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October 20, 2008


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One concern about tonight: I'm expecting Avery to go after Dubinsky. The scrap against Richards notwithstanding, Avery remembers Dubinsky's fighting adventures (mishaps?) from last year. I'm sure Avery sees challenging Dubinsky as an irresistable combination of low-hanging fruit and revenge. So, keep your stick up, Brandon. And lets go Rangers!

i can see avery wishing that Malik was still here so he could continue from last year. i dont see him going after Dubi, they did play on a line together for some time and im pretty sure Voros will have Dubi covered. i do see him going after Rissmiller or Voros being that they we're brought in as his replacements, or even going after naslund or redden. it should be an interesting night

Avery's answers:

What restaurant are you going to first if you have some free time? The coach doesn't let me have any free time. He didn't even let me wear shorts. But, whatever.

Who with, and what are you going to order? If I could go, I thought I'd invite Ricky and Marty, and then wave breadsticks in front of their menus when they try to order. It would be hilarious!

If you had only one hour of free time in the city, where would you go? How about if it's raining, where would you go instead? Umm, isn't this a family publication? I don't think I can answer this question truthfully. Let's just say where I would go wouldn't matter if it was raining or not!

Which current Dallas teammate would you most want to show around the city? Joel Lundqvist, because I just pretend he's Hank and knows his way around. Then I can ditch him and do what I want to do.
Which one would be least interested in it? Pretty much everyone. These guys are from Dallas. They wouldn't know culture if it slashed 'em on the ankles!

If you took the elevator up to the blue seats like you did last year, what kind of reaction would you expect before the game? I think they'd want to buy me a beer, I mean, who doesn't want to buy me a beer besides Fatso in swampland?

Would the reaction be different if you went up after the game? I would hope that they would still want to buy me a beer, since they would understand I was just playing up my personae when I slew footed Hank!

Which Ranger players are you looking forward to greeting with a smile and a handshake off the ice? Shanny. What? He's not there? Well, I'd still shake his hand. Smiling? That's not going to get me back in People's Sexiest Man Alive?

Which Ranger players are you looking forward to greeting with a scowl and a fist on the ice? Dubinsky. The kid is calling me out. I think he needs to remember that I had a right to haze the crap out of him last year. I kind of wish Valley was playing so I could give him the Marty treatment and let's see if he puts his money where his mouth is!

Which new Ranger do you regret not having as a teammate? Teammates? I don't need no stinkin' teammates? Just kidding, I'm just playing my role. I guess I would like to have played with the Russian kid Zherdev. He'd be fun to mess with since his English sucks.

Which new Ranger are you happy to be playing against rather than with? Voros is supposed to be me, right? Yeah, let's see him get an internship at Vogue!

If you had to choose between Henrik and Joel, who would you go out on the twon with? What's a twon? I wouldn't go out with either of them. Their freakin' twins and it's hard enough getting play without two Swedish guys. The fact that Hank was named one of the most People's Most Beautiful People doesn't help my odds of scoring, if you know what I mean!

What would rankle Henrik more, you scoring on him or Joel? He'd probably be more upset with Joel scoring on him, but this interview is all about me, so what do you think I'm going to say?

Rissmiller, Voros, Fritsche and Orr in the lineup? Two fights in a game and your out? I see a fight in the first 2 minutes. Can Avery control himself?

Bravo, Mark -- Any other takers? Although Mark got a lot of good answers in already.

No one else wants to play? It's really fun letting your inner-Avery out once in a while!

Rissmiller on waivers. First $1ml victim.

bout damn time.

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