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November 27, 2008


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Hey, I have what's probably a real dumb question. Where's Nigel Dawes? I know he's been invisible some nights, but not THIS invisible. Has he been demoted to Hartford or is he hurt? I didn't hear his name announced with the healthy scratches. Just wondering.

He's been a healthy scratch since Gomez returned from his injury.

Invisible, indeed. haha

Dubi, thanks for all the great work and Happy Thanksgiving (to everyone here for that matter)!!!

Thanks, Phill. I guess I need to start paying closer attention!

Congrats are in order for Antoine Lafleur who became the first Ranger prospect to be named CHL player of the week since Marc Staal in 2006.

The kid who many of the supposed experts wrote off showed why the Blueshirt Bulletin and Prospect Park is best source for Ranger prospect information.

The full story will of course be at Prospect Park which Dubi will link in the AM.

Happy Thanksgiving folks and let us hear it for the Ranger kids who are having a great year

Nice write-up. Dubi, I knew Dubinsky and Z clicked well on ice, didnt know they hung out off ice. What are the chances of a write up about who hangs out with who etc off the ice? Might sound a bit TMZ'ish but might be a fun read.

Glad to see Naslund and Zherdev meshing well. Someone want to write Larry Brooks a letter and let him know his objection was off base?

I stick up for Rozi, but after his turnovers last home game I couldnt justify yelling at the boo birds. Was very glad to see him play well tonight, get some points, and overall play a solid defensive game. I hope this road trip can boost his confidence and get him on a hot streak. Has always been a class act in NY and hope he wins the fans back. It'd be a shame for him to continue to get the Malik treatment.

Dubi, no mention of Malik tripping on the puck and almost letting Dubinsky/Naslund make it a 3-1 game? LOL i had a good laugh at that play.

Congrats to Henrik for yet another solid shootout win btw.

This team looks good--not infallible, but good. My concerns at the start of the season were misguided.

Dubi, first off thanks for both BB and this site, and of course all the hard work you, Jess, Mitch and others do; and thanks to all th posters here who keep it civil, smart, and enjoyable.

My question: any rumor/chance that Prucha or Dawes is not long for this team?


I like the makeup of the top two lines. Gomez and Drury just seem to have chemistry. Ideally, the Rangers try to deal for a wing to complete that line, and Callahan drops down to to 3rd line RW, where I believe he is best suited. I'd also like to see Korpikoski moved to LW, and see AA slide into the 3rd line center position, once he's deemed ready. There were rumblings from both Zipay and Gross that Schoenfeld felt AA was playing very well and could merit a call-up.

Happy Thnaksgiving, all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now Nikki “Z” is a target!!!
Guess by whom?
Larry Brooks.
He picked him up from first practice and constantly continued.
In today’s article he wrote: “Zherdev had a typical game, invisible on too many shifts”.

With the success in the last two games Renney has no choice but to keep the Naslund, Dubinsky & Zherdev line together. That's good in many ways and the more they 'play together and stay together' they should continue to 'gel'. I just hope that if they don't produce for a game that they don't get broken up and we are back to the line juggling....give them a chance to keep building the chemistry as there seems to be some. Zherdev is still a young player with a lot of talent and he makes some mistakes and gets a little careless with the puck sometimes...he made no mistake 'burying' that puck in the shootout..WOW. Looks like Rozi plays a 'calmer' game on the road without the pressure of the home crowd giving him the business...like to see him put together another good road game against the Panthers....good for his confidence and will help in getting some of the weight off his shoulders. Lets face it, Rozi needs to play well for the Rangers to be successful. I thought Redden had another tough night....he needs to step up to the plate. Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone !!

Just want to wish everyone all the best this Thanksgiving. Hope you had a great day.

Hope the Rangers can keep on giving us something to be thankful for this spring!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Zherdev has been just as advertised, a very talented player who occasionally "mails it in," but he also seems to be a good team guy that fits in quite well. I'm sure Larry Brooks always writes perfect columns, so he's never had an "off" night.

Having said that, I believe that Brooks is spot on, with his description of the team having two 4th lines the past two games. Dawes has had many more chances to succeed this season than Prucha has. Tom Renney seems to have forgotten that Prucha scored about 2/3rds of his goals on the PP during his rookie season. I just don't understand why he refuses to give this kid a real shot, even if it's only to increase his trade value.


We have to remember that Larry Brooks has had a hard on for Zherdev almost from day 1.

Why he dislikes him does not matter but it is bordering on the unprofessional (wait this is the Post where being trashy is the norm)

Zherdev is just 23, he is still a work in progress but here is the part that just must be driving Brooks insane: Zherdev is the Rangers best player on offense bar none

Two thoughts:
1)I think Rich has a point. Prucha was successful mostly on the power play. Seeing as our power play is so anemic this year, it might make sense to get Petr in a game and give him another shot on the power play. It might give both PPs a much needed shot in the arm.

2)Jive, I agree with your sentiment about Rozi. The fact that he played so well in Tampa Bay tells me that, a) he hears the boos at home, and, b) it negatively affects his play. I can only conclude that, by booing Rozi, WE are hurting the Rangers because it only serves to make him nervous, thereby causing mistakes. Yes, I believe he sometimes deserves it because of some of his boneheaded errors, but, just like we debate on this site about whether a player reacts positively or negatively to a benching, we should realize that this player is reacting negatively to OUR punishment, which happens to be booing. I believe that we, as fans, need to smarten up a little bit.

Well, our power play has been anemic for more than a season, and Prucha (another PP) hasn't managed to crack the team and play on the powerplay, so why would anyone think it might happen, finally, this year?

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