton of shots, gave up the first goal, and had some bad defensive lapses; but they fore-checked, back-checked, and hit for the majority of the game. I've resigned myself to the fact that Rangers (for whatever reason) will start games a step slower than they should.

One thing I will be keeping an eye on is ice-time. The Sjo-Betts-Orr line played more even strength minutes than the Voros-Korpo-Frische line. The Betts line doesn't score often, but they forecheck hard and make the other team work. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Rangerbill - Koffy is completely right on point. Unfortunately, we are going to find out the hard way (See Tampa Bay Lightning) that you cant have 50% + of your teams salary cap tied into 5 players. (Hank, Drury, Gomer, Rozy, Redden). We have about $30 million dollars tied into 5 players....and only 1 maybe 2 of those players are true All Stars. Like it or not, Sather has really handcuffed our future.

He has to find a way to be creative and dump salary with picks / developing players.

I believe the outright release of a player means we have to pay his salary, but it doesn't count against the cap. The Rangers have always had money to spend, so if next year we think Redden and Rozi were bad deals, they just may get released. Maybe we will trade Prucha, Dawes, Fritsche, Sjostrom and waive Rissmiller. Maybe we can't resign Zherdev. I simply will not buy into the sky is falling argument this far out. We don't even know what a new CBA may look like. Enjoy our run now. Don't get me wrong, I see problems, but so does the management. The folks in Dallas must be really concerned, they may not make the playoffs!

And let me ask this question. Where would the Rangers be right now without Drury and Gomez? I dare say, we would be outside, looking in.

Was Redden and Rozi worth what we gave them. Maybe not, but somebody else would have and I think our defense wouldn't be as good as it is now. Somehow I don't see Fahey and Potter adding more to the backline then Rozi and Redden.

RangerBill 94,

I'll probably get booed off this site for appearing to support the Dolan's but I dont think we should be so cavalier about spending the organizations money, ie. waiving a player with a $5m or $6m just to make cap room; hard to believe that in this day and age any company "always has money to spend".

Maybe I'm wrong on that and hopefully #3 and #6 will pick up their play so we wont have to find out.

I'm with you Marty, but it is a business and what the owners say is all that counts. It would be great that by the All-Star game Redden and Rozsival are playing like we think they should. Again, it's so far out that this discussion is less then valuable.

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