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November 26, 2008


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Anyone else using cablevision? what channel is the game on...damn knicks

ch 14 (tv guide ch

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone ...

We got another Shootout win tonight ... The OT was pretty exciting by the Rangers ... I do wish we were more pro-actively physical ... but there is something to be said for our excellent conditioning as I think that Tampa stopped being as physical as the game wore on, they probably got tired . .

Naslund with 2, Zherdev playing excellent ... Roszival got two assists ... Henrik was, well, Henrik :)


"Rick Tocchet is betting his success..."

Ha! Nice

Nice job, Rangers. I was pretty upset when Tampa tied the game near the end, but we pulled through in the end. All's well that ends well. Even Rozi had a good game, and I'm thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Tocchet shouldn't be in the NHL, and he thinks he's going to bulldoze teams with elbows , cross checks, and the like. He was a dirty player and he is a dirty coach. His mind set is intent to injure........Have a Happy Thanksgiving.........

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